Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 112, Golden State 103

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On putting the starters back in at the end of the game: Were going to be excited about wins and appreciate winning an NBA basketball game but I did not like the way our bench finished the game. I didnt like our execution on defense, we didnt have any execution on offense besides Marcus (Thornton) and Willie (Green) making a few plays. It boils down to point guard play and Jarrett (Jack), hes an experienced guy and in those situations he has to run his team. Were not going to nit-pick, but its one of those things where we dont want to lose our rhythm because we think were better than we are. Were winning games because we play a certain way and when we dont, it doesnt look good.

On controlling the pace of the game:
Chris (Paul) had 18 points and 17 assists in 32 minutes. I think that says a lot about him managing the game, for him to be able to dominate. He found David (West) when he needed to, he found Emeka (Okafor) when he needed to. We dont play fast because we dont have the kind of bigs that play fast so we have to play to our strengths.

On Chris Paul:
He makes me look a lot better than I am, having him. That should say enough. Im still learning my way, navigating trying to figure out this and that. To have a point guard like that my first year I just think he is what the NBA should be about. He doesnt take days off, hes a consummate pro. He plays one-on-one at practice on days where he should take a day off, he plays with pain. And hes the best point guard in the league.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the teams defensive performance tonight:
We came out really aggressive defensively, and I think thats what really set the tone for this game. We came out and tried to be aggressive as possible, get into the ball a little bit, and really not let them go where they wanted to go, and we got off to a good start.

On tonights result:
I think it was just about us tonight. Were a pretty good defensive team, and I think were trying to continue to get better at it. And we really take pride in trying to shut teams downand thats what we tried to do early in the game. It was a fast up-tempo style, and I think we showed we could do that tonight a little bit tonight, too.

On David West and Emeka Okafor:
Our big man are solid. I hope one of those guys gets in. They should, because were not where were at without those two [Okafor & West]. Those two are really starting to click and get on the same page. They really protect that paint for us, and they make everything around the rim.

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
More on tonights defensive effort:
Team defense has been our motto for the year, so we wanted to make sure that we came out with that mindset, and not only come out with it, but maintained it. Last game, we gave up a 13 point lead in the fourth quarter, and we wanted to make sure that it didnt happen again.

On maintaining focus:
Lately we have [maintained focus], today it kind of slipped up, but we were able to hold them off, but for the most part weve been able to put together a full four quarters of basketball.

Warriors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Keith Smart
On playing top teams in the West:
The NBA takes two thing, effort and toughness. If youve got effort and you have toughness then you are going to have chance to play against any team in the NBA. If you dont show any of that against the good teams, theyre going to force their will. And we didnt force our will early in the game, and thats what youve got have. You have to be able to force your will on teams and when you dont do that against the good teams youre going to have a quarter where you start the game off very, very flat.

On not being able to make it close in the 4th:
You couldnt get to there. You couldnt even get it to be a close game, based on how you started the game. You never had a chance to get yourself in that position. Thats what our group has to understandyoure playing good basketball, but you have some veterans on other teams that understand that and I think Chris Paul and David West those guys knew that and they put their game at a different level tonight. And I dont think we matched their intensity to start the game off.

On the New Orleans Hornets recent play:
Theyre playing very well, playing very well. You start with how they perform and how they understand how to try and create their game and their style and try to force things to fall in their favor. But theyre playing well, theyve beaten some quality basketball teams, not just teams below.500theyre beating people. They have the toughness thats necessary to win, and weve got to get that. Weve got to get that toughness, weve got to find it and get it somehow.

Warriors Forward Dorell Wright
On tonights game:
They came out ready to play and they out worked us in the first quarter. I think they started out 14 of 18 and you are not going to win games when a team is shooting like that. We were careless with the ball and missed some key shots. But, they are a good team and there is a reason they in the midst of 10-game winning streak.

Do you feel you guys played too safe tonight?
Definitely, it doesnt matter who we are playing we need to come out playing hard every night and take care of the ball. We need to be tougher than our opponents, we need to man-up and not look to the refs the other team is being physical. We need to be more aggressive and take it to other teams.

On falling behind early in the game?
We did fall behind big early and it is hard to pull yourself out of a hole like that. We need to come out knowing what type of team we are playing and know the type of streak they are in. We need to come out with a sense of urgency and we did not do that tonight.

Warriors Forward David Lee
On tonights performance:
We did not do a good job executing against one of the best defenses in the league. Tonight was a combination of not executing and not coming out ready to play. Im disappointed tonight because win or lose we did not play our best basketball. If we play well and execute I think we could have won tonight or earlier this week against San Antonio. But, we didnt show up and play our best either game. We played better in the start of the second half, but it wasnt enough. Everyone has games like tonight, but it is frustrating having a team come in and beat you on your home court like they did.

Are you disappointed you could not duplicate your last game against New Orleans?
We played a great 4th quarter against them last game and its frustrating we didnt give ourselves an opportunity to be close down the stretch tonight. We made a run, however we were down by something like 20 points. If we are down by six when we make that run it is a whole different type of game. Its all around a disappointing night and Im just frustrated.

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