Saturday, March 10, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 95, Minnesota 89

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

"We made free throws down the stretch; I thought our execution was really decent tonight. I thought our emphasis on attacking the basket was a key for us in the 1st half. Even though Love had 31 points, I thought they were a hard 31. Chris fought Pekovic all night, we just had different guys give us minutes. Lance was pretty good with his minutes. Ayon's passing was incredible, Jarrett had 17 points on 7 shots, that's efficient and when we got into a little rut Grevis hits a big shot with the floater and then the young group kind of kept us in there until the older group came back in. I think that's going to be the way that we develop those young guys, they got to learn how to play in the those situations."

Vasquez off bench, did he turn the corner tonight?
"Maybe, that's the hope. I thought the shot he took, he hit a 3 tonight, I thought that floater signified that he was confident again in his stuff. He can make that shot and he's so much bigger than most guards that he has a bit of an advantage when he goes to the basket. I'm just happy to see his defense tonight against pick and rolls was a lot better. He got into the ball a little bit. We just made plays. Some of the stuff you draw up but for the most parts guys make plays."

What did Minnesota do to get back into the game?
"They hit a number of shots but we turned the ball over or missed layups. I thought we missed a couple of key layups, Lance missed one, Chief missed one and then they came down and hit a three, Ridnour got a three in transition and then Ellington got a three in the corner. That's what they do; they shoot the ball well and have a lot of young guys with active legs so you have to get back in transition. We weathered that, I didn't call a timeout and just kind of stayed with it and allowed our guys to play through it."

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On not making a field goal in the last three minutes of the game:
"Yea, I hesitated a bit on the one that they eventually called a turnover. I could have came off and shot it, but I was trying to go to the basket. But our defense held up for us in the end. We weren't able to score baskets but we got stops in the process and that's what carried us over."

On taking care of the ball:
"That's the name of the game. Typically, whoever wins the turnover battle, the rebound war and the assist game, typically wins the game and I think we did all of that except for the rebounds maybe. 2 out of those 3 categories give you a great chance to be successful."

Hornets Center Chris Kaman

On getting a big win on the last game of the road trip:
"Minnesota's been playing pretty solid. They're right there at the bottom of the playoff race and went back and forth. They've been playing pretty solid and we've been struggling a little bit, we've had a rough year and we just want to come out and play as hard as we can and tonight we came out, we had a full team effort, even our bench came in and really helped us tonight and just happy that we got out of here with a win."

On battling with Pekovic:
"I think there at the end he had those two easy ones when we tried to make sure they didn't shoot three pointers, you know he got a couple lay ups. But, he's really strong and that's his advantage, he's very powerful. He knows what his limitations are and he know how to utilize in what he has and his strength is to his advantage and he make s it tough on you because he really tried to wear you down and just slam-slam-slam-slam the whole game. You just got to try and play the angles and be ready for him and just keep a body on him at all times because he's definitely hunting for the ball; searching for those rebounds."

Timberwolves Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Rick Adelman

"This was just a disappointing game all the way around. I thought maybe it was the worst game in a long time defensively for us. There was no communication, ball watching and no playing as a team defensively and gave them a lot of easy opportunities. We can't play like that and win."

"We didn't have a lot of guys making shots either, but defensively it was the biggest thing especially in the first half and third quarter."

Was the news of Rubio being out for the season a reason for the poor game?
"I guess. You'll have to ask them (the players), but there is no reason for that. We are who we are and defensively that shouldn't be a factor. That's effort, communication and talking and trusting each other and it wasn't there tonight. It wasn't there at all."

"They got some baskets that were just uncalled for. It was like we reverted back to a long time ago and we're not going to get it done that way."

On tying the game 74-74 in the 4th quarter:
"We were lucky to get it tied up. We came back, but we should've taken care of it long before that. ... We can't afford to relax against anybody and they did a great job. Monty (Williams) had them playing well, they played together."

"We gave up 28 assists, and it was like seven different guys involved. It's not like one guy killing us it was the whole team. That just shouldn't happen."

On the possibility that the lack of communication was because of having different matchups on the floor:
"No. No, absolutely not. We've drilled enough ... you know who's responsibility it is, you can't use that as an excuse. ...They were beating us with breakdowns, it wasn't like they made a great play to get the basket. That's disturbing."

On two tough losses at home being tough way to start a long road trip:
"I guess so, yeah. But, we talked about it, if we're going to maintain and be near (the playoffs) we're going to have to win on the road. It makes no difference who we have, we have to win on the road and the first game is Phoenix. We have to respond. I told (the team)... we have to have a signature about this team a statement that we're going to play hard and if they beat you they beat you, but we have to come out with a lot better effort in Phoenix."

On playing without Ricky and JJ:
"Without Ricky and JJ, that's kind of where we are, we have to figure out how we're going to be efficient offensively in a different way. When we have those three guys, we can intermix them and we're okay, otherwise other guys have to figure out a way to be effective. I didn't think we were very good tonight, not when you get that many turnovers, not when it leads to that many points for the other team, that's like the start of the season all over again. We have to figure that out and it was just a disappointing game tonight."

Timberwolves Forward Kevin Love

On Ricky:
You know that we are going to miss Ricky the whole season. We definitely missed him tonight but people need to step up myself included. We shot poorly and played shady defense, and cannot give no energy. Yes, we miss Ricky but that was a horrible effort.

On the hangover of the bad news of Rubio:
That can be part of it but we cannot feel sorry for ourselves, we have to accept and move on. We are going to miss Ricky, we love having him, he's a good a kid and will come back as soon as possible. He is not going to be around this season, we have to move on and step up. Tonight is a game that we should have won.

On defensive rotations:
That was one of the worst defensive games we played all season. I'm 100% sure that coach touched on it. It's all the way around I know that we are capable of it and it comes down to effort. If we do not bring the effort, we are not going to win and make a playoff push. If we do not then we are going no where."

Timberwolves Forward Wayne Ellington

On the effort tonight:
"We did not have a lot effort tonight on the defensive floor. That's one thing that we have to pick up we all have to get out there and bring it. We all have to rebound, put a little more pressure on their guys and energy like I said before. That was a key for us tonight."

On the loss of Ricky effecting energy levels:
"You can say that, we had a game last night it was tough and we lost our guy but at the same time we have to play basketball."

On offensive rhythm:
"Tonight we did get a little bit stagnate, we did not move as much as we would like to and we have to pick it up. We have big road trip in front of us and a lot of opportunity to redeem ourselves."

Timberwolves Center Nikola Pekovic

On the first game with Ricky:
"It was a loss and it was a tough loss tonight. First game is going to be tough without Ricky. He is not going to be here until the end of the season, so everybody needs to step and do a little bit more."

On loss a bit of confidence:
"First I think it was a shock for everybody and to realize that he going to be out for several months. He brings a lot of things to the team and that's why people that get a chance need to step up and try to do the things that he is doing such as passing and scoring."

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