Monday, April 9, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 91, Los Angeles 93

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On last play of the game:
"We have to check the substitution on that play. I dont think Matt Barnes was supposed to be in the game. Coaches in the locker room were saying he was just standing down there and jumped on the floor. Jason was confused on who he was supposed to guard. Metta (World Peace) throws the ball and for a split second Jason took his eye off the ball. But you are not expecting that kind of pass. It is certainly not Jasons fault. I thought Metta made a bad pass and it just worked out for them."

On fourth quarter:
"We just didnt have what we have been talking about, the closer down the stretch. I thought our guys did a decent job. They hit some tough threes. Some of those shots were contested. If they missed those shots in their film sessions, they probably would say those were bad shots. I thought we had some questionable decisions down the stretch. I think as Greivis (Vasquez) learns to play the point guard position, I have talked about swinging for singles instead of home runs. Chris (Kaman) had a tough shot at the basket where he got blocked. Chris was about as efficient as he can be. He just got in some foul trouble. I thought our guys played really well tonight. We just gave up a twenty-eight fourth quarter."

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

On the final play:
"I was looking for the fifth guy on the floor. Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) was really adamant about trying to get the ball in quick. I couldnt find that fifth guy, but I knew they were doing something tricky. They ran that play, and I dont even know who was in the corner, but he was just hiding over there. They didnt get the ball in because they didnt know who was on the floor. I thought they were going to throw it up, so I was going to wait for him to react, and he just rolled it out there. I didnt see anything. I heard the crowd, so I thought it was in the air, but it was just rolling right in front of me, and he had gotten a step on me. I just couldnt get there quick enough."

On if he was surprised by the strategy on the final play:
"It was a smart play. There were only 1.2 seconds left on the clock, so as soon as they touch the ball, its hard to foul in that situation. It was a smart play on their part."

On how theyve played the Lakers recently:
"We always play good with them. We keep it close. We have a lead, and we let the lead go. Its a disappointing loss. We had a lot of guys play well, but we still didnt come out with a win."

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Mike Brown

On the win:
"I thought that our composure was there, which was fun to watch our guys have (tonight). Throughout the course of the game, I thought we made big play after big play. I thought, having our composure, (that) the tempo was there. Having (the Hornets) at 91 points is more our speed or more in our favor when it gets there. We had big play after big play after big play. Matt (Barnes) had a three in the corner late in the game. That was the right shot. Metta (Peace) had a three off the bench at the top of the floor that I thought (was big). Steve Blakes (play) was huge. I thought that Steve played very well the entire game. The play of the game, in my opinion, was the steal by Matt Barnes with 1.2 seconds to go. If he wouldnt have stolen that, we might have lost."

On Steve Blake:
"I thought that his aggressive play on both sides of the floor (was great). I thought that he was aggressive offensively. I thought that he was aggressive defensively. He came up with some big shots down the stretch, too. I thought that his aggressive play was a factor (tonight)."

Lakers Guard Steve Blake

On his key shot in the lane:
"I think Drew (Bynum) had a double team in the post and it was a kick out with a swing. I felt that they were closing out hard and I just wanted to drive the close out and I was able to get down and get a nice little runner out of it."

On the win:
"We just stayed the course. We kept getting the ball inside and making good reads. We knocked down our shots. They hit a lot of tough shots on us when we were playing good (defense). You have to give them a lot of credit for that. We stayed the course, got the ball inside and played good (defense). I needed that win. It felt good to feel what it is like to play good again, make some shots, and just be out on the court longer. I was happy tonight and I hope to build on it."

Lakers Forward Metta World Peace

On the win:
"It was the offense. It was the tempo, you know. (It was) our tempo. We missed some shots, okay. We had a couple of turnovers, alright. Stay with our tempo. Dont panic. That was all point guards. Our point guards did an excellent job. Thats why they had no fast break points. It wasnt the defense. It was the offense."

On the last play of the game:
"Im a math major. Jason (Smith) was not getting that ball. 1.3 seconds. Im a math major. Its an easy calculation. Matt (Barnes) was going to get the ball no matter what."

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