Monday, March 26, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 85, Los Angeles 97

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On tonights loss:
We had 29 turnovers for 35 points. Youre never going to win playing like that. Our point guards had a number of them but it was everybody. They were physical with us and it certainly took us out of our offense. We won the rebounding game, we won the free throw game but when you turn the ball over like that you cant really expect anything else.

On missing [Chris] Kaman and [Jason] Smith:
We didnt have their scoring or their rebounding or energy. Their guys were pushing our guys around a little bit but I thought Lance [Thomas] played strong and fought all night long.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza

On the difference between Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant:
Chris is more of a point guard and gets people involved and Kobe [Bryant] is a cold blooded killer when it comes to scoring the basketball. They both want to win and they both have the competitive spirit.

On the hard foul from Blake Griffin:
It was a hard foul. Youre not supposed to give easy baskets or layups and that is what he was doing.

On the team after Chris Pauls departure:
He was here for a long time. He was the heart and soul of this team for so long and for someone like that to leave the team or city it kind of changes the motivation. As far as our team, we have been cool but just fighting a lot of injuries. We havent been getting our heads kicked in every game, we work hard, play hard, and do the best we can.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On tonights loss:
I put a lot of it on my shoulders. I didnt do a good job of setting a good tempo for the game. I am not really happy with the way I played, but the best part about that is we have another one in a couple days.

On tying the game up and then watching the score get away again:
Part of our bad start was not handling the ball correctly, turning it over you cant really get into a rhythm when your playing like that.

Clippers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

On the play of the Clippers:
We got off to a very good start. I thought our energy was very good. I thought our rotationsespecially with DeAndre [Jordan] and Blake [Griffin]were better tonight. It was good not to play those guys too many minutes tonight.

On DeAndre Jordans play tonight:
DeAndre [Jordan] was very active early, which gave us a huge boost. I think DeAndre set the tone for us at the defensive end for sure, and we got him a few offensive plays as well. DeAndres energy tonight was infectious for the team, and everyone fed off that, which is great.

On Blake Griffins flagrant foul:
The game was very physical. The game [in New Orleans] was very physical, and I think the guys responded well. Blake came down was trying not to give them a three-point play. He tried to go straight up, which we work on. But I thought it was a good foul. Ill have to look at it since it happened very fast. There was no intent to hurt anybody.

On the momentum shifts in tonights game:
Its a game of runs and we just got off to a hot start. We had them down pretty well and then we turned it over a couple of times on the break trying to make the spectacular play instead of the easy play. A twelve-point lead can go down to six or seven. It happens quickly.

Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan

On back-to-back wins:
We get the leads when we come out with defensive intensity and our offense is clicking. A lot of our points we get off of defense and in transition and Chris [Paul] being able to find guys. We have to keep playing defense and that will help us a lot.

Clippers Guard Chris Paul

On tonights game:
We had a lot of fun just because we won. I could care less who the opponent was. We needed this win. Were here at home for five straight games. Its not about who were playing against. I am far passed that. It is about us getting wins right now because were playing a lot right now.

On what has improved:
Defense. We trust in each other a little bit more. Our rotations have been a lot better in these last two games and were going to see how it continues.

On playing against his former team:
My connection to the city will always be there. I am one of those people that when you throw the ball up, the other team is what it is. Hopefully, those little instances dont overshadow the game. At the end of the day it is all about wins and losses.

On the aggressive play of opponents:
Hopefully the thing that we learned is that were not good enough to just go in and teams are going to lay down. They see Blake [Griffin] on the Top 10 every night. The dunks and stuff are not going to come easy for him.

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