Monday, January 17, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 85, Raptors 81

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On winning games in a variety of ways to keep winning streaks alive:
Were finding that out on the fly. You would like to win the way you want to win, you want the game to be clean and win by 25 and walk out. You have to give Toronto credit. They played hard, they executed, they exposed us when werent playing the right kind of basketball. Youre right, we found a way to win a game and were finding ways to win games in a variety of ways.

On Torontos zone slowing the Hornets down:
Yeah, it was something that we talked about, but we didnt plan on seeing zone that much. We should have anticipated it with the (Torontos) depleted numbers. We didnt know (Linas) Kleiza was going to be out until jump ball. Four our guys to pull a game out like that under those circumstances, having some emotional wins over the past week, for us to be able to come back home and win a game is big for our team. This very well could have been a loss for our team, a loss for us, and we would have felt pretty bad about it. Were going to address some issues we had in this game so they dont become problems.

On Emeka Okafor and David West keeping the team in the game early:
Those guys have been doing that for a while. Emeka had 12 offensive rebounds. Teams are trying to put size and athleticism on D-West, and hes finding ways to pass the ball and get other guys involved. I also thought that Jarrett Jack coming in and having I think he had 17 points in 27 minutes. That was big for us. He had a bucket, and when we needed some stops, he did what was necessary to keep us afloat. His words were this is the toughest thing Ive ever had to do. His minutes are up and down and I understand that, but I think his play helped us as well."

On being able to rest Paul for extended minutes in the second half:
I told the guys after the game Id love to play everybody 48 minutes, it doesnt work out that way. Chris, we gave him an extended rest because Jarrett had it going. In a game like this, playing against his former team, you know a guy may have something special in the tank for that team. What I love about Chris, he sat on that bench and cheered for Jarrett just like it was Jarrett sitting on that bench and cheering for him. His attitude didnt change because hes about winning games. He got back in with about four minutes to go and he comes in, they try to post hi up with (DeMar) DeRozan and he gets a jump ball. Our defense was set, and he changed the game."

On finishing quarters well of late:
I think a lot of it has to do with the rotations. Were keeping some of our starters in the game to close out quarters. Jarrett Jack closes out some of those quarters. I feel pretty confident when he has the ball in his hands, you know youre going to get a shot. Jarrett wants to shoot the ball. Its one of those situations where as a team, weve gotten better at it. We talked about it, we didnt do well in that category early in the year.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack
On the game:
Its a big win, period. Were on a winning streak, but we kind of got softwe had a lackadaisical effort in the first half. I tried to be a spark off the bench along with some of the other guys like Marcus [Thornton] and Jason [Smith]. It was a team victory. We know whats expected of us every time we take the floor. In the first half, that wasnt Hornets basketball. In the second half, we knew we had twenty-four minutes to make up for it. We came out, fought hard and got a victory. Its what the league is all about. Around this time, you have to grind out victories, not matter how you get them. Were not always pretty; its going to be ugly sometimes, but we take them anyway we can get them.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the problems the Raptors present:
They do an excellent job using Bargnani. Hes a big man that stretches the court, and makes it really tough and keeps your big man away from the goal. (Jarrett) Jack and Marcus (Thornton) had a big game, and he [Jack] came out and was relentless all game long, and we got stops down the stretch and pulled out the win. Our starters struggled, but that will happen during an 82 game season, but thats what makes us so good, were dangerous and were deep. We were prepared to go into OT if needed, but D. West make the big stop at the end.

Raptors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jay Triano
On the game:
We did the best we could to mix it up defensively, play some zone and man-to-man, try to keep them off balance a little bit, but in the end, they just hammered us on the boards. Offensive rebounds. They got second chances and you can only give up so many of those, even if you hold a team to thirty-nine percent. I think we might have got a little bit tired. I tried to keep three bigs on the floor as much as I could and see if we could come up with an offensive or defensive rebound, but we kept giving them up.

On not having enough reserves to counter the Hornets attack:
It was tough to spread the floor tonight. The Hornets are a team that likes to play in the paint anyway. We were content with going toe-to-toe with them and try to grind it out on the inside, but we have to have better play from our main guys to be able to grind out wins.

Raptors Guard DeMar DeRozan
On the loss:
Its definitely frustrating. I wish we wouldve gotten that game. That wouldve been a big game for us. We cant let it get away from us in the last three minutes of the game.

On his play:
I just wanted to come out and be aggressive. The last couple of games I havent been getting to the free throw line like I wanted. I just tried to be aggressive and tried to get us a win today.

Raptors Forward Ed Davis
On the difficulty of trying to get an offensive rebound against a zone defense:
Its tough because if youre out of position, sometimes you will be behind your guy or under the rim, so its real tough. Weve just got to keep working.

On the close game today:
It was a good game. We were right there. We almost had it. We just came up a little short.

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