Thursday, March 22, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 97, Los Angeles 90

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the game:
It was a good showing for our fans. This is the kind of atmosphere we love to play in front of so I hope they understand how important they are to our team. When you play in that kind of atmosphere on a regular basis its not shocking to you, and I think our guys were a bit in awe when they came out and saw all the white towels on the chairs and the whole atmosphere kid of gave a playoff feel. I thought the first quarter we were a little starstruck. We never give up 35 points in one quarter, and I thought our defense was a bit shabby to start but we definitely fed off of our home crowd tonight. Again, I just hope they realize how important they are to us.

On the physicality matching between the teams:
They pushed us around a lot tonight. Although we had some silly fouls late, I understand why. When you are getting pushed around like that and you see guys flying and dunking the ball on offensive rebounds it certainly gets to you a little bit. Although we certainly dont teach or condone the flagrant fouls, I do understand in the heat of the moment things happen. We realized that we had to play a certain way and part of our defensive style is to not give up easy baskets and make people run through our chests.

Hornets Center Chris Kaman

On playing better after the first quarter:
The first quarter I thought we struggled. Period. Our offense was going, but defensively, we let (them score) thirty something points. Thats just not what we do. I thought that from there over the last three quarters, I thought that we did a great job.

On what the team did to stop the outside shots of the Clippers:
I think that early on what they were hurting us with was Chris Paul with the pick and roll. Our bigs were kind of back, including myself. We tried to push up a little bit and make them try to turn the corner a little bit more and we were able to slow down their penetration. (After that) not as many people had the help and the three pointer guys can stay on their guy.

On playing his former team:
Its another game for us, but it was good to see some of the people that I havent seen in a while. Im just glad that we got a win, whether it was against the Clippers or whoever it is.

On how to keep the momentum going:
We just have to keep moving forward. Weve got guys coming back off of injury. I think Carl (Landry) is going to be playing. Im not sure. I dont know what is going to happen with Jason (Smith) with the whole fragrant thing, but Im just excited to play another game. Im happy to be able to play out here.

Clippers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Vinny Del Negro

On the loss:
It wasnt the fourth quarter. I thought that it started in the third quarter when we were fouling too much. We gave them 34 free throws. Weve got a lot more field goal attempts than they do. We just kept fouling. They controlled the free throw line and got the rhythm. We were missing shots. I just thought that we didnt play real smart, especially with the foul situation. I thought that they controlled that. Then it came down to where they executed a couple of things down the stretch. I thought that our energy level in the first half was good; our defense obviously wasnt good enough. We were a step slow again. We had our moments, but not as consistent (as it needed to be to win.) Weve got to keep battling and keep fighting. We cant feel sorry and we cant make excuses. We were taking too many plays off. We cant always try to make the home run play instead of the smart, solid play."

On Blake Griffins status:
Hell get an MRI and the doctors will look at it.

On the teams struggles:
We didnt shoot the ball well enough (tonight). I guess when we fouled too much, they got the rhythm. (Xavier) Henry hurt us a little bit with his shots. Overall, I thought that sometimes our effort was really good, but we took too many plays off defensively. We didnt execute down the stretch offensively. We struggled in the fourth quarter to score. You cant rely more on your offense. You have to rely more on your defense.

Clippers Forward Blake Griffin

On the game:
Were still behind him [Coach Del Negro]. Its not him. Its on us. Its on me. I have to find a way. We have to find a way to put the fun back in it like we had in the first however many games when we were just going out and playing. It didnt matter if we were coming off three games in a row. It didnt matter how many games in how many days. We just came out, played hard and won. Now, our schedule has been tough, but Im not worried about that. Everybodys played our schedule. This team is close. It might not always look like it, but were still close. Weve just hit a rough patch. Weve still got it.

Clippers Guard Chris Paul

On the game:
It was good to see everybody, but for our team, it was a business trip. Weve been struggling. We were playing for two different things tonight. It was all about getting a win. I mean, we need a win to see what it feels like. We lost. It is what it is. We just didnt make shots.

On the video tribute:
Im so tuned into the game that I cant really get into it. But, Im greatly appreciative. This is my first home and these people are like my family.

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