Friday, February 25, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 95, Minnesota 81

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
"I thought it (effort) was energy and we just fought. I thought it started in the second quarter. When Quincy and Carl came into the game, they were out there like pit bulls making stuff happen slapping at balls and hitting people. In the third quarter even into the fourth quarter, I thought our defense stayed where it should be. We gave up 26 points in the first, after that they (Wolves) were in the teens with 20 in the fourth. It's the second game in a row we've held teams in the 80's and when we do that, we win games."

"I thought our guys did a good job fighting, some of that stuff I am crying for fouls. You can't tell me that Love isn't fouling a little bit. He is pushing and fighting a little bit. He is the best at what he does, but I thought our guys fought him tonight."

"Chris (Paul) was in command of the game which helped us a ton. We played defense and that's who we are."

"Carl (Landry) brought a physical presence. Love couldn't just have his way like he normally does. When he and Emeka get their wind up, they will be decent down low."

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On the big win after the previous two MIN games:
"I think it's a big win for us. They beat us pretty bad two times and I think in order for us to get where we want to get, I think we have to be prepared for everything and tonight was a good win for us."

Talk about Okafor, how important was it having him back?
"Very, very, very important. We can put more pressure on the wings now because we know somebody is back there to come over and ready to help and block some shots. With him back there is very key for us."

Talk about what Carl Landry brings:
"Carl is really really good player, especially on the low blocks or mid post. New Orleans fans will get to see how good he really is."

On the character of the team:
"I think that's how we've been all year. Most games, we hit hard sports and then we pushed through it."

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
You were getting inside. Was that the plan?
"Just trying to be aggressive, I think I've got my legs a little bit now. Playing without my brace I feel like I have a burst of speed here and there and I know it opens up everybody else when I 'm putting pressure on the defense."

Looking forward to this game?
"Most definitely, we've been looking forward to this game. That team over there has beaten us twice fairly easily so we knew we had to come out there. This was the only team we haven't beat this year other than the Lakers."

On the defense against MIN:
"It's tough to guard some of these quick guards like Luke Ridnour and Jonny Flynn and those guys. We had a great practice yesterday talking about defending and helping and we did that tonight."

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
First game back, how'd it feel?
"I would've like to have done better. I missed a lot of easy shots and I let guys get a lot of rebounds that they normally wouldn't have gotten. It's a cool start and we got the win."

Timberwolves Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Kurt Rambis
"I thought the Hornets came in here with something to prove. They were going to be physical. They were tired of losing to us. They came out and were very active, they were energetic, they were physical from the beginning of the ball game. They got off to a great start. Uncharacteristic of them, they hit a lot of outside shots."

"We did a lot of good things defensively, we just didn't finish it off with enough efforts that it takes to get stops early in the ball game. I thought we did a pretty good job after that defensive wise but we couldn't find a way to score. We had opportunities inside, outside. We didn't have enough scoring to keep ourselves in the ball game. Characteristically of who we have become as a team, we are turning the ball over too much.The differential of what we got off of their turnovers versus what they got off of ours, 14 points, there is the ball game. That is an area that has plagued us all year long and continues to cause us problems."

"From the very beginning of the ballgame, they were very physical. They got us back on our heels and we weren't prepared for that type of energy to start the ball game. The last couple of ball games, getting off to a good start has been a problem for us."

"We are working with Wes (Johnson) to kind of slow down. There are a lot of times where you can see how fast he shoots the basketball. There are other times where it is nice and methodical, more rhythmic, and that is when he is playing his best basketball. That is when he is shooting his best. He is a player that is going to be able to do a lot of things in the future all over the court. He has a lot to learn, and was never asked to do those thingseventually he will be a very versatile player that can do things from all over the floor, that can rebound, that can block shots, and score from a lot of different spots on the floor."

Timberwolves Forward Michael Beasley
"I don't know. They just wanted it more than us. They were more physical and executed their game plan to a T. Everybody had it going. I think we had a little discouraged in the first half and it just carried on."

On his struggles:
"I feel like I need to get back to the basics. I feel like I've been playing bad for a long time. I don't know, I just need to get back to the basics."

"For me personally, I honestly don't know what it is. I shoot the ball every day. They just aren't dropping right now. They haven't been for awhile. All we can do is keep working. Stay in the gym like I do. Just keep shooting. That's what we're paid to do."

Timberwolves Guard Luke Ridnour
"I can't speak for everyone, but I don't get numbed to losing. It's something that's irritating and annoying. We play this game to win games, and it's not something that I believe you can get numbed to."

On the team's struggles:
"I think we just start pressing when we don't hit shots. It's not fault to anyone. Guys just are trying to help the team, and sometimes it gets us into trouble. Some post feeds trying to get it into there and balls get knocked away. It's those little things, balls that bounce here and there that you don't get when you're losing and you have to turn around and get some to try and turn this thing around with not many games left."

Timberwolves Forward Kevin Love
On the team's struggles:
"We keep turning the ball over, the offense gets stagnant. It's a common theme. Eventually we're going to have to change something so the ball keeps moving. Last time we played them on the road, the ball moved great. We hit them up for great shots. Offense went great and defense went great, and the best thing we did was not turn the ball over."

"A little bit of both. We can't focus on four or five things. We just have to focus on a couple and let the other things focus on themselves. I think a lot of times we come into the huddle thinking that, 'Okay, we've got to focus on this, this, this, this and this' rather than just focusing on 'Ok, let's take care of the ball, let's move the ball and everything will take care of itself. Just play free.' We find ourselves in games where, if we don't get off to a hot start, sometimes it stagnates us for awhile. They came out and shot great, had 35 in the first quarter to, I believe, our 26, so it was a tough game from the start. They came out and tried to make a statement because we'd beat them twice."

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