Thursday, April 19, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 105, Houston 99 (OT)

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On finishing home schedule strong:
"I talked to the guys about how we had to bounce back, and I thought Greivis (Vasquez) and Chief (Aminu) did a good job of playing the right way. Greivis didnt shoot it well but he had nine assists and he was trying to make the right plays. I thought last night he made some plays that just werent the right plays and he was just throwing the ball away. And Chief (Aminu) didnt have any energy last night and tonight he came out aggressive, the right way and our team just played the right way. Carl (Landry) has a double double, Gustavo (Ayon) almost has a double double, and Eric (Gordon) is just Eric and sometimes you can take it for granted how good he is. Overall, I thought everybody contributed. Dyson came in and gave us big energy going to the basket and picking up full court, and even Darryl Watkins gave us some good energy. Lance (Thomas) did a good job starting the game off. Its a clich, but it was a big time team win."

On not finishing in regulation:
"I thought I may have held Eric (Gordon) out too long. Normally, I want to get him back in at six minutes, but I held him until four because that second team was playing so well. When you play against a team that shoots 31 threes its hard to control what is going to happen in the game. They hit a couple threes and tied it up and I was okay with that. We had the ball at the end, Eric (Gordon) had a good shot, he missed it, and Ill live with that. I want him to make it because I know he can, but on a back-to-back at home you dont mind overtime. I think if they would have been in that situation and they were down two, they would have gone for three because they were coming off a back-to-back and on the road you want to get it over with as fast as you can."

Hornets Forward Carl Landry

On the game:
"It was nice to get a win against my old teammates. Theyre all good guys. Theyre low post players. It was a dogfight tonight. We got it going, hung in there despite not having a good first half and got the win."

On the crowd tonight:
"The fans were great. That was like a sellout crowd. It was so loud with everybody supporting us and behind us 100%, even though were not making the playoffs. We really appreciate their support."

Hornets Guard Eric Gordon

On the game:
"Were just trying to play the game. We knew they were still trying to make the playoffs, but the best team won tonight. Theyre still a really good team. Hopefully, they make the playoffs, but were just trying to get better. I missed a couple of shots early on, but I thought I was going to get that last one. I had a good, clean look, but it didnt go in. Im glad we got the win. It meant a lot to get the win for the fans at the last home game. Were going on the road and we will look for wins there."

Rockets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Kevin McHale

On the Hornets defense:
"They were packing it in on us and we settled too much for the three. We need to be able to drive sometimes. We started off and missed some easy shots and missed some free throws down the stretch."

On dealing with these situations:
"We need to step up to the line and make those free throws. We need to get some stops when we need it. Ayon pumped faked us and made some plays in the end. When the ball gets out of Gordons hands you need to be happy and everyone needs to play solid basketball. We just werent very good. That 3rd quarter was terrible. We just need to get ready and play on Friday night. This is the NBA; you just need to get it done."

Rockets Forward Patrick Patterson

On the second half play:
"I think they (Hornets) picked up their defensive intensity. It seemed like we werent hitting the shots we were hitting that got us back in the game. We had some great looks. We turned the ball over too many times. We couldnt box them out on defense and they got some put backs, Carl Landry had a couple of key baskets that put them back in the game. The same with Al-Farouq Aminu and Ayon. He (Ayon) had a double-double off of the bench tonight. They did some isolations with him and we couldnt stop it. They pretty much just fought their way into the game."

Rockets Forward Luis Scola

On the losing streak:
"I have no answer. I really dont know what has happened. Im trying to find the answer and I just cant find it. I believe, maybe that it has created a kind of snowball effect. One bad things leads to another and then another. We werent playing that bad tonight. We went up ten, and then all of a sudden we started missing shots. We felt the pressure and could not finish the game. I just dont know what has happened."

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