Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 102, Golden State 87

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the game:
"Marco [Belinelli] and Jarrett [Jack] were outstanding tonight shooting the ball, getting guys involved. Sometimes I forgot we had one guy on the D-League, and one guy just got released and it really looks good and feels good when guys go out there and play the right away and you get the win."

On the offense tonight:
"I think we were better offensively than defensively tonight. They [Warriors] missed a lot of shots because they played last night, and a lot of their shots were long or off the rim. That doesnt mean we didnt play good defense, but we havent shot the ball like that in a game. Jarrett [Jack] started knocking them down early, Marco [Belinelli] made some shots tonight. We need our defense to be at a high level to win games, but sometimes our offense overshadows that because we are making shots that we dont normally make. The goal is to keep it going."

On predicting the outcome of the game:
"Im always guessing who is going to step up tonight. I always know we are going to play hard, but you never know where youre going to get point reduction. Al-Farouq [Aminu] was pretty good tonight even though he didnt score a lot, but you never know outside of Jarrett [Jack], you never know who is going to give us that scoring punch with us having so many guys out."

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On limiting turnovers tonight:
"Coming off the game in L.A., I was just really mad at myself. I didnt think I set a good tempo or a good pace for the game which didnt allow for my team to put ourselves in a positive position at the end. I really wanted to come in with a concerted effort tonight to take care of the basketball. Typically when I do it, the team follows my lead. Tonight, I think we had nine turnovers and I almost finished the game with none, but I got that one at the last minute and thats why at the end I was trying so desperately to scramble and grab the ball, but we were still able to come out with the win."

On execution:
"We definitely had a better rhythm, a better flow to our game offensively. We still have some stuff defensively that wed like to clean up. We werent rotating and reacting in a timely manner as we would have liked and as we all know, Golden State is a team where if you give them an inch thats all they need whether its driving to the basket or knocking down perimeter shots."

On playing for a full 48 minutes:
"Obviously, they didnt play their best basketball. A lot of the shots that they missed are shots they normally make. Its hard to say. We just tried to go out there and play hard for 48 minutes and like Coach said, if you do that you can sleep well at night. Sometimes it doesnt manufacture a win or the result you would like, but if you go out there and give it all you got for 48, minutes you can sleep well at night."

Hornets Guard Greivis Vasquez

On bouncing back after the loss to the Clippers:
"Against the Clippers, that was the worst game of the year. We werent ourselves. We werent aggressive, we werent intense and they beat us badly. Tonight we responded really well. Golden State beat us really bad when we played them at home and we came back here and got a great win. Marco [Belinelli] played extremely well, Jarrett Jack played well, all the guys off the bench keeping the lead and playing with energy, thats what the team is all about. Wins like this are going to keep us motivated. The future is going to be bright for us. Eventually well be in the playoffs and this will help us play the right way."

On the improvement in his game in his second year:
"I played with Memphis last year and I got to taste the success of being in the playoffs and beating San Antonio. Now, Im in a different position. Were a team in progress, thats clear, but Im getting the chance to develop myself and I think thats the way you learn. You learn by playing and Im playing minutes, playing crucial minutes. Im happy Im getting better. My numbers are up from last year and I just want to continue and improve."

Warriors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Mark Jackson

On tonight's game:
"I think this (one) is more on us. You come into the game understanding that they are missing probably four of their best players, but have guys that are more than capable of playing well. You know Jarrett Jack was going to be aggressive, knowing Carl Landry was going to be aggressive and we didnt respond. Thought it was huge. We lost the game in the 2nd quarter. When you give up 30 points in the 2nd quarter, when you allow them uncontested shots it was very uncharacteristic of the way weve played. That was not who we are."

On talking to the team after the game:
"There is a way to lose, believe it or not. Playing in this league I understand that, I know you are not going to win every game. Certainly tonight wasnt the way to lose. I understand back-to-back nights, I understand a battle against the Lakers with a tough loss, but where we are headed - teams respond by taking care of their business and taking out that tough loss on a team that we are better than. We didnt do that. Well learn, but we had to talk about it."

Warriors Forward David Lee

On the team's overall performance tonight:
"It was a terrible game by our team all the way around. They were the aggressors from the start. They hit shots, we didnt hit shots. Our intensity wasnt there on either end and its a real disappointment. I [compare] this to the Memphis game on the road, the Houston game on the road and a couple of games this season. Its going to be tough to sleep after a loss like this just because our effort wasnt there. Our execution and our [lack of] effort was why we got outplayed tonight."

On whether they overlooked New Orleans:
"No, no such thing looking overlooking a team when youre the third worst team in the West. Theres no such thing as overlooking a team. We dont have that luxury. We just didnt play well tonight. Thats all there is to it."

On what Mark Jackson mentioned after the game:
"He was upset, as we all are, that we were able to give such good effort last night and almost pulled a victory out against a great basketball team and tonight against a team thats not as good as the Lakers to come in and to get outplayed, especially with a lot of their best guys missing. It was very frustrating for the coaching staff and for the players."

Warriors Forward Richard Jefferson

On not being able to compete in tonight's game:
"I said to [Mickell] Gladness, You have to pick one of your games. Youre going to be an offensive team or a defensive team but youve got to do it well. Tonight we didnt do either well. We didnt defend the ball very well, we didnt run our offense very well. We just thought that we could come out here and play hard. The best teams in this league execute on a night-in, night-out basis. The great teams execute on both ends of the floor, not just one. You look at the Phoenix Suns. For so many years they were a great offensive team. They were going to outscore you and do a lot of things, but on the defensive end they struggled. They still executed on one end of the floor and they were able to get 60 wins. So you have to pick one or both if you want to be a great team and we did neither."

On looking forward to playing against New Jersey:
"We have a young team and we have an inexperienced team as far as, I wont necessarily say playoff experience, but as far as what it takes to get there and what it takes on a night-in, night-out basis. You have to lead by example and you have to try to speak to everyone in a positive way and hope that everyone is learning. Because obviously as a collective group, and I say we because Im a part of this, it hasnt been working. So any guy thats been here a year or more, including myself after this summer, we have to be held accountable for everything that goes on. If a team isnt making the playoffs, if a team isnt working a certain amount of games, it has to be looked upon as What can I do differently? Because sometimes its not more, sometimes its people doing less: sharing the ball, playing better defense. David [Lee] has been playing great and weve had other guys playing great but weve got to find out a way to do more. Because its not about talent, we have talent to win. Tonight we went out and didnt play well against a team that doesnt have four of their five best players and they just manhandled us. So its not about talent. Its about effort, its about focus, its about execution."

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