Friday, February 11, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 99, Orlando 93

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
Big props to Coach Malone. He came up with a game plan to keep those guys off of that 3-point line. Even though they got some looks tonight, they didnt get their average. I thought Trevor (Ariza) did an amazing job fighting the screens. Chris (Paul) did an amazing job. We got 13 out of 14 stops in the 4th quarter, 10 in a row. Thats who we are. Weve said it before, we dont care if guys are out, we can control your defense. Aaron Gray was big tonight on Dwight (Howard). He didnt play his normal game. But our defense, thats who we are, thats who we have to be every game.

On Trevor Ariza:
I thought the one time (Hedo) Turkoglu came off and Trevor (Ariza) blocked it, because he thought he may have fallen off of that screen. Trevor (Ariza) got there late because hes so long and athletic, I think after that Hedo (Turkoglu) was watching him after that on those pick and rolls. And then they missed a ton of shots, but I thought we rushed them off of the line. Maybe putting Dwight (Howard) on the line a bit in the first half may have messed him up some. We didnt hit a lot of shots tonight, but Willie (Green) got 20 attempts up. To me he shot every shot the same and to me thats all you can ask for.

On David Andersen:
David (Andersen) has been pretty solid. He had that one glitch in New Jersey, but he hit some big shots. That one pull-up he hit when we were under duress and couldnt buy a basket, he hit a big shot. Hes not afraid to take shots. The only goof of the night was me getting a 4th quarter tech trying to stick up for him, but were all in this together.

On whether a good win like this erases the teams fatigue going into Chicago game:
No question. I know our guys are going to be excited about tomorrow. The fans should be. To beat this team twice in a season says a lot about who we are after getting beat by 54 in the preseason. If you added all three games together they still win. Its a big win. Theyre a well coached team and their team is contending for a title.

On holding off the Magics run:
We made a rotation. We got guys out of the game. We were up by 10 then all of a sudden its tied. I think they took the lead once. Weve been in these situations before. Were not going to be a team that scores 125 points, 115 points. We did it with our defense. Thats what weve done all year.

On whether double technicals were an emotional lift for them:
Probably. Weve been dealing with or feeling like we dont get calls all year long because (of) me being a rookie coach. I thought David (Andersen) got elbowed in the back and I thought it was flagrant. And then he reacted which is what youre going to do. One of our rules is no 4th quarter techs, so for me to get a tech in that situation is kind of stupid. I thought the game changed a bit after that and the guys fed off of it.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
Trevor was huge for us because we tried to get up the lane early and bump Dwight so we could get out to the shooters. Myself and J. Jack just tried to get into the ball all night on those ball screens. They ball screen every time down. I think we did a good job of staying solid and sticking with our game plan.

This will be some good energy going into our game tomorrow. We know how good they are and how well they have been playing so we have to be ready.

Trevor is one of those guys that covers up a lot of mistakes. Just seeing him out there gives us a different confidence about our team. Everybody gets confidence knowing he is out there.

This is very needed after four losses in a row, sometimes you forget what it is like to win. When we came out of that last time out midway through the fourth quarter, I told the guys, Lets win this. We have had too many close ones. Lets take this game and we did that.

On sweeping Magic this season:
Too bad we are not in the East. It is just another win for us but we play the Bulls tomorrow night so it is over and done with. The Bulls have been playing very well. They have an MVP candidate in Derrick Rose, Booz, and all those guys, so we have to be ready.

We just tried to weather the storm and not let their runs deflate us. It is easy when they start hitting those threes and the crowd gets into the game. We lost four games in a row, so we really needed to win this.

D-West is an All-Star. It is no secret to us. We know what he is capable of17 (pts) and 17 (rebs) is D-West.

He (Howard) is playing unbelievable. It (technical fouls) is tough some of the ones that he gets. Those technicals are funny. You just never know. He will be alright. He will manage it. He is smart enough to know to chill out a little bit.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
We knew that those guys were going to make a run eventually. They are a real good team. They space you out with the shooters and have the Big Fella who they throw it down to. We just wanted to make those guys hit tough shots and run them off that three-point line and fortunately we were able to get stops down the stretch.

We work at it. I dont think we are going to get ahead of ourselves and say we are a great defensive team, but we work at it every single day in practice. We go over our defensive principles and tonight was no different. We know to win games in this league we have to stop people. Tonight was big for us.

I was just trying to be extra aggressive and I have been putting a lot of time in the gym right now. This is a great opportunity for me to try to help this team win games."

Hornets Forward David West
Obviously you want to be able to compete with the better teams in the NBA and they are one of the better teams. We were able to fight and defend the three point line and make things tough for them.

It just gives us a sense of things that we can do right especially against a team like Orlando. We just have to bite down and I thought Trev coming back gave us some more confidence on the defensive end.

