04/22/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Lakers

Friday, April 22, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 86, Los Angeles 100

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the Lakers’ rebounding tonight:
“It’s been a thorn in our sides the whole series. They’ve rebounded the ball well. We’ve forced stops and we are not able to get the rebound. It’s something we’ve emphasized since day one of training camp how important it is for, not only the bigs, but our guards as well to rebound. They have a lot of things in their favor; the length, they are probably a lot bigger than we are but the rebounding to a degree is about attitude and we just have to believe we can get those rebounds. I think it will make our game a lot easier.”

On the most disappointing thing tonight:
“You don’t have enough time for that one. The thing that is disappointing is just losing. I hate losing. I hate everything about it. It just makes everything bad; food, you don’t sleep well. The fact that we lost just bothers me. I’m probably not the best person to answer that after losing so I’ll just leave it at that.”

On Chris Paul not being a big factor:
“I have to look at the film so I can assess that properly, but I think when other guys are knocking down shots it’s hard to key on Chris (Paul) and if you look at the numbers tonight we did not shoot the ball well. Whether it’s because of spacing or their defense, and you have to give them credit, they turned up their pressure after game one and we haven’t dealt with that well. And so for us it’s not about Chris (Paul), obviously we need him to score and he did that for most of the game but if other guys knock down shots we have to get easy baskets, everything is a jump shot for us. When we are rolling we are getting easy baskets in transition and you can’t name a lot of transition baskets tonight. I am not worried about Chris (Paul). He will find his spots and he’ll be aggressive but us, as a whole, I didn’t think we played an efficient offensive game tonight.”

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On Sunday’s game being a must win:
“It is definitely a must win, but we understand its only 2-1 right now. They took home court back but Sunday is a must win. We need to win that game and we showed the ability to win in L.A. but we have to take it one game at a time and most of all protect our home court and win that game Sunday.”

On recapturing the magic of game one:
“Game one is game one and we can’t keep dwelling on that game. Every game takes on its own personality, but I think what I think we can do is continue to look and see what we did and just come out with that same defense intensity that we did in game one. That is why we won that game and we have to find it again in game four.”
“They gave us a few different looks tonight in the ball screen. They would trap occasionally, they would shrink the court, but I think we did a pretty good job of adjusting to it. In the first half I was able to get in that lane a little bit and find my spots, but in the second half not as much.”

On having the fans behind them today on the home court:
“That was great. It reminded me a little bit of 2007-08. Anybody who lives here knows what the two games against the Lakers are like in the regular season so we say ‘Thank You” to the fans because they really came out and gave us an energy like we haven’t seen in a long time. We are going to need that again on Sunday. We are sorry that we couldn’t give them the win tonight but I guarantee that fans come out there again like they did tonight and we are going to go out there and play just as hard or ever harder.”

“I blame myself because I don’t care if they deny, I can’t let them do that. I have to get my shots, I have to be a little bit more aggressive and not allow them to take me out. I will look at the film tonight when I get home and see when I could have been a little more aggressive and I have to find ways to get more attempts.”

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On the game:
“It’s not a good feeling. We have to be the team that hits them first. They are too long, too good, and too athletic for us to wait for them. We have to be the aggressor first.”

On being aggressive from the beginning of the game:
“Tonight I don’t think we did that. We kind of laid back a little bit.”

On the Lakers quick start:
“I will just say they started off first, before we did. We don’t have the luxuries that they have.”

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack
On the Lakers quick start:
“We just couldn’t get to a point to where we were in striking distance. I thought we were able to close it to five, but every time we got there they would make a play and extend the lead. They withstood all of our attempts to make a run, that’s why they are the two time defending champions. I thought we fought hard. Early mistakes kind of put us in the hole, and allowed them to get up on us and we were playing catch up for the rest of the game pretty much.”

On starting the game off aggressively:
“That’s what you go into every game trying to do. You want to be the person to hit first. They were able to get out and get a rhythm early, and it pretty much lasted throughout the game.”

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On the game:
“Although we had a lot of turnovers the first half, I felt our energy was right and we played the game we wanted to play. We were controlling in how we wanted to run the offense. Our defense was OK. Chris had a big first half, he was getting inside the lanes and getting easy jump shots. We tried to make adjustments in the second half to try and contain him a little bit better. I thought we did a better job in the second half. We got off to a quick start, with a couple threes and we were able to hold that momentum. The big aspect is Pau (Gasol) having that two, three minutes of offensive display there in the fourth quarter, it helped establish the lead and give us some room.”

On the team’s play tonight:
“It’s a mindset that I think we could all kind of feel. It was generated by a number of things that came together. We focused on our defense although we had a winning game, the last game 14, 16 point lead in the fourth quarter, we really didn’t finish that game off right. We talked about doing that the right way and establishing Kobe’s as an offensive threat tonight. So he just wasn’t content to distribute the ball.”

On Pau Gasol’s play:
“He is just too good a basketball player, he can shoot the basketball, he can handle the ball, he can do a lot of things, it’s just a matter of him finding a comfort zone out there. I didn’t expect him to find it out on the three point line, but we are not surprised when he makes those shots.”

On taking the Hornets seriously:
“Well it’s not about that, it’s not about taking the Hornets seriously. It’s about us, it’s about our team and it’s about supporting each other. We know what the Hornets are like. We know their tenacity, obviously accumulating knowledge about how they play, but there was never a time when we were not serious about the Hornets. It was about coming out and understanding about them and how they play."

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant
On playing his game:
“I just went out there and played my game. I’m a scorer first. Pau helped open things up. It’s funny because he missed a lot of shots close to the rim and then he knocked down a three point shot. That seemed to get him going. But it makes a big difference for us when he’s able to score in the paint.”

Lakers Guard Steve Blake
On the Lakers playing well defensively:
“We just had a defensive presence from the very beginning. Our bigs played great, and our defensive guards were moving their feet, and then we finished off with our rebounds. We made Chris Paul take contested long two’s over our bigs. You don’t want him creating threes and easy dunks for his teammates. If we can continue to do that, hopefully he’ll miss them next time.”

On possibly getting a win in game four:
“A win Sunday would be huge. Every game is important. If you let them get back to 2-2, it changes everything. We have to stay focused, have a great day of practice, mentally and physically, and come Sunday really focus.”

Lakers Forward Lamar Odom
On making the Hornets work for shots:
“I think overall we made those guys work today. We made it tough. We just played all around basketball. We took the ball inside, took the ball to the hole, took jumpers that were open, and then after that we just played tough.”

On getting a win Sunday:
“We would love to win on Sunday. We don’t want to give them any bulletin board material, but during the playoffs, especially on the road, is the best time to play your best game as a team.”

On communicating on defense:
“Defensively, our communication is working better, the way we pressure the ball. Even on their drives, we rolled guys all the way to the hole, and help stepped up just in time. We defensive rebounded when we needed to. Our overall effort, the way we carried ourselves, our disposition as a team, our energy collectively, was altogether today.”

On the play of Pau Gasol:
“Pau Gasol hasn’t had too many bad games. He may have an off night, so what? You make, you miss, you put it behind you and you move on.”