Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 101, Houston 93

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On rough start to the game but letting the team figure it out:
Weve been in games like that before, as young as I am I dont have a ton of history, but we have been in games where teams have come out and shot the three early because our defense pushed them out or they were just getting easy shots. With them coming off a back-to-back last night I just said to myself if they are going to shoot the ball like that the whole game we are going to lose anyway so I kind of thought it would come back to us, but they shot it so well and then our guys just decided enough was enough. Once we started to get a few stops we were able to get out and run. 26 fast break points for us is a lot and by our estimation it was probably plus-30, but our defense is where its at. We gave up a 38-point quarter. I dont think we have done that all year. And then 17, 16, 22 for the rest of the game, thats who we are.

On closing out the game:
Well I thought Jarrett Jack came in and gave us a big lift guarding (Kevin) Martin so we could tag team him a little bit. Trevors (Ariza) defense was phenomenal tonight. He went for a couple of steals which he and I have an agreement on these steals that he tries to go for, but we had to change up our defense. We were back off of the pick and rolls and then we decided to start hedging the pick and rolls and that stopped their penetration. They missed some shots, obviously, but I thought we made some adjustments defensively. And then Chris (Paul) almost had a triple-double tonight and normally I dont say this because I dont like to put his stuff out there but he had 45 ccs drained off his knee yesterday from the hit he took and for him to be able to play at a high level like that with a sore leg, they just dont make them like that. Most guys would take the game off and try to get this one game that we needed next week or something like that. I thought that act of sacrifice was what we needed and we certainly need him to play at that level. Hes a monster.

On Chris Pauls personality transferred to several other players this season:
Trevor (Ariza) is playing with foot issues. Jarrett (Jack), I have been around him seven years now, he plays through pain. Emeka (Okafor) has played through foot issues. Its just that time of year where guys have to push through. Aaron (Gray) has a knee issue right now and he is sucking it up. Weve done that all year. I never want to put a guy out there so he can hurt himself further, but at the same time I just think guys want it so bad that they are willing to just lay it on the line.

On defense on Martin:
This is the first time I thought Trevor (Ariza) knuckled up and got him. The first two games we put Trevor (Ariza) on him in Houston and I thought he moved around and Trevor didnt make it physical for him and the last game he had his way, especially in the second half, but tonight Trevor had it in his mind that his catches were going to be hard and he didnt go for the pump fakes. Normally, he gets you on those pump fakes and he gets to the line. Last night against Sacramento they had three pump fakes for three point shots down the stretch and they get nine free throws. Tonight we didnt go for one of those. Trevor is long and we put a lot of pressure on him to guard the toughest guy and tonight he was more than adequate.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On going to the post season:
It feels great. This team fought all year. We cant celebrate too much, we still have work to do, but its a good feeling knowing that all the adversity weve been through with losing our guy D. West , we still found a way.

On the doubt of the Hornets making the post season:
Its been a long time coming. Im happy for our coaches, for our fans that stayed the course with us and came out and supported us. Our coaches come in everyday and believe in us and work hard for us.

On the game:
That first quarter was almost a joke, especially knowing how important this game was, we were disappointed in how we came out. But we fought back, but thats one thing about our team, we have a lot of resilience and we never give up.

Hornets Forward Jason Smith
On the difference in play from the first quarter to the rest of the game:
We really just said hey we have to pick it up. The first quarter was terrible. We gave up thirty-eight points in the quarter. Thats not our defense. We picked it up in the second quarter and had great offense, but that was all sparked by our defense. God defense leads to easy offense. We carried that throughout the game.

On making the playoffs:
It feels good, but like coach said we cannot exhale, we cannot relax at all. Making the playoffs was the first step. We have plenty of things to do to prepare ourselves mentally and physically. We have to game plan for teams coming up. We cant just be relaxed and be happy that we made the playoffs. We want to make something happen in the playoffs.

Rockets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Rick Adelman
On the game:
"They played very physical, we played our tails off. We did everything we could do, we just didnt do enough. Give their guys a lot of credit, we got the big lead and they came back. We responded in the fourth quarter, it just wasnt enough."

Rockets Guard Kyle Lowry
On the loss:
It hurtsThis cant be happening right nowwith all of the work that weve put in just to get this far and this close.

On the Hornets play:
They were aggressive (and played) with intensity. Those guys picked it up. They played really hard in the second half. Give credit to them. They played their type of game.

Rockets Center Brad Miller
On the role of the bench:
(My job) is to be out there and help facilitate the second squad. The offense is based around the bigs, for the most part. (Our role) is to just try to give a little pep (into the game). The starters have been playing a lot of minutes lately. We tried to get them a little help before.

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