He is the best Center in the NBA. A big focus was on him and thought our bigs did a good job of not giving him too many easy ones and making him work. We made him go to the free throw line and have him earn them there. I thought doing that in the first half really broke his rhythm and we were able to contain him in the second half.

Magic Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Stan Van Gundy
We made a half ass effort so it wasnt surprising. Right now if you just look at the results, bottom line is that we cant beat a good team. Thats the bottom line, weve lost eight straight to teams that are over 500 right now and we havent been able to play at the level we need to play, to play teams like that. Thats the bottom line. Its going to have to change. We get another chance on Sunday but we havent been able to raise our game to that level. We dont play hard enough or well enough, bottom line.

On his coaching performance for tonights game:
I was terrible tonight by the way. We did ok in the third quarter so I stayed with all pick n rolls, way too much confidence with our perimeter guys with the pick n roll game and I didnt get Dwight the ball enough. The free throw shooting scared me off a bit to be honest, but thats not a good enough excuse. Especially the way our perimeter guys were playing in the fourth quarter, that ball should have been going into him, thats my fault, Im pissed at myself about that. Im a little bit pissed at myself about substitutions, so Im not just sitting up here angry at our players, Im not happy with what I did. Our perimeter play right now is mind boggling to me. Our decision making is bad, were not shooting the ball well at all, another night where we cannot make a three. That ball should have just been going inside nothing but going inside. The hell with the free throw shooting at least we would have gotten attempts. Dwights free throws scared me off and shouldnt have. Thats not a good enough excuse. The ball should have been going to him. Thats my fault. I take the blame for that.

On the Magic in the perimeter tonight:
Its just our perimeter guys, I dont know. We couldnt stop their perimeter guys on the other end. We just got so badly outplayed on the perimeter. I thought Gilbert and JJ were pretty good and Turk was good, thats why I put him back in the game. Turk had been good until I put him back in the game at about four minutes and change, then it was just three of his turnovers were going down the stretch. All we did down the stretch was turn the ball over. We didnt deserve to win, we dont play at a level good enough to win.

On Dwights second half play:
No it wasnt a quiet second half that was me, it didnt have to do with anything else, I didnt get him the ball enough. We made a good run in the third quarter, pushing the ball on the break and playing out of pick n rolls. Even when it started getting bad in the fourth quarter I didnt get him the ball. In the third quarter it was fine because things were going the way they should have gone, I shouldnt have changed it then, but in the fourth quarter I should have. It had nothing to do with Dwight having a quiet second half; it had to do with me.

On Dwights free throws and inside play:
I just got afraid to go to it and figured anytime they got a good look they would foul him, but thats just not a good enough reason. Hes got to go up and make free throws and he has been making free throws until tonight. That ball should have gone to him in the fourth quarter. Especially since the way our perimeters guys were playing and not just the shooting, the decision making and everything else. We give them the ball and we give them a lot of freedom and its not getting done that way so we have to find a different way to do it.

Magic Center Dwight Howard
On not getting ball in second half:
I dont think thats the reason why we lost the game, there are a lot of things that we could have done better, that we didnt do to win the game. So, if we would have done those things a little better, we would have had a chance to win. We didnt take care of the ball that well in the fourth quarter. Down the stretch we made mistakes, turnovers, we didnt capitalize on our defense late in the game. So there are a lot of things that we didnt do right to win the game.

Weve got to make better decisions with the ball, especially down the stretch. In close games like this, Boston, we didnt make good decision in the fourth quarter so we just have to do a better job.

Well be OK. We just cant panic and just continue to be patient. Im not going to lose any faith in what were trying to accomplish as a team so we just have to continue to get better.

Magic Guard Gilbert Arenas
On the Magics slow starts:
Weve been doing it for a while now and its catching up with us. The first quarter we seem to starting off slow and then try to pick it up in the second half and the last five minutes we couldnt turn it around. We got the stops that we needed, we just couldnt score.

I guess when were out there, we feel like were playing hard. Coach knows us when were at our best and when were at our worst so only he can answer that question.

On Dwight not getting ball in second half:
Yeah, a little bit. There were some easy passes we could have made. I know when I was in, he was telling me to go, just go to the basket and deep attacking and hell just get it off the glass. Other than that, we just couldnt find the shots that we needed, the good ones.

Magic Guard Jameer Nelson
I think that we just need to play more consistent, as in terms of our execution and our energy, our effort. Towards the end of the game, we didnt execute at all. I had some turnovers I shouldnt have had, that took away shots from us.

I think tonight we dug ourselves a hole; fighting back, fight an uphill battle. Going into the third being down nine points, we still gave ourselves a chance but we didnt execute well enough to win the game.

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