Thursday, January 19, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 88, Houston 90 (OT)

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On his teams play in overtime:
We couldnt get off the shot that we wanted at the end. They were playing well against the pick and roll. I was really upset with the way Jason (Smith) was held toward the end.

On his team's play:
Our guys were mentally tough and its really hard for me to pick on any bad things that we did. I thought that we found a good group of guys towards the end of the game. We have to believe as a team we can pull games out; we have to make better decisions at the end. Our guys were down afterwards. I always tell them, give the fight and do your best, and we did everything we could to win the game.

On the Rockets:
Houston just didnt make shots in the second half like they did in the first half. That and our defense got us back in the game.

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

On his shot at the end of regulation:
It felt good leaving my hands. It rattled in and rattled out; it was tough.

On the team's play:
Im only taking positives from this game. We held one of the best offensive teams in the league to only seven points in the fourth quarter. We played hard and thats what we have to do every game to give ourselves a chance to win.

On the Rockets:
Houston didnt have a very good fourth quarter and I would like to think that we had something to do with that. They made the plays at the end and we didnt.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On the tougher defense in overtime:
Its all heightened at the end of the game. They upped their effort at the close the way teams are supposed to.

On defending Martin:
We were able to get a hand up on his shots in the second half, but still couldnt pull out the victory.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza

On defending Kevin Martin:
In the first half he went off and really got into a good rhythm and it was too easy for him. In the second half, I made an effort to get up tougher on him. Definitely this loss is disappointing because we were fighting until the end. We have to forget about this and come back next game.

Hornets Forward Carl Landry

On the teams recent play:
We are sticking together and we are fighting as a team. We are trying to stay together. We have to go out and grind it out; its been tough. Now its just about us finding a way to win.

Rockets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Kevin McHale

On the Rockets turnovers:
It was pretty easy there for awhile in the first quarter. After that, when we got in the third (quarter) and quite actually started playing way too much, (we had) not enough ball movement, not enough body movement. We didn't attack our pick-and-roll. We were very passive. We were too East-West and not enough North-South. If we aren't going North-South and attacking, it's hard to play.

On their offensive play: On an offensive standpoint, we had no flow in that second half after having had a lot of flow early. So, I don't know. On average, you can feel it coming on and it's a bad feeling. Can we just string together a couple hoops.

Rockets Guard Courtney Lee

On their play in their first half:
In the beginning we were clicking offensively. In the second half, shots weren't falling so at that point we had to be able to execute our plays and make sure we had good looks and easy shots.

On the layup and whether he should have dunked it:
When I was dribbling the ball down the court, I saw the crowd standing up and I was like, 'Hold up, I do not have anything in the tank right now' but as my calves get stronger those plays will definitely be dunks.

Rockets Guard Kevin Martin

On the win:
Tonight was a desperate performance by us. We got down to two and a half minutes, around that mark, and down by 5 (points) at overtime. It just looked like the life was out of us but, we found a way to pull that one out.

On the Rockets' play:
It's funny, somebody left my 3 point shot in the locker room before the game and I kind of missed it tonight. It was team effort outside of that. We're going to try to keep this thing rolling.

Rockets Guard Kyle Lowry

On the difference between the first half and the second half of the game:
My teammates did a great job of picking me up tonight. Kevin (Martin) did a good job the first half and Sammy (Dalembert) down the stretch was amazing. We definitely struggled in the 4th quarter. I think we were a little bit tired. We were definitely fatigued tonight. New Orleans played great defense and they jumped it up on us a little bit but my teammates definitely picked me up tonight and I am thankful for that.

On the Hornets hanging around and getting back into the game:
Everybody says that that team (New Orleans) will never give up. Everybody around the league knows that. No matter how much they are down or up, they're going to play hard and that is the type of team that they are.

Rockets Center Samuel Dalembert

On the Rockets giving up the early big lead:
We started great. Things were going so well for us offensively but we kind of loosened up a little bit on defense at the end and they (Hornets) came back. You've got to give them credit. They keep fighting. Some teams give up.

On the Rockets' problems defensively in the second half:
I think that the offense was going so well and then we just kind of forgot that the defense was making the offense work for us. We let them (Hornets) get easy stuff. I think we realized that and at the last minute we knew what we had to do and we will have some games like that.

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