Saturday, April 7, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 99, Minnesota 90

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On rebounding from last nights loss:
"I had a tough meeting with our guys today. We didnt go out on the floor and talk about Minnesota; we talked about us and what I saw on the floor last night. Im just trying to get our guys to understand that weve worked really hard to establish a certain identity, and I just didnt see it last night. I didnt want to be the kind of coach or leader that allows stuff to go when I know there is more in the tank. This has been a tough season for our guys; make no mistake about it. We still get a chance to play. We have a culture that we are trying to establish, and our guys have bought in all year, and I just dont want them to lose sight of that as we go down the stretch."

On Jason Smiths performance:
"He did it against the best power forward (Kevin Love) in the game, which says a lot about Jason to come up with a double-double, but his spirit and energy, I didnt think he was going to play after that fall he took last night. He comes out tonight, he stroked the ball, he was rebounding, he knows his assignments on defense and he just made some plays that really helped us win this game."

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

"I just tried to come out with a lot of energy. We tried to redeem ourselves from last night in that horrible loss. I thought that we came out and played with a lot of energy and got a big win tonight."

On what the team talked about after last nights loss:
"Coach got on us a lot. Thats not how we play Hornets basketball. Thats not how we are going to play for the rest of the season. Weve got to bring it every night for these last few games and really come out and play hard."

On Kevin Love:
"Hes a tough player. He had a lot of open shots from the three point (line). Hes got range from that area. You just have to play him as hard as you can and really go out there and fight and be aggressive."

Hornets Center Chris Kaman

On last nights loss:
"That game last night was so disappointing for us. We definitely played them well all year. To come out and right away went flat, we didnt have it the rest of the game. They really could have beaten us worse than that."

On the good play of Jason Smith:
"Im happy for Jason. Hes the energy guy out there. Hes like one of the guys that give life to our team. Everyone loves watching him and how hard he plays. Youve got to respect that. Hes getting better. His skills are getting better. His game is getting a little betterHes shooting his little hook shots. Im really happy for Jason. Hes developing as a great player."

On his big rebounds tonight:
"I was getting a little disappointed. Last night, I had one rebound to finish the game. That is definitely not what I am used to. Tonight, it started to flow again, they came late. I kept fighting. Im glad that we got the win."

Timberwolves Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Rick Adelman

On ball handling and the Wolves attempted comeback in the fourth quarter:
"We need to take better care of the ball. Guys have to stay within their strengths. We had a series where we missed shots and they opened it up. Our guys came back in the fourth (quarter) and got us back in it, but we didnt keep it up. There were things we did much better tonight bit we have to put it together. We have a game Monday at home and we need to come out and put it together and play a strong game."

Timberwolves Forward Michael Beasley

On his return from injury:
"It felt good. I stayed in shape. My foot didnt give me any problems and my finger is starting to heal up. Somebody stepped on my toe and its still a little sore. But in the thick of the game, my adrenaline was rushing and I didnt really feel it."

On the game:
"Jason Smith was just too much. They hit us inside. Greivis made a couple of big shots and they just went from there. Kaman had that little fade away and Grevis had a big fourth quarter."

Timberwolves Forward Kevin Love

On the game:
"Kaman is a tough guard, too. He fades away and hes 6-10 or 6-11. Thats tough to stop as well. They seemed to really hit everything tonight. It seems that teams keep shooting a good percentage on us, but we brought it on the defensive end, for the most part. We just missed shots. Its tough. We gave ourselves a chance to win, but they just blew it out at the end."

On the return of Michael Beasley:
"He looked good. Thats what Mike brings to the table. Hes a guy that can put up shots and make shots. Hes a guy that can rebound when he wants to. Tonight he had both of those things going. Mikes a good player."

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