Monday, March 5, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 74, Portland 86

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the third quarter:
We couldnt hit a shot. We scored 10 points in the third quarter. I thought we fought tonight, but I didnt see execution of the game plan. We went over all the stuff they did tonight, and we held them to 86 points, but we couldnt score. Offensively, their pressure just took us out of the box. We were at half court running offense tonight, and thats a credit to their defense. Those guys are playing hard for Nate. I dont understand why people are talking about division in their locker room. When those guys play that hard, theyre a pretty good team.

On if he was surprised by the outcome of the game:
A little bit, after the way we played at home. But this is two games in a row now where teams have pretty much taken us out. A lot of that goes on our guards. They have to be able to get us into offense. When we play against quicker guards, we seem to struggle as far as getting into offense and running our sets. It wasnt like they scored 125 points. They scored, but I just felt like we couldnt get anything done offensively tonight.

On if he is concerned by the way the last two games have gone:
The whole season would raise a red flag. Weve got D-League guys out there, and two young guys who have never been in this situation before. I think this is one of those situations where we have to stay the course, have a nice practice tomorrow, and try to come out Wednesday and play better.

Hornets Center Chris Kaman

On the outcome of the game:
Offensively the last few games weve kind of been struggling, figuring everything out, and its not easy. This Trail Blazers team does a good job. They put a lot of pressure on you. We didnt come out tonight and we didnt play the way were capable of playing. Obviously this is a good team and we havent beaten them yet this year, but weve had close games with them. This just wasnt a sign of what were capable of. As rough of a season as weve had, this is not who we are, even at this point.

On missing several key players:
Were missing so much. Coach has a lot of responsibility to be able to play everybody and get everybody time. Right now we cant control all of that stuff, so we just try to fight through and play. We just didnt have it tonight. It was just one of those nights.

On if the Trail Blazers did anything surprising:
I thought we did a good job on LaMarcus Aldridge early. I thought we did a good job on him the whole game. I thought we did a good job on our execution there. Some of our pick-and-roll stuff we struggled a little bit with, but ultimately we just couldnt score the basketball. Thats what it came down to, myself the main culprit. A lot of shots, its frustrating for me. I make those shots a lot, and they just werent going in."

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On the third quarter:
They did a good job of denying us, switching everything we were coming off, and we had a tough time getting into the offense.

Trail Blazers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Nate McMillan

On the importance of this win:
Well we needed it. We needed a win desperately. You drop your first three games coming off of the break and youre not playing well and youre about to go on a seven game road trip really important for us to get this win tonight against New Orleans and now try to build off of this win on the road.

We established ourselves, I thought, early. Defensively, we didnt give up easy baskets. I thought offensively, we got some movement. We forced some turnovers we didnt convert a lot of them but we did force some turnovers off of our defense and were able to establish both ends of the floor.

Assessing Feltons game:
I like the assist to turnover ratio 10 assists, 1 turnover, which is what were looking for from that position.

On Aldridge going without a free throw:
Part of the game plan was to get him on that free throw line. This is his third game that he goes without a free throw so hes got to work, we have to work to get him in that paint and get him to the free throw line.

Does it have more to do with Aldridge or what other teams are doing?
Its a little bit of both. Hes going to have to work a little harder to get deep into that post position but teams are double teaming pretty quick which is forcing him to have to pass some. But we have to get him the ball and get some sets to get him deep so that he is deep enough where the double team cant get to him as quickly."

On the importance of the upcoming road trip:
Very important, very important. Were 28 games remaining and Im thinking youre going to need around 38, 40 wins to get into this playoffs so very important.

We build off of this tonight. We know that weve got a lot of work to do and weve got a lot of improvement and well take this game and look at tape. Minnesota is a team that just really had our number - go out and get ready for them.

On playing Minnesota:
Hey, you should be fired up for that game. They came in here and just basically pounded us so we should be fired up for that game.

Trail Blazers Forward LaMarcus Aldridge

I was feeling fine, they came out early and double teamed me early. After I was double teamed so long, I just lost my rhythm but I found it later on in the game.

On the win:
Its big. Its a good start before we go out on this long, long road trip. So its definitely good momentum for going out on the road right now.

On what the team did well:
Defensively, we definitely had good weak side. I thought we handled pick and roll well tonight. Weve been talking about that for the last week about bigs being weak side, being there. Tonight we did it.

On the importance of the road trip:
We could come back and definitely be way below .500 so I think guys know that this road trip is big for us.

Are guys thinking about the trade deadline?
I dont sense none of that, I just know that were focused on trying to go out and win games.

On no free throws for the third straight game:
Teams are taking me out. But I havent had a clean post up in like three or four games so teams are trying to take me out and theyre trying to make us play somewhere else.

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