Monday, January 30, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 95, Miami 109

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the game:
Tough game. In one sense we (New Orleans Hornets) played really hard, in the other sense, we just didnt have the third quarter energy that was needed to match what they brought to the table. I thought that was the difference in the game. It is hard to play the kind of basketball that you need to play when you are not getting what you feel is a fair call at times. I thought our guys got beat up a bit tonight going to the basket. The referees gave me a good explanation, but I think we see things differently. Take nothing away from the Miami HEAT. That is a championship contending team and their effort showed that tonight.

I love the effort. I thought we fought in the fourth quarter. So things didnt go our way at the last part of the first quarter, but in the second quarter we continued to fight. I thought we allowed the calls to get to us a bit.

On the Miami HEAT:
Their (Miami HEAT) transition offense might be the best I have ever seen. You can almost feel the wind blowing by you when those guys take off in transition. They scored so many points that way. They probably average twenty-five to thirty points in transition. They are tough to guard that way.

On the New Orleans Hornets:
One thing about our young guys is that I dont think they understand that we are evaluating talent and we are trying to figure out who can play. Any time you get a chance to play in the NBA, you better make the most of it. And that is what we are looking for from our young guards.

Hornets Guard Greivis Vasquez

On the game:
It was the same things again. We came out in the third quarter and did not execute our game plan, and then we lost energy. We were right there in the game, then the last four or five minutes of the third quarter, we just broke down, they took a big lead and it takes too much effort to get right back.

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

On the game:
Dwyane Wade definitely heated up in the second quarter before we went to the half. Coming out of halftime, we did not stop them at all. When a team has 36 points in the third quarter, that is hard to come back from. We had a stagnant third quarter.

You dont want to give up those types of runs to a team like that (Miami HEAT). You dont want to give them the momentum.

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor

On the game:
We (New Orleans Hornets) started better than yesterday, but we just could not maintain it. The energy was there. We had a rough third quarter. That is the game right there. You blink and all of a sudden the lead has opened up. With a team (Miami HEAT) like that you just cannot let that happen. When you give them that type of leeway they just run with it."

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On the teams performance to start the game:
We were defending, and making them work on the offensive end as well. We were getting good looks and capitalizing. We were taking what they were giving us and limiting them to one shot and trying to win the turnover battle.

On the HEATs run to end the first half and begin third quarter:
They (Miami HEAT) sped the game up. D-Wade (Dwyane Wade) looked to be a lot more aggressive. He was successful in his attempts.

We didnt do a good job (offensively to start the third quarter). The first two possessions we turned the ball over and let them get easy baskets. They did not look back from there.

Heat Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

On the game:
We (the Miami HEAT) started the game in a little bit of a fog. They [the New Orleans Hornets] came out with a lot of energy, making some shots, moving us around and getting us on our heels. The game really changed, I felt in the second quarter when I tried to go to our two [zone defense] and our captain [Dwyane Wade] waved me off, he said No, we have to get back in this with our type of disposition and our game. Dwyane really set the tone from that point on. I was very encouraged by that. Our energy level spiked from there and we were able to get a lot of opportunities off our defense, get in the open court and that changed the game.

On the New Orleans Hornets:
Theyre [the New Orleans Hornets] going through a transition right now. They have had some turnover, no question. They have also dealt with some injuries. Eric Gordon will change the complexion of that team quite a bit. They came out with a great deal of energy but it was great to see us [the Miami HEAT] really attack the glass even when we went to some of our smaller units.

On Dwyane Wade and LeBron James becoming more in sync:
It is a residual of all these games and that even goes back to last year. We played over 100 games and we had those few extra months, we were able to get much more comfortable with each other and get on the same page. Those guys [Dwyane Wade and LeBron James] are such high IQ players. It was a matter of time before they learned how to play off each other. They understand what our keys to success are, we have to defend, we have to play off misses and that gives us an opportunity to play out in the open court. They have been very explosive with that. Both of them only played 24 minutes and yet they were able to impact the game so much in those minutes. That is something we can definitely look to in the future. We have depth right now, now that we are healthy we can take them out and put in other guys to really put the pressure on.

Heat Guard Dwyane Wade

On the HEATs slow start to the game:
It (having a slow start) was kind of expected. Even though we wanted to defy all odds and come out and be amazing. We know how teams come out and play against us. They come out free from the beginning. We understand that they are going to make shots, do certain things. We just have to keep going and keep going and not give up. I thought, I knew, that we could cut the lead before half time if we just kept with our focus, our energy that we know makes us successful. It was just a mater of time.

On telling Coach Spoelstra that the team shouldnt play zone during the second quarter:
Coach (Spoelstra) wanted to go zone on defense and were not a zone team. I dont want to say I waved him off but I just kind of said, No, were going to stick to our man. We need to do a better job as a team. Do it harder.

