Friday, April 1, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 81, Memphis 93

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On Memphis coming up with big plays:
They came out with the attitude and force that I think playoff basketball is all about. They didnt score a ton of points, we held them to 93, but they just were more physical than us. I thought in the first quarter they set the tone of how the game was going to be played. Its one of those situations where at this time of year you cant step on the floor with anything less than your number one, A-level effort and we just didnt have that to start the game.

On things going wrong:
They got layup after layup, not a lot of points, but they just scored easy baskets. They were at the rim all night. I think they had 30 points in the paint at the halftime so its a tough loss, and its even tougher when you dont play the way that you are capable of from an energy and effort standpoint.

On playing at a higher level at this point in the season:
Based on how we played the other day against Portland, we expected it (higher level of play) so that is something that has not been a trend and we certainly are not going to allow it to become one. That is something we cant see again.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On losing a game to an opponent who youre are battling for playoff position:
Give those guys a lot of credit, they came in here on a must win game and took it to us. They played hard and physical and we just didnt match their energy. We came out a little [re]laxed, but I dont want to take anything away from them. We tried to mix it up with them but they beat us to a lot of 50/50 balls. We had a bit of a let-down tonight, we just have to get back in practice tomorrow and get better, and get ready for the next game on Sunday. At the end of the day this is a tough loss, you see how quiet it is in here, we just need to work harder. We got whooped tonight, we have to face the facts look in the mirror and move forward.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the play of the team:
This is a tough loss, especially coming off a very emotional win the other night. Luckily we get the opportunity to see these guys again. We could have taken the season series tonight, but we fell short. We got down very quickly and just didnt have an answer. We made a run here and there, but couldnt put a good run together. Every time we would get it close, they would push it back up to 14 or 15. They just played a great game tonight. Our offense tonight wasnt very good and I think that cause some of our defensive issues. Sometimes our offense started their break, but its still a work in progress.

Grizzlies Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Lionel Hollins
On the game:
From a defensive perspective, we played our schemes and did what we needed to do. I thought our pick and roll defense was really good. We strung the ball out, hustled back and took shooters off shots. They made some shots that were contested, but I thought our defense was great. We had ten steals, which is the 31st time this year weve had ten (or more) steals. Were playing at a high level. Its incredible to look at our energy and our effort out there."

On Chris Paul:
Well, I dont know. I dont ever say we contain anybody. Guys like that usually have off nights, so I dont know about us containing him. I thought with our pick and roll defense, we got up a lot. We werent lazy with our bigs being back too far and we werent lazy letting them come up and draw fouls. So we were in tune with what we needed to do. So I cant say we take credit for Chris Pauls game. He didnt shoot the ball very well overall, and especially didnt shoot the ball well early on.

Grizzlies Guard Tony Allen
On the defensive effort:
"Guys were in here early for the game looking at film, looking at all the missed laps on defense from the last game. We just tried to correct them coming out from the start of the first quarter. Even in the fourth, I just like how we closed it out and played it hard for 48 minutes."

On countering the Hornets' runs:
"Coach Hollins has got great plays, and you have to give big praise to our coaching staff. We were ready for them today. We will see this team again in about another three games. So we dont want to enjoy this too much, we just want to get ready for these next two coming up."

Grizzlies Guard Mike Conley
On the game:
"I thought our mindset was very aggressive defensively. We wanted to come in and be aggressive, because we were playing them at their place. The crowd is going to be hyped and it is going to be a hostile environment to play in, so we had to create our own energy defensively and be physical."

On their play against Chris Paul:
"Really the big guys did a great job of showing and our guards did a great job of being able to help. Whenever he got around to the pick and roll he saw a lot of blue jerseys and it made him have to pass it to other players. Basically we wanted the other players to have to beat us. Our plan worked and we did a great job with it."

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