Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 89, Dallas 121

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the second half:
We let our guard down a bit. Its easy to say I sat guys in the second half, but they upped their pressure and hit a ton of shots. I dont know how many threes they made in the second half, but they were contested threes. I thought we played with some fight from the first half, but we still gave up 20 and 30 point quarters. Thats something I didnt like.

What do you think about going into the playoffs on a three game losing streak with no momentum?
Well you say no momentum, but the fact that we are here is momentum for us, because there are a number of teams that arent playing after tonight. Obviously wed like to win games going in but not at the sacrifice of doing things the right way. I could have played Chris 45 minutes tonight giving us a better chance to win the game. And maybe I should have, but were in this position because weve done some things well and we cant lose sight of that. I think its easy for us to look at the negative, and I do that enough. Coaching makes you emotionally negative, but Im going to try to focus on the things that weve done to get here and try to make the most of this opportunity.

The game got a bit physical in the first half. Do you think either team was trying to send a message?
Thats not physical to me, thats just basketball. Thats the way I want to play. Thats the way I think you have to play. You dont want to play dirty, but if youre complaining about that maybe you shouldnt be playing. Theres going to be physical play in the playoffs. Thats what its all about. The refs let a lot more go. Obviously we dont want to knock guys into the stands, but thats the way we played all year long. Our last game with Dallas at our place was no different. Guys were on the bench and in the stands. Were not going to back down from anybody from a physical standpoint.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On making the playoffs:
There was a lot of people calling us out, saying oh they wont make the playoffs. Weve been through a lot of adversity this season. You know trades and different things like that. What more can we ask for but an opportunity. We came in here and we realize that we lost and stuff like that, but this is a whole new season now. That is what I have learned. It doesnt matter if you win 60 something games, as long as you win enough to get in, now is when the fun stuff starts.

On schemes he may see in the playoffs:
We will see who we match up against. I dont have a clue, probably depends on who we play. San Antonio they push up and go under. LA they keep the ball on one side of the court. It doesnt matter right now.

On the possibility of coming back to Dallas:
Thats cool too. It dont matter, it dont matter. Ive been getting ready for the playoffs for a while now. I just cant wait. All of these last few games havent meant too much, it is now just who can win four games first.

Do you still remember what happened last time you were in the playoffs?
Yeah, yeah I will never forget that. You know what I mean, but that is behind us now too. It doesnt matter what your season series is with a team, you get to start back over now.

Mavericks Post Game Quotes

Mavericks Forward Dirk Nowitzki
We definitely wanted to win this game. We were a little slow there in the first half I thought and we were a step slow and let them score 61 points so thats obviously what we dont want going into the playoffs. In the second half we really stepped it up defensively and that really won us the game. Weve got to play that way in the playoffs and offensively we did a good job moving the ball and I kept getting open and the guys found me and thats a fun way to play when were moving the ball and knocking down shots from everywhere.

On holding the Hornets to 28 points in the second half:
We had good energy. Everything was a little too easy for them in the first half and we talked at halftime how we had to step it up and bring a little more energy and really contest shots. We got into them a little more and make it tougher so that was great and we were really rotating well.

Now the fun season starts. We dont know who were going to play, but well be ready no matter who it is and it should be a fun run.

Mavericks Guard Jason Terry
I feel great and the week off really helped. I had a lot of shots in Houston the other night that went in and out and guys just told me to keep shooting. Tonight being the last dress rehearsal I wanted to get some threes off early just to see where I was and I finally made some tonight.

I just feel stronger by having the week off and let my legs catch up and so physically I feel great. I feel like Ive got my legs back. I just wasnt bending my knees enough before and using my legs on my shot. My shot felt really good tonight so Im happy where Im at right now.

We feel like when D Steves (DeShawn Stevenson) in the starting lineup we feel like we can put him defensively on anybody and switch back and forth from the point guard so that works well and hes a veteran guy and knows what needs to be done and that helped us out big time tonight.

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