Monday, April 11, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 78, Utah 90

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the loss:
Its something that happens in an NBA season. You hate it when you just dont have the energy and the focus that an NBA team should have. Give credit to Utah. They came in focused. They havent tanked it. Theyre playing hard and doing some good stuff out there. A lot of this falls on me. You have to get your team ready to play every night. Its not an 80-game season or whatever you want to call it. Its an 82-game season. Youve got to get yourself ready to play 118 games. Thats the most games that you can play in an NBA season. Its an art, and men have to do it. Tonight, I didnt see the focus and tenacity that weve played with all year long.

On the top teams in the West:
All of those teams are probably going to finish with 55 wins. San Antonio is at 61 right now. So, youre not going to play against a JV team. Youre going to get a team thats peaking. Their rotations are going to be shorter, so youre going to play against level one guys for 40 minutes. We need our level one guys to step up and play for 48 minutes. We need our bench to play the way that they have played all year long.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On playing better heading into the playoffs:
We need to pick it up, the playoffs are right here and a lot harder. Luckily, we have all little time, not much time, but we still have time to put it together. Weve got to keep working and give ourselves a chance every night. We didnt seem to play tonight with that much urgency, we didnt play effectively, we played hard no question about that, but they made a lot of shots, but in the playoffs you have to make them miss shots. You cant hope they miss shots; you have to make them miss them. Well go back to the drawing board and see what we need to do."

On winning with defense:
Its all about our defense, we need get back to our back bone, its what we did earlier in the year. We know were not one of the higher scoring teams in the league, we have to play better defensively.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On not bringing any energy to the game:
We didnt bring it tonight, we just didnt have it. We would have liked to put a better performance out their tonight for our last regular season game but we didnt do that. No excuses. Were not trying to setup any particular matchups with a certain team, and our goal is to go out and win every game, but unfortunately that didnt happen. We need to do some soul searching and get back to playing Hornets basketball. We need to get back to playing better defense, that how we win games.

Jazz Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Tyrone Corbin
On the game:
I am very pleased. The guys came out, we are playing for development, not for going into the playoffs, but they did a really good job of playing hard, and counting on each other and we are continuing to grow. That is the most encouraging thing, we are getting better at the things we talk about in practice, the things we talk about we need to get better at. Especially on the defensive end of the floor, with the pick and roll stuff, playing your man one on one. I think we did a better job tonight.

On coming out aggressive:
Thats what we talked about, having character. Character would carry you through, whether it was on the line or not on the line, you are going to compete hard every night when you are trying to create an identity, and we did a good job of that tonight. We have to continue that going forward. Every time we step on the floor, we are going to play hard and play smart, and we are going to give ourselves a chance to win.

On Chris Paul:
He is a dynamic player, he didnt score last night so we knew he was going to come out and be aggressive tonight, he had ten minutes the first half, and we did a pretty good job for the most part making everything he got he had to work for. So I am pleased with that, especially the pick and roll stuff.

Jazz Forward C.J. Miles
On the play of the Jazz tonight:
Were just trying to work, trying to get better. Nobody likes to lose. Even though we arent going to the playoffs, were playing for pride, playing to compete. We came out and executed our stuff tonight. Everybody was balanced and in the right spots. We knocked down shots when we were open and we did a good job passing the ball.

On playing and having fun:
We were missing that because of the fact that we werent going to the playoffs and things were going bad. We werent having fun anymore, and it was taking away from the game. We just wanted to play tonight, and you could see it.

Jazz Forward Paul Millsap
On the win:
It feels like we are a playoff team. We beat a playoff team tonight. We beat the Lakers the other night, so it feels like we are a playoff team; just under the circumstances it just didnt happen.

On finishing out the season strong:
I guess its important for us to gain momentum going into next season, just to see what we can do to put it all out on the line and get out there and play as a team.

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