Monday, February 7, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 92, Minnesota 104

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Hornets Forward David West
These are the teams that we struggled with all year. I thought that we just didnt put together a complete effort on both sides of the ball. Weve been giving up over a hundred points a game for the last four or five games, so were not going to beat anybody doing that. This is second time weve taken a dip this year and cant recover from one loss. Weve just been reeling since that game in Sacramento.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
I think its our inability to go out and play tough for forty eight minutes. Defense is just something that comes from your heart. This team does have heart, but lately weve been getting kind of pushed around a little bit. Allowing teams to score over a hundred points is not typical of us. Weve taken a little dip. Were not going to panic, though. Were going to get back to the drawing board tomorrow and probably have a pretty tough practice. Were going to right the ship.

Timberwolves Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Kurt Rambis
On the game:
I was very pleased with the effort the guys put forward in tonights ball game. It was unfortunate we lost Darko and Michael but I thought Kevin had a heck of a game, I thought John played well and I think we got contributions from everybody. I dont know what the point total was somewhere in the 40 point range we got production wise off the bench and thats not bad at all. I thought the guys did a really good job of locking the game away and playing defensively and moving the ball offensively. We did a really great job of just sprints of playing really good basketball.

On needing to close out ballgame:
We came out in the second half turning the ball over and we are trying to get the guys to understand and hold onto a mental picture of how well they can play and how everything works and how everything is connected. There were times in there where we were playing some really, really good basketball. We started off in the second half and it became too much but they got themselves in order much like they got themselves in order in the start of the ball game. It all just comes down to guys accepting and running things and moving the basketball accordingly.

Timberwolves Forward Kevin Love
On the win:
We just stepped upall the way down the line, we had guys that just stepped up. Were happy with that. We played good defense. That was it. We didnt turn the ball over after the first quarter, really. We were resilient there in the second half.

Offensive rebounding (was a key tonight). I think that we did a good job of that, keeping the ball alive. We got a lot of open shots that we took advantage of and knocked down. We dont have a problem with scoring the ball. Were right up there in the top five or ten in scoring the ball in the league. Our defense just needs to pick up. More than anything tonight, it was our defense (that was the difference).

Timberwolves Guard Sebastian Telfair
On the key to tonights win:
Dont turn the ball over against these guys. We had a pretty good chance of defending them in a half court set, so we tried to take care of the ball as much as possible. I think it was one of our best games all around as a team. Everyone played good and everyone stepped up and made big plays.

On the play of the bench:
Thats what winning teams do. Every night there is going to be something that happens that makes the team win. Tonight it was the bench. We came out and shared the ball. We shot the ball really well and we got the win.

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