Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 92, Golden State 101

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the way they played against the three:
I am not pleased. I think when you make that many three point shots you put yourself at an advantage, and they did that. Normally, I sit up here and talk about what we didnt do, but they took us out of a lot tonight. Its confusing; we play the way we play in Jersey, come home and have two great days of practice, and I just didnt think as a team we competed tonight. That usually doesnt happen with this team, but we didnt compete tonight. I thought Jarrett [Jack] had a lot of spirit tonight. I thought Jason [Smith] had a lot of spirit tonight, but outside of that you pick and choose trying to find guys who were playing exceptionally hard tonight, which is what we have to do. I thought we looked like a team who has won 10 games in a row and is headed to the playoffs. We had a bit of a coast tonight and they [Golden State] had a lot to do with that. Any time you have a young guy like [Klay] Thompson, outside of Jarrett [Jack] I thought he was the best player on the court tonight and that cant happen. You cant allow a young guy like that to get into his rhythm and not have somebody step up and take him out of it."

On the stats:
We only had 14 free throws, we had zero in the first half. That shows you that the effort was not there to attack the basket and understand the situation. We were settling for jump shots. Then when we did go to the basket, I dont know how many shots we missed in the paint, but we were 30-for-50. You should be able to make more shots in the paint than that. Its something that we have dealt with all year, playing well one game, win a game then come home and have trouble, or compete against a really good team and then have trouble. Its something we have to get better at. I did see some growth in X [Xavier Henry], he attacked and got to the basket. Defensively, I just thought that was not a great example of how we have to defend.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On his first triple-double:
It is what it is. It did not contribute to a win, but its cool. Dont get me wrong, obviously; it is an accomplishment. We did not win. It was a game that I felt we had control of early and allowed them to get their momentum early. Once they get into an offensive rhythm, they are pretty tough to stop. They play small ball and kind of make you play at their pace, in their sense, if they are making shots. And we were not, so its cool, but we did not win.

On carrying the momentum from the win at New Jersey:
It was very discouraging. I thought from the jump; we had a pace to the game that would allow us to put them away or be in a position to win the game in the end. We had a great start to the first quarter, a little bit of a low in the second quarter. The third quarter came and we just did not find what was necessary (to win). We have to have that fire and everyone has to be ready to come out and contribute.

Warriors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Mark Jackson

On the sign that the warriors have not given up:
It was just a great job of responding. We came on the road and we took care of the basketball, we shared the basketball, and we were disciplined defensively after a tough first half where they dominated in the paint early. We got great effort from guys all across the board. Our young guys in Jeremy Tyler and Charles Jenkins did a great job of giving quality minutes and this is a big win for us.

On what the team is building during the year:
Toughness. Anybody can high five and hug, and say the right things, and keep unity within the locker room when youre rolling as a team. The true test of a team is when you face adversity and when youre under-manned and going through tough times. Do you begin to point the finger or do you grow? And clearly, this is a team that is growing. Im proud of them. There have been some bumps in the road, but Im proud of them.

On the play of Klay Thompson:
Hes a heck of a player, and hes going to be that for a long time. We love and respect Monta Ellis. Part of the reason that made the trade easier is because we had a guy behind him who was ready to play and perform. Hes (Thompson) a special shooter, and hes a guy that competes and defends. He has learned to put the ball on the floor and make plays. Hes unselfish, which is indicated by his career-high tying assists level tonight. Hes just going to be a heck of a player, and hes getting better.

Warriors Forward Richard Jefferson

On the game:
We were shooting the ball well and we shared it. It was good. Im still trying to figure out my way through this offense. The only shots I got are my patented corner threes, and fortunately they fell for me in the fourth quarter to help open things up.

Warriors Forward David Lee

On the play of Klay Thompson:
I think hes doing a great job. Hes continuing to take good shots, which is most important, and hes getting better at finding guys when hes getting double teamed. He did an unbelievable job tonight. His ability to shoot the ball makes him special. Hes one of the best spot up shooters and catch and shoot shooters in the league right now. Add the feel for the game that he has, and that makes him very difficult to guard.

On the game:
We shot the ball well from beyond the three. I thought we did a pretty good job of switching up between man and zone tonight to keep them a little off balance. We were able to make a couple of runs there in the fourth quarter to pull away. I thought it was a hard fought game and we were just happy to get a road win. We needed a win. I dont care who it was against, at home or on the road, we needed to get a win. This team fought hard for it tonight and we got it.

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