Monday, January 16, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 77, Portland 84

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On needing to coach better:
At the end of the day, Im always about the things that I do that help this team. I have to do some things better. Ive got to put guys in a position to succeed. Ive got to get guys out of the game that arent playing. I have to coach better. I can look at a number of things that point to certain players or quarters, but when I go through my evaluations, I have to look at me. Thats what we always tell our guys. Just look at yourself. Obviously, if you said that you could hold the Portland Trailblazers to 84 points, you would take that, but we only scored 77 points. That is something that I have to try to figure out.

On trying to figure out the best lineup or the hot hand:
The thing that gets away from us is knowing when to get the certain group in the game that is going to play well. At times its hard to figure that out until you throw them out there and they start doing it. Our starting unit tonight got us 15 points in the first quarter and 16 in the third. Maybe I should have gotten a couple of those guys out earlier. Again, that points right at me. That is something that I have to figure out. We just have to keep working at it.

Hornets Center Chris Kaman

On the loss:
We did a good job defensively. Offensively, I turned the ball over as well as everybody else. I need to look in the mirror and step up and take more care of the basketball. Offensively, we did not execute and not be where we want to be and a lot of it is because we did not have a lot of time together (in training camp). Its definitely tough and we need to get better offensively. We need to do a better job of taking care of the basketball.

On defending the post:
I think we just got out of rhythm a little bit. We are trying to figure out our roles and different lineups and different positions. Everybody is just trying to deal with it and figure it all out. We need to get better and we have to be patient and do the best we can with what we have right now.

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor

On turnovers:
We just shot ourselves in the foot. We played good defense and set our turnovers across the board. We just have to do a better job of taking care of the basketball.

On getting into a flow throughout the game:
Its just a way some games go. I got started a little bit late and in hindsight, I guess it was too late considering how the game turned. Its just how basketball goes.

Trail Blazers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Nate McMillan

On what changed in the second half :
We came out more aggressively and started getting stops. We started pushing the ball up the floor instead of walking it up. We did too much of that in the first half. We picked up the tempo and started playing full court basketball and we were able to build a lead. Unfortunately we stopped doing those things in the fourth quarter and they cut into our lead.

On an ugly win:
Sure it was ugly but we needed a win and well take it. We know we can play better and we know well have to play better, but were happy with the win. Our guys got together and huddled up just before going out for the second half, I thought we played flat and that was what they wanted to discuss.

Trail Blazers Guard Jamal Crawford

On coming together as a team:
Weve got six or seven new guys. Its still a new group and theyre trying to work out the kinks. Thats why its a work in progress. There will be good moments and bad moments, we just have to continue to chip away at it. Its everything. The things that you usually get a chance to do in training camp and offseason workouts. We didnt have that luxury, but neither did anybody else.

On their play today:
It was everything. Playing as a team, continuing to have each others back, continuing to stay aggressive. Not over think things, just play.

Trail Blazers Guard Wesley Matthews

On their offensive effort:
Just keep shooting. I dont think anybody is having a great shooting season thus far, except for Nick [Batum]. I just said keep shooting and stay confident, knowing that well keep playing for each other. We know everybodys shot was a good shot, and we kept confidence in each other.

On playing hard:
Were not scoring with the ball well. Defensively, we defended. We defended well. We were in the passing lanes. We were getting good shots and getting good looks, we just have to keep playing the right way and keep shooting.

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