Monday, January 24, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 91, Oklahoma City 89

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the game:
It didnt start out all that great but our guys are tough; mentally tough, mentally strong. They stick together even though sometimes you may look at our bench and it may look like they are arguing, but they are just trying to figure it out. We started off the game in a fashion that we didnt like. We were giving up easy baskets, giving up threes, but we just felt like if we got a few stops it would change the way they played the game. Offensively, sometime we start off hot but its something that we have to work at and start games better. I just thought it was about our teams mindset tonight, we just didnt give in.

On the offensive rebounds:
We made some adjustments earlier in the season and in preseason; we talked about guards getting in there. Russell (Westbrook) is a different beast, when he comes to the basket for an offensive rebound most bigs cant stop him so it was a tough task. I cannot say enough about Trevor (Ariza) and his defense on (Kevin) Durant. I think he had one basket in the last 18 minutes of the game, and that basket came off a play where Trevor (Ariza) couldnt get to him. The rebounding was something where I knew we would struggle when Emeka (Okafor) got into foul trouble, so we put a lot of pressure on D. West. And D. J. (Mbenga) did a good job of getting in there, but that team is loaded with a lot of weapons and you cant cover everything and our guys just stayed the course.

Hornets Forward David West
On the game winning shot:
I wanted to get the last shot and get it off to where they couldnt get a good look on the other end. I told coach in the huddle just give it to me. I saw CP was out and hes the guy we usually go to in this situation. I just felt like I could get us a shot.

On the physical play:
They are a young, feisty team. They got us out of rhythm early. We stayed resilient, we stayed in the fight and it feels good to get a win.

On the winning streak:
Were staying together. Were focused and listening to the coaches during time outs and executing the game plan. We have a big road trip coming up, and we didnt want any slippage. We just want to go out there with a good taste in our mouth.

Hornets Guard Marcus Thornton
On the winning streak:
It feels great. It feels good to be on a nine-game winning streak. To beat the quality of teams weve beaten makes it that much better.

On the game winning shot by David West:
Thats D. West being D-West. CP went down with the ankle and the next person up is D-West. Thats our go-to man down the stretch, and he delivered like he always does.

On the physical play:
It was physical from top to bottom. From the guards to the big men, they are a physical team. Im just proud of our guys that we fought with them.

Thunder Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Scott Brooks
On the last possession:
We turned it over. Bottom line, we turned it over and we did not do a good job executing the play. Its easy to point to one play to cost the game, but it was one heck of a ballgame. Both teams played extremely hard. Two good teams battled to the last play and they (Hornets) won. They are a good team and they have won 8 in a row for a reason. Im proud of our guys and their effort. That effort will win a lot of games and we missed some shots down the stretch that we would normally make. I would have liked to have seen that play executed and we get the last shot and if we miss it, we go to overtime, but it did not happen.

On how the Hornets turned it around after the first quarter:
That second quarter hurt us. We had a good offensive game going and we turned the ball over seven or eight times and they (Hornets) scored 12 points off of those turnovers. We fought back in the third and made a game out of it and took the lead, but we did not make shots down the stretch that we normally would make. Im not upset with this loss and I would have liked to won the game, but it was a game that both teams played hard from and that is great to see.

On if there is a rivalry between Hornets and Thunder:
They are both good teamstwo talented point guards. We have a very good team and they have a very good team. I do not know if there is a rivalry. I have always believed that rivalries are years of developing and playoff victories and playoff defeats. Right now, we look at every game as an opportunity to get better and tonight, I liked the fact that it was a physical game, a tough game; and we did not back down and we fought every play of the game.

On David West:
He hit about three or four contested shots. That is what good players do. They make contested shots and we cannot do much else than what we did. Serge (Ibaka) was right there with his hand in his face and did not give him any room to drive. Hes goodhes a former all-star. He might be an all-star this year, but he is a heck of a player. When he and Chris Paul are in a pick-and-roll, they put you in some tough positions because both are talented playmakers, decision-makers, and shot-makers. I thought (David) West made tough shots and we could not defend him any better than we did. We did not give him any easy looks. He earned every bucket that he made and that is what good teams do.

Thunder Forward Jeff Green
On the Hornets always playing tough against the Thunder:
They play physical. Theyre a tough team. With Chris (Paul) running the point and David (West) playing down low, theyre a tough team. It matches up well against us. They battled. We battled back, but tonight they just got the best of us. We move on and take this (loss) and get better tomorrow.

Thunder Forward Kevin Durant
On the loss:
We played tough all night. We played hard all night. We played Thunder defense. Weve got to come away with a victory.

On the Hornets second quarter play:
I think thats what hurt us a little bit was that they went zone for those three or four plays. That kind of got us messed up and it got their momentum going. They were able to capitalize on that. Its tough to stop a team like that when theyre on a run. They made some good shots and got some steals. It was a tough one (to lose tonight).

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