Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 89, Golden State 102

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On losing a 15-point lead:
I take responsibility because I put guys in the game and its on me. When I put guys on the floor they have to execute and do what we do, but I left guys out there too long. Starters go out there and get us a lead. Theyve been doing it all year long. I put guys in the game with the idea to maintain or increase and we havent gotten that pretty much all year. So its starting to bite us more and more. Its tough when you try and preach certain things and youre not getting the production from certain guys that we need to get on a consistent basis.

On the benchs performance:
I wouldnt say that they are playing with the hunger and desire that they need to play with. We have guys who are role guys and they need to play like role players. Unfortunately were going through a tough stretch right now and were finding out there is only one way we can play and thats hard and with energy and a sense of urgency.

On playing the Portland Trail Blazers next:
It doesnt get any easier and I dont believe in excuses, I dont believe in rescues. If guys want to keep their job, theyre going to have to learn how to play in tough times like this.

Hornets Forward David West
On what went wrong tonight:
Theyre a very explosive offensive team and we thought we jumped out to a good start, but we didnt have the effort defensively to keep those guys under control. Like I said, we didnt guard the three point line, didnt guard the penetration, and didnt guard the ball screen. We just havent had enough consistent play. We havent been able to play at a high enough level to even beat teams that arent even in the playoff race. We just havent been able to play at a high enough level to win those games.

On getting back on track:
We got to get back on track. The 10th [playoff] spot has 26 losses and were at 24 now, so were two games away from being two spots out of the playoffs. We know how intense the games are going to be after the break, but like I said if we cant get back to playing at a high level, then we have no chance.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On giving up easy baskets:
Thats all it was, those guys started getting easy basket after easy basket. Our offense, we werent making shots and its tough sometimes when youre not getting the opportunity to set your defense.

On needing to play better:
Its nothing the coaches are doing, its all us players. We just have to play better, simple as that. Our defense definitely has to get better but all in all, we got to play better, starting with me.

Concerned with the bad run of results:
Its definitely a concern, but weve showed what were capable of and we just have to find where it went. Right now its lost, were not making shots and were not defending, so a combination of that is going to lose you games. We just have to find it some how, some way.

Warriors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Keith Smart
On the game tonight:
I just think we had it in us to do it. I thought our benchthe bench won the game for us tonight without a question. Those guys came in when we needed something. Charlie Bell was in here running the treadmill doing a power workout with Mark Grabow (Director of Athletic Development) before the game just getting ready. Thats a veteran. The guy hasnt played all year, but hes been conditioning and training for his moment, and this was his moment tonight. But the rest of the bench came in; they gave us an incredible boost. Monta (Ellis) and Stephen (Curry) picked up three fouls and we needed something. Jeremy Linthe whole bench played well and gave us a cushion and got us back in the game and from there all we had to do is play ball and make this team chase us. We knew once we got a lead it was going to be difficult for this team to catch up with us.

On the bench tonight:
Well I needed to keep a scorer on the floor. Dorell (Wright) has played very well against New Orleans. Hes done some nice things and I knew I would have a plus with him on the floor because he can run some pick-and-rolls he can keep the floor spaced and also be a ball handler out there for us especially when those guys got those three fouls. So we kept a scorer on the floor with the other guys and keep them in kind of a motion type offense to where the ball isnt stuck in one of those guys hands to be the decision maker and they just did a good job. It was a team effort. Thats what weve been trying to develop herea functioning team.

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry
On following up from a huge win vs Oklahoma City:
Weve been known to have some great performances then have a let down right after. So for us to come out and not start the way we wanted to, but we found a way to stay in the game, our defense kept us in it all night. For us to get a win like that is huge for us especially before the All-Star break. We get another chance tomorrow to get a big win where weve struggled up in Utah. Im looking forward to that opportunity.

Warriors Forward David Lee
On the defensive improvement the last eight games:
I think its been all about effort. I thought we controlled the paint and didnt give them many easy buckets tonight. I think our defense especially in the second half really took off. We had a total team effort tonight. We rotated guys in and out. It was an unbelievable team effort against a very good New Orleans team who had our number last time they came.

On tonights win before All-Star break:
We knew we had to get at least one out of two and now we have to get selfish and try to get both of these. Were going into Utah, a tough Utah team who is struggling right now, we need to get one on the road to get our confidence up. Its starting to look more and more like this east coast trip that we have right after the break is going to be huge for us. We have to get a rhythm on the road and it starts tomorrow night.

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