Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 96, Portland 103

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On how the Hornets lost the lead:
Their zone messed us up a bit, we missed some layups the zone was good but we still attacked it. Jarret [Jack] had a layup, Trevor [Ariza] had a layup Those situations changed how we played defense. And then the first and fourth quarter we gave up plus-30 points. Thats a big no-no for us. But give them credit. They switched and messed us up a little bit. Our guys fought. I thought we got tired down the stretch. I had to play guys 40-plus minutes tonight, and its hard to do that on a back-to-back. We need this break to re-charge, get back to ourselves again, get Emeka [Okafor] back and make our push.

On if the teams fatigue affected the outcome:
I would imagine. When youre that tired you also have slippage in your thought process, too. I thought Trevor playing that four spot tonight when we went small, some of those assignments are a lot different than when hes playing the three. That goes on me, not making sure he knew what he was supposed to do. But again, I thought he fought his butt off and gave us a chance to win the game against a good team on the road.

On getting better after the All-Star Break:
Were going to be OK. [When] we get whole again and our guys understand what kind of ball we have to play, were going to make our push. Teams are playing well right now and were still in games. Were going to come back and, once we hit our groove again, teams better watch out.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On giving up the lead in the fourth quarter:
This last stretch, Im not sure weve had the confidence to close out teams. We have to build our confidence back up after the [All Star] break and be a fourth-quarter team. We feel like we can play with the teams over the past few games, and then in the fourth quarter were not as confident.

On what happened in the final quarter:
We just didnt execute our defensive game plan. We fouled, gave up some open shots to Andre Miller, and like weve been saying for the last couple weeks, our offense really doesnt give us an opportunity to defend. We werent scoring, we were turning the ball over and it put us in a tough situation.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On the outcome of the game:
I think they were just more aggressive in the fourth quarter. Giving us some different looks with the zone threw us off of our rhythm a little bit, but no excuses. You have to give those guys credit. They protected their home court and threw it down to the big fellow.

On if the length of the Trail Blazers was an issue:
I dont know if their length was a problem, it was just that LaMarcus draws so much attention. We didnt want D. West to get into foul trouble, so we were trying to help, but those guys played well together. They did a good job of being aggressive and hitting some of the long balls. It was a good, hard-fought game, no doubt about it, but you have to give credit to them. The played a good game in the fourth quarter.

Trail Blazers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Nate McMillan
Excellent way to go into the break. These guys have just been scrapping here this whole month. New Orleans is a very good team and one of the top teams in the sense, defensively they pose some problems trying to guard their options. I think Paul is playing great basketball, but I thought our guys tonight did a great job and theyve been doing this recently and you have to do this to win games making adjustments during the course of a game. Going from Nicolas on Paul to Wesley on Paul, going from switching to showing, from man to zone, and being able to execute and make that work theyve just been good here these last few games.

On Aldridge:
LaMarcus against West, hes had some tough nights against West. I know that he was fired up but he was fired up and able to keep himself calm. Sometimes you can get fired up and be too fired up and you kind of lose your head out there. I thought tonight, West bumping him and getting away with some calls and LA not getting some calls, he kept a calm head and played a very disciplined game.

On going up in 1st quarter before needing 4th quarter comeback:
We got some stops, we were running, but the main thing is we were getting stops and got out early in our transition. In the second quarter, we struggled trying to score and their second unit is pretty good. But its a 48 minute game and we were down a point a half, but came back with a big fourth quarter.

How do you feel about teams position going into break?
I like where we are right now as far as what has happened and trying to finish off strong. Just take this momentum that weve been gaining here recently, get this game tonight. After having success on the road, I really felt like this was a game for us to measure ourselves. Even though they came off a game last night, they really kicked us the first two games by 19 and 20. I thought tonight we came out and played. So we go into the break winning. The thing is continue to win. You start watching the standings when youre losing. As long as you keep winning, you know that you are in good shape and youll be moving up.

Trail Blazers Forward LaMarcus Aldridge
What turned the game around in the second half?
Just trying to rebound better. We kept switching a lot, I was on Chris Paul a lot or one of the wing players so I couldnt rebound well enough from the perimeter. Guys just started rebounding better. I think Wes took it upon himself to get some rebounds, Dre got some rebounds. I think thats what made our defense get better.

On big fourth quarter after quiet third:
I hate to say this, but I was pacing in the third. I was kind of tired so I wasnt trying to take that many shots, so I was kind of pacing in the third to wait to the fourth to try to go to the basket or something like that. I think it actually worked out for me tonight.

On West:
Hes good. Hes very skilled. He can get to the basket. He has that step back jump shot that you really cant block, kind of like Dirk, so hes a pretty tough guard.

On playing with emotion, head nods after big plays:
Just trying to get the crowd into it last game before the break, I think guys were really turned up for this one. I know I was we won five in a row, they had smashed us by 19 and 20, so I had a little bit more energy for this game. It was just because they smashed us by 20 twice, so I was just trying to keep my guys confident.

On teams position going into break:
I think were in a great mindset, great place. Weve won six in a row. Guys are playing great. Getting Camby and Brandon back after the break and I think we have a lot of momentum on our side right now. Fifth place is fine but we have a lot of basketball left. Thats good for now.

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