Sunday, February 27, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 89, Houston 91

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
I just thought we rested on the first half success. We have a term that we use in Portland that if you dont mess with the game the game will mess with you and I felt like we did that. We did stuff tonight that was uncharacteristic tonight of how weve been playing. 34 points in the second half, to me, thats just nonsense. And it comes down to running your offense hard and playing with a purpose. We just didnt get that kind of purposeful play tonight that we got in Minnesota against the Clippers, and take your hats off to them, they came out. I thought Chuck Hayes put his fingers in the game right from the start of the third quarter with offensive rebounds, finding guys, getting tough shots. They dont have a post-up game and they made 23 points tonight. That doesnt make sense.

On having pressure around the basket:
Well, its tough. When you put that much pressure on the rim, you dont guard the ball for more than one or two dribbles it puts a lot of pressure on your defense. It opens up the game. It started in the first half, and it opens up layup after layup. And we havent played that way."

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the turning point of the game:
It was the second half. It changed at the end of the third quarter. We missed a layup and they hit a three to close out the quarter. That took it from 15 to 10. At the start of the fourth quarter they were a lot more active than we were. On his offensive performance:
I couldnt make a shot. We still have to defend. We didnt defend the way we know we can in the second half.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On the difference in the second half:
They got stops and we didnt. Any loss is tough, but when youre up so much and then you lose it is tough. We had an opportunity on the 3rd quarter to step on them, but took the opportunity and came back. We didnt execute. I dont think it was anything that they did, Im not taking that away from them, but we didnt do what we were supposed to do.

Rockets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Rick Adelman
On the comeback win on the road:
We were playing back-to-back (games) and they (Hornets) took off on us in the second quarter and the first quarter. We came back in the third quarter and got it to ten (points behind) and we just kept grinding and made some shots and did a great job down the stretch. We did a great job.

On taking the lead with two minutes left in the game:
We were just pinning down. We were trying to get Courtney (Lee) coming off and Chuck (Hayes) saw his guy leave and he just instantly went to the basket and we had the ball in the right hands with Brad (Miller) cause he was looking for it. Its those type of plays, bang-bang, but the guy has to come off hard and the guy has to cut hard and you have to have a passer. The pass Chuck made to Brad was a terrific play and its just a game where the guys never quit and I couldnt be prouder of them.

On containing Chris Paul in the second half:
I thought we just started playing with a lot more resolve. That first half, we were frantic on offense; we were rushing things. It kind of opened up the game for them (Hornets), but the second half, we calmed down and took each possession, and they score 34 points in the second half. That is huge, because the first two times we played them, the fourth quarter was theirs.

Rockets Center Chuck Hayes
On the comeback win:
For us to be down 15 and fight and claw our way back, it just shows the growth of this team of how good we can be and how dangerous we can be.

On the play of the defense in the second half:
Everybody played great. Our defense was unbelievable in that second half.

Rockets Guard Kyle Lowry
On containing Chris Paul:
He just missed some shots. Hes a good player. He missed some shots that he usually makes. We just played hard.Hes an All-Star. There is not too many things you can do except contest him and hopes he misses shots.

On the play of Kevin Martin:
Kevin was the player of the game. He saved us.

On the play of Chase Budinger:
Chase is playing well. Tonight, he didnt have the kind of game that he could have had, but hes playing awesome.

On the team continuing to get better and playing hard:
We just have to play. We just have to go out there and know that were on our enemies territory and play.

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