03/30/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Trail Blazers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 95, Portland 91

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the win:
“It was a big win for a number of reasons. We didn’t have our stuff tonight offensively for sure. Defensively, in the first quarter I thought we had no presence and after that scored 21 points a quarter. During that run Willie Green was phenomenal, the dunk he had and the floater against their zone really changed their zone. Guys just stepped up; somebody told me at one point it was 18-0 their point guards against ours in points. Chris (Paul) made timely shots. His penetration was good for us tonight because we were able to agitate their zone a bit. It was a big win. We made some money off of Carl (Landry) tonight for sure going to him down the stretch and he made some free throws and being able to get LaMarcus (Aldridge) in foul trouble. Jason Smith comes off the bench and gives us big minutes. It’s just a big win across the board for us.”

On cleaning up after the first quarter:
“We want to go in on LaMarcus (Aldridge), he has been unstoppable for three quarters of the season. We told Emeka (Okafor) at halftime, ‘You’ve got him (Aldridge)’. We just stayed locked up on their cutters. What they were doing was something we practiced when I was in Portland, reading the defense, cutting behind the defense, spacing the floor properly, and he (Aldridge) has become such a good passer out of the post it makes it hard to play him and at the same time if you can force him to dribble the ball a couple times and give it up so that way they are fighting the clock. And then Patty Mills comes in the game and he has an impact. It felt like I was at a Portland practice in the first half because that was all stuff we worked on when I was there.”

On the fourth quarter finish:
“If we can finish like this for the rest of the year, I’ll be pleased. We’ve had this situation where we come off the road and this first game back has been tough for us and I felt that tonight. We didn’t have our normal energy, whether It’s from the time change or whatever, but I thought the way we finished said a lot about our defense because it was our defense that got us going. We have to dig deep.”

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the win:
“It’s amazing; the emotional high we went through, then losing David West, the road trip we had, and to get back home for a game of this magnitude was good for us. It definitely had a playoff feel to it. We found a way. That’s the thing about this team. They kept picking me up and telling me to shoot. Guys stepped up and made big plays. Even when we’re not scoring, we know we can defend. That’s been our backbone all season long.”

On Carl Landry:
"I’ve been a fan of Carl Landry since he came into the league. He’s a starter and we were fortunate to have a starter coming off the bench. The more minutes that he’s getting is just giving him time to do his thing. We’re going to need that in the playoffs.”

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On the game:
“We just wanted to turn it up. This team is in front of us in the playoff race and it’s going to be a dogfight the rest of the season. We came out in the second half with the mentality that we have to go get it, so we went out and got it. I can get a dunk every now and then. I’m getting older. It was a great team win. I thought Jarrett Jack came out and was aggressive. Even though Chris struggled a little bit, he hit some big shots down the stretch and Carl Landry was big. It was a big win… big, big, big! Tonight was a playoff atmosphere and we expect it to be like this for the rest of the season.”

Trail Blazers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Nate McMillan
On letting the game slip away:
“It was turnovers. They were huge. We had 9 turnovers in the second half. We started the fourth quarter with a couple of turnovers. We didn’t get to the free throw line tonight. They (Hornets) shot 29 free throws and we shot 15. The turnovers led to points as well as the eleven offensive boards. The keys to winning the game; they beat us in that category. The boards, free throws, and taking care of the ball. You can’t have those mistakes going down the stretch.”

On the bench play:
“I thought we played two different halves. First half we were pretty good, the second half we didn’t get as much going. We started with some turnovers. We’ve been streaky. We need both units and everybody playing well. Tonight we had a couple of guys playing well. We have to be solid with both units. We have to be solid with our play defensively. I thought they (Hornets) got in the paint with penetration and they got into the penalty early which we got on our heels. In two of those quarters they got six to eight free throws that were freebies, meaning we’re fouling and letting them march to the free throw line; just fouling. You have to know the time, score, and situation when you’re in the penalty like that. You have to give a step and not bail them out and put them on the free throw line.”

On the importance of the game:
“We dropped it. It’s still in our hands. We dropped this game and now we need to go home. We know what we need to do. Every game is important; we don’t have the tiebreaker against this team, but we do against some other teams. Oklahoma City is a team we haven’t had success against. It’s another challenge when we get home.”

Trail Blazers Forward Gerald Wallace
On how it feels right now after losing an important game with playoff implications:
“No loss feels good. This one hurts. Especially (because it’s) a game that we felt like we controlled for the first quarter and a half. We let them get the momentum going into halftime. In the second half, they kind of took control and forced us to play back on our heels. They pretty much did whatever they wanted to do offensively.”

On where the team stands right now:
“I think we’re all right. We’ve just got to mentally get stronger. Right now we’re having some relapses and some setbacks, as far as offensively and defensively, especially at crucial moments of the game. We’ve just have to zone in and get more focused on what we’re doing.”

Trail Blazers Guard Andre Miller
On the loss:
“It was even until the fourth quarter. They got into the penalty and get some key rebounds. It was pretty much a free throw and turnover game. That’s how it played out. They played a good game down the stretch.”

On the playoff implications of the game:
“It’s over now. You can’t worry about it now. They get the tiebreaker. We move on to the next game. That’s how you have to look at it.”

On the difference between the first and second half:
“In the first half, we kept our turnovers down. Both teams kept their turnovers down, for the most part. They were able to get some baskets off of our turnovers. We got a couple baskets. We just didn’t force any turnovers. They were able to get to the free throw line. That was the game right there.”