Thursday, March 24, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 121, Utah 117 OT

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the game:
Shout out, props, whatever you want to call it to Aaron Gray. He didnt play the whole first half, comes out in the second half, dominates on the boards, keeps those guys from getting offensive rebounds and then he knocks down free throws when no one expected him to knock down free throws. He was the difference tonight. We hit some shots. Chris [Paul] was great. Trevor [Ariza] was efficient. I thought Jarrett [Jack] brought some juice tonight. And David [West] was phenomenal before he got injured.

On role of Aaron Gray:
Well thats what he does. Hes so big, he gives the guards a chance to get to the basket. He takes up a lot of space. Hes stepped up and played every time Ive put him in the game. Hes been efficient for us, hes been productive. To do that on this floor, in a game where I felt like we didnt get any calls that meant anything tonight especially from a offensive rebound standpoint for them. Our guys played through it and we got a win.

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
On the last second shot to force overtime:
All we had was a desperation play. I saw Chris [Paul] down there and I new [Aaron Gray] was going to try to get it to him. The ball went up and in the mix I saw Chris [Paul] jump, saw the ball bounce and all theres time for is touch and go. I just looked at the rim, just to get an idea of where Im at and let it go.

On David Wests injury:
That was a real scary moment. Hes a great player and a great person and whenever you see a teammate go down like that you just pray for the best. I didnt even see what happen. I saw him get a dunk and I didnt even notice. Coming back on defense and I saw Jarrett [Jack] running back and thats when I saw he was still down and you could tell he was pretty hurt.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the last play in the fourth quarter:
I saw they had Earl Watson on me and I told coach I was going to go down court, just hopefully [Aaron Gray] could throw it up in the air and I could jump up and try and score. I jumped and I got undercut, you know what I mean? I didnt even see what happened. I didnt know till a couple seconds ago that [Emeka Okafor] was the one that hit the shot. No, I was too mad with the fact that I got put on the floor.

On David Wests injury:
No I didnt see it. You know when you lose somebody like D. West its devastating because thats our guy. Hes our go to guy. But if anybody can bounce back from it its D. West. Were praying for him and hes going to be alright.

Jazz Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Tyrone Corbin
On the game:
Its a tough loss. The guys had a great chance to win the ballgame. I probably should have told Paul (Millsap) to miss a free throw at the end of the ballgame because they had no timeouts left with only one-point-something seconds left, but (New Orleans) made a tough shot to send it to overtime and they won the game. This league though, guys make spectacular plays, and they did that tonight. I take responsibility for that, I probably should have had him just miss the free throw.

On Paul Millsaps play:
Hes been a pro about (the recent changes with the team). Hes come out, were undermanned, but he hasnt complained about anything. Hes picked up the slack and played hard on both ends of the floor.

Jazz Forward Paul Millsap
On final free throws in regulation:
You know basketball I.Q. I should have known the situation, I actually knew the situation. I probably should have missed it.

On trying to get team another victory:
Everybody working hard. Nobody wants to lose. It just happen guy hit a tough shot to put it into overtime. They just had more energy then we did at the end.

Jazz Center Al Jefferson
On the game:
Honestly it is frustrating but at the same time Im upset that we lost but overall it was just meant for them to win the game if you just think about it. We could point to things, we could have done this different or done this different, but at the end of the game that was a heck of a shot he made.

On Millsaps game tonight:
Yeah, that was why it was tough for us when he was out. Hes a big piece for us on this team and him going the way he was going tonight helps the team and makes everybody around him better and Im happy to have him back.

Jazz Forward C.J. Miles
On the game:
It was tough. We had a slow start but we got back in the game and fought and fought and had a chance to where we were up with a few second left and Emeka (Okafor) hits that shot. I bet he would even say it was a lucky shot, but it got them to overtime and they made some plays down the stretch.

On what he thought when Okafors last second shot went in:
I couldnt believe it went in, and it happened so fast like the tip and he just turned around and kind of just threw it up there and hit the glass. I thought for sure when it was headed for the glass that it wasnt going in then it was kind of like shock, like I couldnt believe it and then it was like well get ready for the next five minutes, you gotta play.

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