Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 67, Chicago 90

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the Bulls defense being so good:
Absolutely. They are a fine defensive team. At the same time, we missed so many shots tonight. In that third quarter, I dont know how many open looks we had or layups, but you cannot take any credit away from the way that they approach the game. I believe that is the way you play if you want to win a championship. Everyone one on that team knows their role, they have an identity and they live it out every night. I thought we had a tough time with their pressure. They only scored 90 points, that wasnt the issue tonight it was that we couldnt throw in the ocean. We got 75 attempts and 19 turnovers. Its hard to combat that with anything other than something extraordinary happening like somebody score 30 points and somebody else drop 20-25 for you to overcome that. We didnt have that for sure.

On their defense being so fast that you almost have to be instinctual:
No, I dont think so. When we were good last year our defense was similar to that. What you have to do against a team like that is you have to run your sets and you have to be fundamentally sound. You have to push the ball so you can get to all your options. You cant walk the ball up the court and you have to set screens. I thought they did a good job of fighting through our screens tonight. If you watch the film, how many of our guys have point blank looks and layups? But when you turn the ball over 19 times and you miss shots, that is tough to overcome. Now, they have defense players, a great system and a great coach so that is a combination for success.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza

On Chicagos quick start:
Theyre a great team. They play really, really good team defense. They do everything that they need to do to win.

On the strength of the Bulls second team:
They all played hard as hell. They play great together. They are a really good team.

Bulls Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Tom Thibodeau

On the game:
It was our readiness to play. In the first quarter we were well balanced and had solid defense. On offense it was the way the ball was moving, its not sticking anywhere and were getting good shots. I was pleased with the overall performance. We are pleased with the win. Kaman came in and got some shots on us, and they are dangerous, as soon as they get some guys back, they will be fine. The challenge is to be ready to play, and we did that. There are a lot of things we can do better and thats what we have to strive for. We have to strive to make improvement and to get better each day, build solid habits and just keep our eye on whats in front of us.

On the health of Derrick Rose:
He says he feels pretty good. He has to do his rehab, take care of himself and get his rest, get his massage, and well go from there.

Bulls Guard Derrick Rose

On his back:
It was kind of tight. They did a great job of managing my minutes, and finally saw we had the game put away.

On the game:
That was the biggest thing, playing defense. I know on the defensive end it was playing against their scorers. Jarrett is definitely a great scorer. Thats what I was really worried about, sticking with him and getting other people involved in the game. We have a little more work to do, especially on the weak side defense, but I think thats coming along.

Bulls Forward Luol Deng

On the game:
Were playing really well right now. Were coming out early, defending, running the floor, and getting a lead and playing well with it. Were learning how to play with a lead. Theres times when teams go on a run, but were better at it than we were last year. I think guys are more comfortable and more confident when they play from a lead.

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