Sunday, April 17, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 109, Los Angeles 100

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On beating the heavily favored Lakers:
Im glad our guys came to fight-- that was the mantra for the week. We said that we had to be strong and courageous no matter what the situation. Youre playing against the defending champs, who we have so much respect for-- the way they play the game, what theyve done over the years, and we cant match that with anything else but fight, and so we got a big win, the biggest win of the year.

On his feelings about his teams performance:
Im happy about a number of things but all of our guys contributed tonight. Everybody who stepped on that floor made a major contribution, and were going to have to be ready in the next game.

On if tonights win shocked him:
Im not shocked, but I am pleasantly surprised. We havent beaten them all year. Im not going to disrespect our team and sit here and say, Im shocked. We go out and try to win every game so when we do were not shocked but pleasantly surprised that we came out and played the way we did.

On the Hornets bench play:
I think we got 39 points from our bench. I thought they were really effective.

On defending Kobe Bryant:
We tried to be physical with him. Trevor Ariza did a good job on him tonight. Youre not going to stop him, we know that. The thing that we did tonight was keep everyone else at bay."

On Chris Pauls performance and execution:
When hes fresh nobody can stay in front of him. The pick and roll is what he does and sometimes I tend to mess with the game by trying to run too many basketball sets when sometimes I just need to give him the ball and let him go to work. He and I were on the same page tonight as far as calling plays.

On the series moving forward:
We still have to do the same thing. No, I take that back we have to do more of what we did tonight, we have to have more because were playing against the defending champs.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the benchs performance in todays game:
It was very important. Thats why we were able to win this game. AG [Aaron Gray] was outstanding, just his presence on the boys, not really letting those guys get deep post positions. [Jarrett Jack], hes been outstanding after All-Star break, leading our team, he was good for us tonight.

On his performance in todays game:
Yeah, I just felt good tonight. The guys will tell you Ive struggled all season long, you know, trying to figure out where to pick my spots, but its the Playoffs, its the Playoffs, man. Its a whole nother energy, its a whole nother thing. We came over here last night, a bunch of us, and got shots done. I dont know, I dont really know what to say, it was a good game for us tonight.

On needing the win today for belief:
No, we needed to win, we needed to beat them so we had one game in the seven game series. Its one of those things, Im not a huge vet, but Ive been in the NBA six years and played in the Playoffs before and the regular season doesnt matter. Theres teams that win 60 games, theres teams that win 45 games, and once you get into the Playoffs you have a clean slate. And thats how we tried to approach this game.

On if the Lakers lacked energy in todays game:
I wouldnt say they lacked energy. Those guys played effectively, you know, Kobe got it going, got it going there for a stretch, and I think our team showed a lot of poise in that we weathered the storm. We know, two time defending champs, they dont make a run theres a problem. Its gonna be a long series. Its one game for us, and were gonna go back to the drawing boards, see what we did well, see what we did wrong and get ready for Wednesday.

On what it means to be playing the Lakers in the first round of the Playoffs:
I know for us, we didnt finish the season as strong as we wouldve liked to, so in all of our practices we were focusing on us. Were not good enough to judge who we want to play. We just had to make sure we would be ready no matter who it was. And thats the thing about our team, since day one everyone has had a chip on their shoulder. We lost [David West], weve just been through all different kinds of circumstances.

On if he finds himself lying back too much versus being too aggressive:
I just try to pick my spots. And the thing is, while you want to be aggressive, sometimes you can be overly aggressive to a fault and you can lose your rhythm. Ive always been a pass first point guard, I always want to get my teammates involved, and tonight the fourth quarter just called for me to be more aggressive cause a lot of times people will be looking for me to pass and that opens up the shot.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On the game tonight:
We played tough tonight. We gave ourselves a chance by playing aggressive, attacking the basket

On the importance of getting off to a good start against the Lakers:
Its very important, theyre a really good team, they have a lot of talent on the team and I feel when we play aggressive and try to come out first and do what we know how to do I think we give ourselves a chance.

On how theyre quickness played a great role in the game tonight:
We just play, what do we have to lose? Were out here just playing basketball.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On how it feels to shock the world with this win:
It feels good to get this win, but like I said, we cant take any steps back. That team right there [Lakers] is a great team, great players, and we expect them to come out next game and turn it up another notch. Were going to celebrate tonight, but we know we have a lot of work ahead of us.

On Chris Pauls performance:
Unbelievable, single handedly took over the game at the end. Thats why hes one of the best point guards in the NBA.

