Saturday, February 5, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 95, Los Angeles 101

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On if the game could be considered a moral victory:
I love this team. I love our guys the way we compete the way we approach practice, games, the way we are with each other, and it shows in a game like this. We are down a few guys but the way we came out tonight I dont think a lot of people thought we would be in this game tonight and Im just being frank and honest. I feel like we were playing against so much tonight and we dont use anything as an excuse and I think our guys have bought into that. If you put an NBA jersey on you have a chance to win the game and thats how we approach it. 27 to four free throws (disparity between the Lakers and Hornets), I mean thats hard to do in a pick-up game. To me its hard to explain that. Its hard for a game to be that physical and we only get four free throws. I think our guys were competing their butts off tonight and I thought that we deserved a little bit more whatever you want to call it but I think we deserved to go to the line more tonight."

On competing in the paint all night but falling short at the end:
We had a few looks at the basket. A couple of them went down and came out. But to me, Im happy that the guys took those shots because thats all that you can ask for. You cant control the ball, but I think the way that we came out in the third quarter was extraordinary. We put ourselves in a bit of a hole in the first quarter and with a team like the Lakers you cant do something like that but the last three minutes of the game were pretty much zero-zero. We would give an offensive rebound for a bucket and them we leave Kobe Bryant open for a three but before that our guys competed. If you play like that - no matter who you have on your bench - you are going to win games because teams in this league dont play for 48 minutes and thats what we try to do.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On hanging tough and coming up just short:
The Lakers are a good team with the two big guys down low, it was a hard fought game tonight that went down to the end and we just didnt get the stops we needed. Not to make any excuses but we thought we didnt get some calls that may have gone our way, but you have to give the Lakers the credit. They came out and made the plays the needed to make.

Hornets Forward Quincy Pondexter
On playing competitively:
To beat the Lakers you have to play good basketball, and capitalize on mistakes when they make them. They are a great team and thats why they are champions. With this team you have to pick your poison and they did a great job of moving the ball off the double teams.

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On having a season-low four turnovers:
It was a slow pace game. They like to play at that pace. We thought we got into that pace and we played pretty good with the ball tonight.

On Lakers defense:
The ball stopped in the fourth quarter. They were breaking through and (Chris) Paul was getting what he wanted off the crossovers and getting off in the middle on screen-rolls. Then we started getting the ball stopped in the fourth quarter.

On Lakers adjusting their defense in the fourth quarter:
We had to move up on the screens because we did not have as much room. A couple of times, we had to trap them (Hornets) in the corner to close that space and we had to go around than into the middle of the lane.

On having the third best road record and struggling at home:
Its not easy to explain, but some of it is about coming on the road, being together, and having this type of a crowd like we had tonight. It was a big crowd, enthusiastic crowd and playing to that level is expected of us as champions. Thats where the guys get their biggest thrill as players.

On winning on the road tonight:
We shot the ball well and you always have to have that kind of a game to win, especially on the road. The other thing we did was control the pace. We did not win the rebound battle; that was one of the other faults, but the thing is we took care of it.

Lakers Center Andrew Bynum
On being active:
Coach was just telling me after I get the rebound to get down the floor. I felt good tonight and I started to get a lot more touches.

On the defense in the fourth quarter:
We got a little more aggressive and stopped them. We got up a little bit higher on screen and rolls.

On going against Aaron Gray tonight:
It is what is. Defensively we just have to get things done.

Lakers Forward Ron Artest
On his night defensively:
Im not into stats, it doesnt interest me that much. All that matters is if we win. We played good and grinded it out tonight. Pau played great fresh off his all star nod. We played together and made a lot of extra baskets at the end, and that was great."

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