He (Coach Spoelstra) called our zone call. As a captain at that time I kind of vetoed it it isnt going to happen much but at the time I felt like we needed to be a little bit more aggressive and a zone would have made us a little lackadaisical. I just felt that we needed to be a little bit more aggressive and turn it up a little bit.

On his play with LeBron James:
Were just getting more comfortable. If there was one guy that Ive thrown the most lobs to in my life, its been LeBron; from All-Star games, to Olympics, and obviously playing with the HEAT. I kind of have a feel for when hes coming. I hear him trucking out of the corner of my ear. I see him and hes the kind of guy that you can just throw it up and hell get it. He makes you look good. Just trying to reward him for running hard.

Heat Forward LeBron James

On the Dwyane Wade:
You could see the aggression in all the moves and the speed he [Dwyane Wade] was going at. Once he gets a layup and a jumper to go and you see that he is going you just kind of give him the ball, set screens for him or get out of the way and just let him work his magic.

We both know [when the other is coming], also knowing the game and knowing what is going on. When a guy like D-Wade has a good rhythm you have to keep feeding him. He brought us back in that second quarter and he was able to take that lead going into halftime.

On the beginning of the game:
We werent satisfied at all. We [the Miami HEAT] gave up almost 30 points and they [New Orleans Hornets] had 65 percent shooting, that is not Miami HEAT basketball. A lot of teams are going to come in with a lot of energy, we understand that. We knew that in order for us to get back into this game we had to start playing defense and then execute offensively and we were able to do that.

On Dwyane Wade waving off Erik Spoelstras play:
Yeah, he [Dwyane Wade] is a captain. Spo [Erik Spoelstra] trusts him and he trusts Spo. We wanted to play our man-to-man defense, that is our staple. We started getting stop, after stop, after stop and we got the lead by halftime.

We knew and D Wade knew too that in order for us to get back into the game we were going to have to play our man-to-man defense. We just started to get stops and when we get stops we are very good because teams cant set up their zone or their man-to-man defense. It worked to our advantage.

On the game:
It was low energy to start the game. We started to pick up our energy mid way through the second quarter when we started to make that run and then it carried on to the third and then it dropped off a little bit there in the fourth. We had a lot more energy than the last time we had an emotional back-to-back like when we played Milwaukee [Bucks] last week.

On LeBron James plays:
It is just read and react. I felt like he was going to go for the steal and the best way to split the defenders was by go behind my back at that point and I was able to finish it.

On LeBron James and Dwayne Wade meshing together:
It [LeBron James and Dwyane Wades chemistry] is at a all time high right now, honestly. It is just a chemistry that we have. Last year was a blueprint for us. It is not like we look for each other more than others, it kind of just happens. Were two of the fastest guys in the league when it comes to a break and it is kind of pick your poison with the defender, either allow me [LeBron James] to get a dunk or allow D-Wade [Dwyane Wade] to get a dunk. We are two unselfish players, if a guy is open, we pass it. I just think last year has really helped us now

On Shane Battier:
He [Shane Battier] is very smart. He probably one of the smartest, no I am not going to say one, I am going to say the number one smartest basketball player and person I have ever been around. He knows everything. Literally, everything.

Heat Forward Chris Bosh

On the game:
We have to get off with better starts. We really have to work on that. That is something that we can get better on, especially at home. We have to work on defending our home court, and I think the starts are very important. We need to work on giving some teams something to think about very early on, because if you let a team build confidence that can be a dangerous thing to flirt with.

On the HEATs play following the long road stretch out West with three straight losses:
Were doing a much better job of taking care of the basketball. In two of those three losses that we had on the West coast, we had way too many turnovers.

We just continued to get better after that. Were taking care of the basketball now and playing better defense, and that helps us out a lot.

On the HEATs play coming off a big win against the Chicago Bulls:
By any means, you really have to get off to a good start. We all go through it. Every team is going through it.

We just want to continue to improve and kind of build on what were doing, because were trying to do something special this year, and its not going to be easy.

On Dwyane Wades play and the energy he brought to the team:
It was good to have that energy burst. We were down 12, and we kind of needed it.

We did what we had to do. We got right back into the game. We started the second half off the right away. Things worked out, but when we come out with energy, we play defense and we share the basketball, were a tough team.

On his coast-to-coast play with a dunk to finish it:
It was the first of my career. It was nice. I just didnt want to mess it up.

On whether the road trips are more difficult this season:
Its more difficult. You have less time. No practice time. Its not like we can get a couple practices in, go out there and get right to it. Were getting thrown right into the lions den, and we have to pick up everything on the fly against a team that has a lot of energy. Thats the challenge, but were up for it. I keep saying that everybody goes through it. Its useless trying to say, what we can or cant do. Its all about the wins and losses."

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