Sunday, January 30, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 102, Phoenix 104

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the end of game:
It was a lot but it was too late. We had a lot of good stuff happen in the last few minutes of the game. The start of the game was the same thing we went through in Sac, the same thing that we saw in the final minutes of the Golden State game. And why were starting games like that is something I have to figure out. We have to play smarter. There are a couple of guys on our team that just have no idea what were doing and its costing us possessions. It puts our starting group and the guys that are playing hard and smart in a tough spot and Im going to have to fix it. Im going to have to sit some guys until they learn how to play the game the right way.

I thought they did a good job of setting screens and Gortat drove all night. We never put a body on him because we were so worried about the three point shooters and rightfully so. I think they went on a 15-5 run at the end of the half, they hit three threes and I thought that shook us up a bit and we didnt do a good job of sticking with our defensive principals.

Those are situations where the players should decide the game. We do our best to be precise and do our best and I think it should be up to all of us on the floor to make sure we get the calls right and tonight it was debatable. But when I came back and looked at it on film, the film doesnt lie and it was obvious it was goal tending.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the end of game:
I think we showed a lot of fight. I dont think last night had anything to do with last night. I think this game right here reminded me a lot of the New York Knick game; we couldnt stop the pick and roll. It wasnt anything special, it was pick and roll; drop pass, threes. When you play against a team like this, we play them every year, we usually beat Phoenix every time, you cant give up both, you cant give up layups and threes. You have to choose and we gave up a little bit of both. We fought back, gave ourselves an opportunity and we should be playing overtime right now."

Hornets Guard Marcus Thornton
On the last shot:
Sometimes calls dont go your way. Its the NBA and I guess I have to get more experience to get that call. Thats the most hurtful thing; our guys fought it out to the end and to not get that call, thats the hurtful thing. Life goes on, we have another one Tuesday. Well go back home and get ready for that one. It just didnt go our way, theres nothing we can do about it. We live and we learn.

Suns Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Alvin Gentry
Its a great win for us. Thats a really good basketball team. Obviously I wish we could have closed the game out in the end, we played great but they made a couple of shots and we fouled them on a three point shot. That got the game close. I dont want to take anything away from them. It was a great win for us against a really good basketball team.

On Gortat:
He got in foul trouble early but I think hes getting better every day. He and Steve are developing a chemistry that I think is working of us. He has done a good job on the board. He has been a really physical rebounder for us, which we needed and hes come up with some big plays for us at the end. I think he continues to get better and better.

On Dowdell:
I thought he did great. Hes going to go out and play. Hes not going to be afraid; hell play just like he would play in any other situation I know he wont play scared.

On setting goals:
We have to set short term goals and one of the short term goals we have is to try to get to .500 before the All-Star break. We will see what happens from thereWe just have to keep plugging away at it. We still have a chance to control our own destiny, and as long as thats the case we have to keep getting better and trying to win games.

Suns Guard Steve Nash
On the last two games:
Well theyre big wins. We need to win no matter what. We got two quality wins, which is nice, but weve got to keep building and well see what it means down the road.

On Marcin Gortat:
Hes playing great. Hes picking and rolling and catching and finishing and I try to make it as easy for him as I can. Hes improving every day; I think hes getting more confident and more comfortable getting so many reps, so many opportunities. Its a different game for him because he didnt get a lot of opportunities in Orlando, so hes improving every day and hes becoming a big part of our team.

Suns Guard Grant Hill
On the last two games:
Were starting to play better; were starting to defend a little bit better. I think most importantly, we have belief in each other, especially these last two games. To come out and play well against these very good teams, we faced Boston and New Orleans, and to do it at home.

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