Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 103, Memphis 102 OT

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the win streak and the combination of players contributing to it:
Well you look at the double-doubles that Emeka (Okafor) and Chris (Paul) and David (West) had and that is the foundation for our team. Marcus (Thornton) has a way of coming into a game even if he sits out the whole first half and does some good things for the team. We had different guys step up tonight. I thought Quincy (Pondexter) played well tonight; I thought Willie (Green) played well. It was one of those games where you can go down the list and pick guys, but sometimes you just have to say Thank you, Lord and move on. This is one of those games.

On Emeka Okafors pass at the end of the game:
It started with Chris (Paul) throwing him the ball. Chris (Paul) threw him the ball for a jump shot and Emeka (Okafor) knocked down a 12-footer and that started the snowball effect for Emeka (Okafor) getting the ball away from the basket. As soon as he (Paul) threw the ball, Chris was over by me on the sidelines and I could hear him screaming for the ball to get it back and then when Emeka (Okafor) made the bounce pass, it was the slowest bounce pass in the world. It looked like that goofy better basketball video where you throw with one hand and it gets stolen. But Marcus (Thornton) got the ball and finished. It all started with defense. At that timeout we talked about trying to go for a steal before we foul and Marcus (Thornton) was all over the ball and got a deflection and that changed the momentum. I mean the momentum was going our way anyway, but to get a steal in that situation you (Memphis) are not thinking about that, you are thinking about getting the ball inbounds, Memphis was, and for Marcus (Thornton) to get a hand on that, that changed the whole situation.

Hornets Guard Marcus Thornton
On what he does when he gets called into the game:
Just go out there and be ready when my name is called. I try to give the team a lift whenever they need it. Thats what I tried to do.

On the recent winning streak:
We feel good going to Atlanta. Were playing well. It starts with defense. Thats what carries on.

On the win:
It was a good win. It was hard fought. It might be ugly sometimes, but we got it done.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the end of the game:
We came out of one of those time outs and I looked at everybody and said, Cmon. This game is not over. We still had a chance.

On taking over the game in the third quarter:
We just picked up the tempo a little bit, and that starts with me. Ive got to come out and be a little bit more aggressive I get down on myself every now and then because Im missing a lot of makeable shots. My teammates stayed with me and gave me the confidence (I needed). We stayed together and won this game.

Grizzlies Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Lionel Hollins
On the play of Marcus Thornton:
He won the game for them. He played 22 minutes and had 17 points. Look at the score, 103-102.

On the Hornets taking control after halftime:
This game changed in the second half when they came out early and got after us and tied the game up. They came right out and went from nine (points) down to a tie game. We were up nine at halftime and they just came back.

On not taking care of the ball late in the game:
We didnt take care of the ball. Guys making the plays that theyre supposed to make when were in those situations. Thats how you win those games. That was our game to win. All we had to do was get it in and they fouled, and if we couldnt get it in, call time out. We had two time outs left. Instead of throwing the ball to the other team, we should throw it to our team.

Grizzlies Forward Zach Randolph
It was definitely one we should have had. We dont know how to finish our games. We dont know how to win games at the end. I guess, you knowlesson learned. Its just a tough game. This game hurt, you know. Throwing it up, turning the ball over at the important time that we did. Lesson learned. It was just momentum. Chris Paul took over the game, started hitting big shots, getting into the lane, penetrating and dishing the basketball.

Grizzlies Guard Mike Conley
I just made a poor decision. Like I said, thats on me. I threw the ball away. They came back and got the easy layup. I saw him get open and thought I could get the pass into him before I could even get the timeout called. I should have just held it and called timeout. Our defense played well against them and we were able to limit them to one shot, get defensive rebounds and get in transition. After they started getting to the boards a little bit better and getting penetration, it was harder for us to stop them and they got back into the game.

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