On the team win tonight:
I think the good thing about this win is everybody came in and contributed, everybody played well and were going to need everybody, every game, every second, every minute. Tonight was a good feeling to win this game.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack
On every guy on the team scoring tonight:
When our starters are playing we constantly talk to our group; be ready, individually I might say be ready AG [Aaron Gray], Willie [Green] might say be ready Jarrett [Jack]. Were constantly just keeping each other in to the ball game. If you didnt notice when we make plays all of us are standing up cheering the guys onlike I said we just try to come in and sustain that same energy and emphasis that the starters put out

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On the Lakers second half play:
I thought we kind of arose from the dead in the third quarter and we got ourselves straightened out but then we went right back out and complicated things in the fourth.

On Chris Pauls performance:
[Chris] Paul was terrific out there [in the fourth quarter] controlling the ball and the pace of the game and made some easy baskets.

On Paul Gasols performance:
There wasnt a lot of direction going towards [Pau Gasol]. There wasnt a lot of balls in the post. We didnt get the ball inside which is one of our strengths.

On the Lakers energy:
Our defense, I thought was late. I think we were late on everything. They were the aggressors, they stayed aggressive and beat us to balls; most typically the one that was a jump ball after an errant shot that crotched the rim, you know that was a key play for us, and them when they got a tip against our biggest guy.

On the Lakers performance in morning games:
Were not very good in mornings, morning games. Were not that, our guys just arent really sharp all year. We really tried to get them going today; we asked them to come a couple of hours early, even, to the arena, so that they would be ready to go. We really werent animated and really aggressive. I thought Ron [Artest] was probably our best player we had out there today.

On the game in the paint:
Theyre staying in the lane, theyre crowding the lane, theyre staying back. They had Gray outplaying our big guys today.

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant
On if he was surprised by the loss today:
No. Its very tough to beat a team in the league that many times in a row. They come out extremely motivated and very well prepared, and they played extremely well. Chris is a handful for anybody to deal with. They did a great job with their game plan and they executed extremely well.

On Pau Gasol:
Pau is our guy. Hes our guy, hes the next in line. Responsibility and the pressure comes along with that, and hell be ready to go next game.

On why the Hornets came out with a lot of energy tonight:
Im not sure. I think when you beat a team that many times in a row, theyre extremely motivated. They hear all the chatter of sweep this, sweep that and they naturally come out more motivatedit seemed like that tonight.

On how to deal with Chris Paul:
You have to keep him out of the lane as much as possible. He got into our middle way too often. We allowed him to play one-on-one at the top of the key when he had a good rhythm going.

On the importance of the Lakers' forwards and centers playing well:
Well, I mean you have two really good bigs. Its important for them to play well, to be aggressive and to attack.

On looking forward to Pau Gasols play next game:
I think this game here, hes going to use that as motivation coming back in Game 2, and be ready to go. I have no doubt about it.

Lakers Forward Lamar Odom
On todays game:
Its always good for us, when I think about the personality of our team, to be humbled a little bit. Sometimes, thats the best thing for us, to be humbled. To lose on our homecourt, in the playoffs, probably against a team that people think we should handle easy, I think is good for us.

On how the Lakers fix the mistakes they made today:
By going in and watching the tape, and just learning. Its like life. Something hits you and hopefully you learn from it and get better.

Lakers Center Andrew Bynum
On if he felt the Lakers had their normal focus today:
I didnt feel that, but I do think that we need to start going hard in practice. Thats one thing thats kind of lacking. I dont know if its due to health or a myriad of different reasons, but I think thats a big part of it.

On if the Lakers can flip the switch:
We never believed in that flipping the switch. Thats something from the media. It makes a good story. But at the end of the day, today was all about defense.

On if hes angry about how the Lakers played today:
I think defensively, we have a lot to work on, but anger is not going to solve it. We just have to have the willingness to go out there and do what it is that we practice in walk-through."

Lakers Forward-Center Pau Gasol
On his performance today:
I was just not very sharp. I couldnt get into a good rhythm in the first quarter. I didnt get myself going at all. So its up to me to get some energy out there and be a little more aggressive and find ways to find that rhythm.

On how he and the Lakers can bounce back:
It was a lot about aggressiveness and focus. They played well and we didnt play that well. We didnt force many turnovers. They shot the ball well and we allowed Chris [Paul] to run the tempo the way that they wanted to. So we just have to come out with a little more focus and stick to our gameplan and be more aggressive overall.

On the loss:
Im disappointed. Im stunned, surprised, but were the ones responsible for this happening. Unfortunately, we have to own up to that and come back to work the next couple days and get the series where we want it to be.

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