Thursday, March 29, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 93, Portland 99

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On what he takes away from the game:
"You look at the guys effort, the way we fought, the way we hung in there all night. We had a bad stretch in the third gave up some layups and costly threes but our guys just fought the whole night. We did a lot of stuff that may have been exhaustion. We couldnt get into our offense tonight in the second half. They put so much pressure on Greivis, he wasnt able to get the ball down the floor in a timely manner. But again, our guys fought thats all you can ask. You got eight guys going up against a talented team and it goes down to the wire, theres not much you can say about your team. We had a chance to win and we just didnt pull it out when we needed it."

On where Portland was able to take advantage of their short bench:
"They hit seven threes in the first half. Any time you play good defense and you give up a three-point shot, its a bit of a dagger. Our guys were scrambling. We had guys out there like Chris Johnson and Lance who are still trying to figure out what we do on defense. Marco was outstanding again. He just plays the right way. And hes playing hurtthats the thing I love about him. All the guys around the league sitting out because of their bumps and bruises, and that kid is just playing."

On Jarrett Jacks injury:
"It surprised me too. I found out right before the game. It really caught me off guard. I shut him down he was going to try to play, but his ankle was swollen. I just cant do that. When a guy is trying to play hurt that just says a lot about his character, but I just told the trainers to shut it down."

On when it happened:
"He has no idea. It swoll up on him earlier today, and he was going to go. He went through warm-ups and he was limping. The coaches came in and said he didnt look good, so I just said forget it. Theres no need to make a guy try to play on a bum ankle."

Trail Blazers Post Game Quotes

Interim Head Coach Kaleb Canales

"In terms of what we want to accomplish as a team going forward, I thought the third and fourth quarter defensively thats where the game was won tonight."

On Babbitt tonight:
"Lukes been working his tail off at practice. Im happy for him, that hes getting the opportunity to play but weve always believed in Luke. He really helped us with his shooting but I thought defensively, he made the right reads and the right rotations tonight."

On Crawford continuing to struggle with shot:
"I continue to say it we believe Jamals next shot is going in as a staff and as a team. I felt in the first half, he got to the line twice. Again, wed like to see him be aggressive and get there so every shot is not a tough shot. We have to do a better job as a staff to get him in those positions."

"I think tonight he had some clean looks but when it comes to shooters, its about rhythm. I feel that if he gets to the free throw line and hes being aggressive, that will continue to build his rhythm."

What was halftime message?
"That we needed to play defense. Coach Monty and his staff do a tremendous job, those guys are going to play hard every single night. They did they came out with a 27 point first, a 27 point second. So at halftime we talked about it in terms of we needed to stay committed to the defensive end of the floor."

On Aldridge:
"I thought LaMarcus had a great game. From a stat perspective 25 and 12, hes our all-star, hes our go-to player down the stretch. The thing with LaMarcus is hes growing and improving and hes making basketball plays. His reads from the post- he just keeps getting better."

On New Orleans playing short handed:
"Its an NBA basketball game. Theres no concern in terms of who we were playing. Were trying to control what we can control and thats our defense and rebounding out there. Like I mentioned, if youve seen the Hornets play throughout the year, Coach Monty has those guys ready to play every single night hard, together. They showed that tonight."

Trail Blazers Forward J.J. Hickson

On play tonight:
"Personally, I think I played great. I got to rebound the ball a bit better because thats what our team needs a guy who can get 10 plus rebounds a night. I think Im that guy. As far a team effort- I think we played great. The first half, we came out a little slow but in the second half, in the third quarter they scored 18, 19 points something like that. And in the fourth quarter they scored 23 points. We did our job in holding them to a thirty point quarter in both quarters of the second half."

Did coach say anything about bigger role tonight?
"Naw, he just told me to be ready to play. I think he knows that I approach every game the same whether Im starting or coming off the bench or if Im playing a lot of minutes or if Im playing not so many minutes. All he has to tell me is to be ready and I came out ready and we got the win."

On playing in Portland:
"Im having a lot of fun. The crowd is definitely our sixth man. They definitely helped us get this win tonight. Its a fun city. It rains a lot, but other than that its a great city."

Trail Blazers Forward Nicolas Batum

On defense tonight:
"I think we won the defense from our defense. We didnt play good defense in the first half. In the second half, we just had to rebound, keep it at one chance every time, steal the ball and give us some fast break points."

On Babbitt:
"Thats huge. Its huge...If he can come in - we know hes a great shooter - so if he can come in on the court, he can spread the court for us. What he did tonight was great."

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