03/27/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Lakers

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 84, Los Angeles 102

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the Hornet’s performance in the first quarter:
"They’re defending champs. They came out with their length and they were attacking the basket. We didn’t come out with that fire that we came out with in Phoenix [Suns] and Utah [Jazz]. I just thought we, for whatever reason waited until the second half; kind of played with a bit of an edge, and I thought they had a lot to do with that."

On if his team settled a bit early:
“A little bit, when you have two towers down there it’s hard to establish, 6’8” and 6’10”. I thought our spacing was a bit jacked up early in the game. I thought the second half we were a lot better and we got some open shots, but Marco [Belinelli] was 4 for 16. Most of our guards tonight didn’t shoot it well. I just thought they got timely offensive rebounds and some of our turnovers …I thought Matt Barnes got a big offensive rebound off of a free throw when we were making a run.”

On his team’s overall performance tonight:
“We lost. I can find all kinds of positive stuff to say but the bottom line is we lost. We didn’t play our style until late in the second half.”

On Carl Landry’s stepping up tonight:
“He’s playing well. He’s drawing a double team he has to learn how to pass out of it. If we can get him the ball, just knocking down his jump shot, it helps his game.”

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On tonight’s loss:
“It was just timing I think. If you look at the box score it was pretty much even. They made more shots than us, but it was timely turnovers on our part, and timely baskets on their part. When we made a run, Andrew [Bynum] hit a few shots, then Kobe hit a few.”

On if he would like to face a particular team in the playoffs:
“We’ve just got to get in. I don’t care. When it gets to the playoffs anything can happen, it’s a whole [new] ball game. You’ve got to beat a team four times. I feel like we’ve just got to get into the playoffs. I don’t think many teams want to play us.”

On how his team’s mindset has changed since losing David West:
“Keep competing. It’s the NBA, when you lose a guy like [David] West, it’s going to be by committee. Other guys have to step up, make shots, make plays, and we have guys that are capable of doing that.”

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On matching up against the Lakers:
“I can talk about it but they just have so many options…If you take something away they have something else to use. [Their length was difficult] for us.”

On the advantage the Lakers had tonight other than their length:
“Well, they have the best player in the world on their team. That helps a lot. And they have another really, really, really good player over there in Pau Gasol, and they have another 7-footer. They just have a lot of talent over there. For some reason we just haven’t figured out how to get over the hump against them.”

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
On how the Lakers pulled away:
“I think there was just a period of time where we just missed shots. From then it was just trying to play catch-up. We just missed a lot of shots. They’re a very long team.”

Hornets Forward Carl Landry
On if the Lakers length bothered his team’s offense tonight:
“On a couple of my shots [their length bothered me]. They’re the tallest team in the league. They’ve got two 7-footers down there, and sometimes they play big with Lamar at the [small forward], so they’re really long. But you’ve just got to make powerful moves, strong moves and work on finishing with touch around the hoop.”

On how the Lakers fended off his team’s comeback attempt:
“They went on a run. We had our run too, but we made some key turnovers and they just went on a run at the right time.”

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On the Lakers offense tonight:
“We had some things going okay for us. Kobe and Pau obviously scored, but I think we did some good things moving the ball.”

On the Lakers bench play:
“I wasn’t happy with the end of the third quarter and some of the second quarter. They had open shots, they worked the ball the right way, and Shannon had some good looks. They just didn’t go down.”

On Andrew Bynum’s aggressiveness down low:
“Andrew has came back to play aggressively. He’s thrown out any kind of concern he has with health issues and is just going out and playing.”

On what he wants to see from the Lakers in the last ten games:
“I think we have to get some guys shooting well and get some rhythm. We have to get some rhythm on offense. Defensively, we’re doing some things that are pretty good, but I thought [Carl] Landry hurt us tonight in the post…There is some work we have to do in that area.”

On if he would still be fearful of the Hornets in the playoffs considering the Lakers swept them in the regular season:
“’Fearful’ is a word that I wouldn’t say. Concerned, yes. They have a general out there with the ball in his hands that’s very capable of controlling the game. We had [Carl] Landry hit us up for some points in a row, and then [Emeka] Okafor got going and dominated the boards, I thought. He’s a really aggressive offensive board guy. And they got us in foul trouble, which is always an issue if our bigs are in foul trouble.”

On Kobe’s recent increase in scoring:
“He’s been very aggressive offensively. He’s also playing a little more minutes than he’s played earlier in the season. I’ve played him some more minutes as he’s coming back off this injury. He’s not getting a lot of practice time, so he’s using his time out there on the court to really get himself ready as we go down the stretch.”

Lakers Forward-Center Pau Gasol
On what the team’s expectations are for the remainder of the season:
“Just to continue to play hard, play together, win as many as we can, finish with the best record we can, and get ourselves mentally and physically ready for the playoffs.”

On if the upcoming game against Dallas will be of ‘playoff like’ intensity:
“I think we have a couple of those coming in these 9 games we have left so it will definitely be an exciting game and it’s one we want to make sure we win.”

On if the team has peaked:
“I think we have our spurts where we play very well—we have our times that we don’t play as well but we still manage to win.”

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant
On what the team’s expectations are for the remainder of the season:

“Just continue to work on things we need to work on, sharpen up some things, and stay healthy. Our mental mistakes on defense. There are a couple of things that we need to do.”

On if the upcoming game against Dallas will be of ‘playoff like’ intensity:
“It will be. I’m sure it will be intense and [we’re] looking forward to it.”

On losing a big lead:

“It’s disappointing when you blow a big lead but the key is we’re able to regroup and push it back up again."

When questioned if the team needs ‘killer instinct’:

“No, it’s there.”

Lakers Center Andrew Bynum
On his performance in tonight’s game:
“I did the best I could with the minutes I was provided, and I went out there in the fourth and got something accomplished.”

On the remaining games in the regular season:
“Just, you know, victories. And the way we win is what’s important. We need to win with a big gap in between us, play good defense, and that’s it.”

On if the upcoming game against Dallas will be of ‘playoff like’ intensity:

“It definitely will be. We want to secure our spots and that game will pretty much do that for us.”

On how they went 4-0 in games against the Hornet’s this season:
“Size differences was usually it. I mean, even though they got a lot of offensive rebounds tonight. Normally, Pau and I have a good night out and Kobe’s Kobe.”

Lakers Guard Shannon Brown
On his dunk:
“Yeah, you know it was instinctual. Something told me to switch hands, I’d seen him chasing me down, and that’s what I did, I switched hands and it ended up happening like that.”

On the remaining regular season games:
“We just have got to continue to get better. We want home court advantage, that’s what we’re striving to get. But we’ve just got to continue to get better, just got to continue to gel, especially that second unit.”

On Thursday’s game against Dallas:
“We know Dallas plays us tough every time, we know they’re a good team, we know what they’ve been doing this season. They’re just part of us getting better, maturing until the playoffs come.”


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