Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 89, Cleveland 84

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On getting some wins on the road:
It was a big-time road trip for us and we got a bit of momentum going into the (All Star) break. Our guys heard all the stuff being said about them about three weeks ago. We probably practice more than anybody in the league, but we just started to see the residual effect these past two weeksI would say the team we played tonight plays just as hard and thats why there were a lot of guys getting knocked down on the floorThat usually happens when you have two teams with young guys that dont know anything but to play hard.

On their chemistry:
I think they understand that they have to play together. We dont have one particular guy that can drop 20 or 25 (points) every night. (Jarrett) Jack isnt all that happy about it, but Im keeping him on the bench because he gives us scoring off the bench and Ill explain that to him later. I dont know if we have one group that enjoys playing together, but I think we have a couple of guys that do. Greivis (Vasquez) and (Gustavo Ayon) love playing together. Marco (Belinelli) can play with anybody because he can shoot the ball. They learned how to play off of Chris (Kaman) a little bit. We have a ways to go as far as having one five-man unit playing well together for a consistent stretch.

Hornets Guard Greivis Vasquez

On their play:
Were a team in progress. We play hard, lets not get it wrong. We might have a losing record, but theres not going to be one night that were not going to come out here on any court and (not) play hard. We play hard. We outplayed them because we were ready to play and thats the attitude (we had). Last game we didnt play hard from the get-go, we played hard in the second half. (Tonight), we played hard for 48 minutes and we got the win.One day everything is going to be clicking, were going to start putting some games together and some wins together and everybodys going to start talking about us. Right now, we have to go through what we have to go through, then grow and get better.

On Chris Kaman:
He was big. Hes a scorer. He can score for us. Now we understand each other a lot better. At the beginning of the season, we couldnt run plays because we didnt have chemistry. Now, we take care of each other on and off the court and thats why we won some games. We won in Milwaukee, New York and now here. Cleveland is really good. Theyre a really good team and to come out here and get this win was big-time for us.

Cavaliers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Byron Scott

On tonights game:
Not the way we wanted to end the home stand. Defensively, I thought we did a pretty good job. You hold them to 40%, thats pretty good. Thats going to allow you to be in most games and give you a chance to win most games, but when you shoot 32%, youre not giving yourself much of a chance.

On the difference tonight:
Bottom line is we just couldnt throw it in the ocean. We had great shots and we have a bunch of guys in that room that can make shots. Tonight just wasnt one of those nights. You have to give New Orleans some credit as well. I thought they did a pretty good job of defending and challenging shots, but we had a lot of shots that we normally make and that we have been making, but for whatever reason tonight, we werent able to do that.

On if he thinks the team was already thinking about the break:
I really thought we tried. I really thought we played hard. I thought the effort was there. I remember at one point in the fourth quarter, Kyrie (said), I just dont have my legs. I dont know if thats fatigue, but we dont use that as an excuse because that was New Orleans third game in three nights so that is definitely something we dont look at. We didnt execute as well as we have been executing and we just didnt shoot the ball that well tonight.

On playing Semih in the second half:
I just didnt think he was giving a great effort. I really didnt, so I just decided at halftime to make a change.

On if the Cavs were playing into New Orleans style of play:
I think their style is more of just walk it up and down the floor. Theyll run. Theyre a very opportunistic team. When they have a chance, theyll get up and down the floor. For the most part, theyre going to bring it up and down the floor, set it up and use 20 seconds off the shot clock and when they get an offensive rebound, theyre going to use another 20 seconds which makes you play defense that much longer. I didnt think, in the first half, we got lulled into their style. I really thought we tried to push the ball. Our guards were pushing the ball, but our wings werent running as much as they should have. That was the one thing I was really disappointed about.

Cavaliers Guard Kyrie Irving

On tonights game:
It was just that type of night. We were getting stops and we just couldnt hit shots, including myself. It was a rough night offensively. I think we did some good things defensively, but it was a rough night. It happens.

On what would have happened if they had taken the lead late:
There are a lot of what ifs in this game, but what it comes down to is we lost the game. We battled but it just didnt work (out) in our favor tonight.

On the first half of his rookie season:
It went pretty well. We definitely accomplished some of the goals that we tried to accomplish as a team. Were becoming a better defensive team and offensively were getting more assists per game. I think this first half of the season went really well. We definitely surprised some people. Im really proud of that.

Cavaliers Forward Antawn Jamison

On the first half of the season:
Its been up and down. You would expect that out of a young team, but this is a team that is a tight knit group of guys and a positive team. It speaks volume about the guys we have in the locker room. We feel like we let the majority of games slip away. I think the tale of the second half is whether or not we can find a way to make up for some of those games.

On rumors surrounding him:
Deep down inside, I dont want to go anywhere and I dont feel like Im going anywhere. I enjoy playing with these guys. These guys are very receptive of what I tell them and what I do on and off the court. We have a great coaching staff and itll be fun.

On his third season as a Cavalier:
When I first got here, it was a whirlwind. Everything happened so quickly and I couldnt get my feet on the ground. Last year, I had a lot of personal things and this year all that stuff is behind me and Im concentrating on playing basketball. Its been the most fun Ive had in a while.

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