03/31/12 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Lakers

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 85, Los Angeles 88

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

"Our guys do what they do every night. It’s no surprise that we fight and give ourselves a chance to win. They played with class and guys were out there hobbling and limping around and still playing. The thing that is disappointing to me is we have got some guys on our team that could give us more but they are sitting there watching. That’s the bottom line. It’s hard to describe that in this day and age I’ve got Jason Smith out there, knees hurting, hip, Lance [Thomas] with ice all over his body, Jarrett Jack has an ankle [sprain] and they just give it up every single night. Those eight guys just made me a proud coach tonight."

On how the team is going to maintain motivation for tomorrow’s game:
"You just want to play the game that way. Hopefully, give yourself a chance to win down the stretch. I’m more concerned about the health of those guys that played tonight, a few guys that were limping. A couple of guys have never been in that situation. Chris Johnson making shots for us down the stretch. I’m sure he’s never been in that situation against the Lakers. Lance Thomas, the same deal. So, I hope and pray that we have the kind of effort tomorrow."

On Jarrett Jack’s last shot:
"I’m really proud of Jarrett Jack. A of guys run from that shot. He had a shot at the end and he’ll make that shot nine times out of ten. It just didn’t go his way. But, I’m more concerned with the heart to take that shot says a lot about who he is and he’s playing on a bum ankle. That to me says a lot about who Jarrett is."

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On guarding Kobe on the Lakers last possession:
"I figured he hadn’t shot the ball well all game so I figured he would try and get to the basket. He pulled up, I tried to contest the best I could, and he hit a tough shot."

On his shot on the Hornets last possession:
"I just played it off the glass wrong. I got to the spot I wanted and we got the matchup we wanted. I was expecting Bynum to come over as well. I just shot it off the glass a little too hard, but we got exactly to where we wanted to be at."

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

On the Hornets final possessions:
"We got some good looks at the end. Greivis had a good look from the three point line and Jack did a good job getting to the rim. Sometimes those shots just don’t go your way. They didn’t go our way today, but we just have to fight through and get ready for tomorrow."

On the loss:
"We put ourselves in a good position the entire game. We continued to fight and show aggression. With 8 guys, it’s tough to go against the Lakers. We hung together, we fought, and everybody on the bench was cheering for everybody. It was a tough one."

On Kobe Bryant’s struggles from the field before his last shot:
"He is Kobe Bryant. He is going to find a way to score and he’s going to will his team to win. He’s an amazing, hall of fame player. It’s tough any night you go against the Lakers, and tonight just wasn’t our night."

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Mike Brown

On today's game:
"Obviously it was a tough game for us. But, it was great to see us stay with it, no matter if we got down two or got down ten and to continue to try and execute down the stretch. To me, it was a great team performance in the sense that it was not an easy game, it was a game that we had to fight for for 48 minutes, and we found a way to get it done. You talk about 32 buckets and 28 assists on the 32 buckets, even though we didn’t score and the percentage doesn’t look like it, we had some great possessions offensively. Andrew, I thought, was huge for us. He got the double-double, most that in the second half. Kobe took some great shots. The shots he took normally go in. It’s ironic, he takes 8 threes and the one three he makes gives us the lead. It’s just his willpower and his ability to do great things throughout the course of the game, no matter how the flow of the game was or is. And then, Sessions with the double-double, finding guys out on the floor, making the game easier for a lot of guys. And then our bench with the energy that it brought in terms of Josh [McRoberts], Matt [Barnes] and Steve [Blake] knocking down the three threes. So, a lot of good performances from our guys. We just kind of found a way to win."

On the team’s home record:
"You know, our home court record is good, but I don’t know how many times, even at home, I could sit down with ten minutes to go in the game and undo my tie and cross my feet. We’ve got a good record, we’ve won games, but we haven’t been beating teams by 15 or 20 whether we’re at home or on the road. So, it’s been a dog fight for us all the time."

On team’s performance today:
"I thought defensively - they scored 85 points on 42% shooting—we did a pretty good job on that end of the floor. Offensively, we had 88 points on 42% shooting, I thought Kobe took some great looks. When Kobe goes 10 for 21 maybe it’s not as close, but I thought offensively we executed fine. I thought we set screens, I thought we spaced the floor the right way, I thought everybody took the right shots. We had a few turnovers in the first half that I thought effected our game, we came back in the second half with six turnovers, but they only scored three points off those six turnovers. So we did a better job with our floor balance. Overall, I liked the shots that we took, they just didn’t go in and that has a lot to do with our low percentage."

Lakers Center Andrew Bynum

On how the team got it together for the fourth quarter:
"I made a couple shots and Kobe hit the game winner. We just had to play some defense."

On whether Kobe was down on himself tonight:
"Kobe never gets down on himself. That’s crazy. I don’t have that opinion of him."

On his play during the first quarter:
"I touched the ball quite a lot. I wanted to get 10 assists [in the first] so I was passing but you know I didn’t up getting [10 assists]. I passed the ball a lot to help my teammates."

Lakers Guard Ramon Sessions

On playing hard against sub-.500 teams:
"It’s just a matter of being consistent for 48 minutes. New Orleans came out as the undermanned team and we took them lightly. But, it’s like I tell [the Lakers] when I came in with Cleveland, this was our championship coming here playing in the Staples Center so teams are coming in playing hard and we just have to be consistent and play hard too."

On the Hornets' defensive strategy zone defense:
"That’s dictating how good our offense is man to man. They definitely came out in the zone and we kind of got stagnant for a while but down the line we were able to get the stops we needed. Offensively, man to man, it’s tough to guard. So it’s one of those things that zone is a little more helpful for undermanned teams."

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant

On his decision to take the 3-pointer at the end of the game:
"I’m stubborn. That’s probably what it is. If I were to miss that shot, everybody would have killed me. It was a two-point game and we could have easily thrown the ball to Drew or Pau."

On his mentality to take that kind of shot despite struggling all game:
"You have that kind of attitude, that kind of determination or stubbornness and that’s what gets teams over the hump to win multiple championships."

On his offensive performance today:
"I had good shots. Fatigue might have something to do with it, but I had good shots --- good shots out of the rhythm of the offense, but none of them went down. At that point, you have to be patient and just focus on the last quarter and focus on getting some good shots."

On how he managed to stay confident despite not shooting well:
"You have to figure out ways to work through it. I have a great team here and a lot of support and I really pushed myself defensively tonight to get after the guys. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of the offense and the stamina that you have to defend because that’s what we believe is going to get us to a championship."


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