Friday, March 9, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 97, Denver 110

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On Denvers success in the paint late in the game:
Yeah, but it started with the first quarter, gave up 32 points in the first quarter. Thats not the kind of defense weve been playing. I didnt think that as a whole together as a team we brought the energy that was necessary to get through those runs that they made. They were playing in our paint, offensive rebounds and dunks. Obviously we have some guys out there that dont know what we do but some of the stuff that was happening was just simple basketball plays and we werent making them. Its been a long season for some of our guys. For the first time I saw that look on a few guys faces where they were just like not again. To me you cant give in to that. You have to withstand that and play this game that were blessed to play.

On if he sensed a feeling of defeat of frustration:
Both, I think its both. When you do the things that you can and look up at the scoreboard and doing everything you can and are still down by 8 and I thought we stayed in that 8 to 6 range for a while playing decent basketball but we were giving up so many easy baskets. Its nobodys fault we just need to cut the lead.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza

On the game getting away from the Hornets:
They started to make a run late in the third and they took off from there. They started hitting shots and Arron Afflalo got hot and they didnt look back.

On the Nuggets success in the paint:
Anytime a team scores a lot of points in the paint its never good. Thats what they do, they score a lot of points and our defense didnt do a good job of playing the way we normally played tonight.

Hornets Forward Lance Thomas

On playing aggressively tonight:
I just wanted to play hard when I had the opportunity to play big minutes. I wanted to make the most of it. Im not a 6 11 guy, so I have to be crafty with the way I finish. I tried to get into a guys chest and draw fouls. I dont know how many times I went to the free throw line, but I just attacked it and played as hard as I could.

On whether Denver was vulnerable inside:
I know against any guy that Im going to match up against I definitely have a quickness advantage. Sometimes it can be my worst enemy because Im that fast that I might travel or something. Finding that comfort zone where I can use it and still be effective is what Ive been working on. It helped me out tonight.

On Denver taking over the game:
They were making a lot of hustle plays. Every lose ball it seemed like they got. They were making big shots too. If there was second-chance shot, they would kick it out for a three and they gave us a bunch of daggers. The guys that were on the floor we didnt quit and we went hard all the way to the buzzer.

Nuggets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach George Karl

On if he saw the effort he expects from his players:
I still dont think we have a lot of defensive luck. We had a lot of possessions in the first half where we played 21 seconds of really good defense and then we would just break down and the ball would bounce away or they would make a great pass. It kind of broke our confidence. In the scramble for lose balls I didnt think we got a lot of them today. I thought the effort was great, defense was better. Arron [ Afflalo] offensively was really into the game and gave us a horse to ride open and Ty [Lawson] and Andre [Miller] just give you a lot of assists. They make good decisions and I thought Nene [Hilario] and Gallo [Danilo Gallinari] made a little step further and got better. Gallo in the second half was a little better. Obviously they have to start playing with a little more confidence and energy. Its a good win with 23 wins and four wins already in the month. I think were in a good place; we just have to play better now. The teams coming in here now are all playoff teams. I think there are going to be some good games and hopefully we can take the energy from tonight and move it into a better place on Sunday."

On how important the Nuggets effort was in tonights win over a 9-31 team:
Im much more worried about us than who we beat, how we beat them. Everybody said aw Cleveland this, but they [Cavaliers] just beat Oklahoma City tonight. I just dont see the things that people want to look at when they see the record. Sacramento, when we beat them the other night, Sacramento is playing in a better place then they have been playing in a while. No one wants to give them that credit but these are all great athletes on an NBA team that has capabilities. We should have beat Cleveland but again we arent playing with a full deck.

Nuggets Forward Corey Brewer

On David Thompsons attendance at the game:
It was just good to get a win, especially with David Thompson in the house. Its always good to do it in front of an old-school player.

On if it was important to get a definitive win:
Yeah, we needed this. We needed a real win. Weve been skating by a couple of games lately but we needed to get this home win, we needed to get this home crowd into it. To get a double-figure win is good.

On building off of this win for the rest of the home stand:
Yeah, thats what we were hoping for. Especially having Memphis coming in, they stole two games from us. Thats two tough losses so we need to get a big win.

On playing tougher opponents the rest of the home stand:
Yeah its going to get tough but were getting everyone back. Gallo is getting back. Nene is getting back so we feel like we have out whole team back. We just had to get some wins.

Nuggets Forward Kenneth Faried

On looking ahead to Memphis:
Very important, extremely important. We need the fans to come out and support us especially against Memphis. They are a gritty team. They rebound it and run just like us. They did steal one from us. We did a great job fighting back in the last game we played them but they just got the tip-in for the last shot but this time we are going to come out more prepared.

On the importance of a definitive win tonight:
Very important, we came into the gym yesterday and we worked. We worked hard, we played defense, we worked to get back to Nuggets basketball and Nuggets defense. We showed that tonight.

On playing bigger post players than him:
Im not worried about that. Yeah Im small but Im tough. Im gritty and I get the job done. I go in there rebounding, getting offensive put-backs and doing the little things that people dont want to do. Pretty much thats how were going to get the win.

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