Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 92, Orlando 89 OT

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the game:
I felt like they made runs but we had enough of a cushion when they made the runs to keep the lead. I think they took the lead once down the stretch, but I thought that we made the plays necessary to win. We had some situations where we didnt have as much discipline giving up threes down the stretch, but Emeka (Okafor) with that kind of double-double against a guy that likes to camp out in the lane all night and play that way, I thought he was phenomenal. Marcus (Thornton) off the bench tonight; I thought he was great.

On the game being physical, especially between Emeka Okafor and Dwight Howard:
They are two big, strong guys and that is understating it, and at the same time they are athletic. When they go up, thats a lot of force going up.And then when they hit guys, you saw guys flying all over the place tonight. Dwight (Howard) caught a couple of our guys with elbows, and Im pretty sure Emeka (Okafor) set some tough screens tonight. For all the criticism that he gets, I thought Emeka (Okafor) shut a lot of people up tonight with that type of play.

On putting Dwight Howard on the free throw line:
Weve said it a number of times, even in preseason, when he gets it down there put him on the line and make him score from there. We dont want him to get up in the air. If he gets up in the air he is too strong and gets and-ones. We made an effort to foul him, and sometimes its hard for the refs to make that call but I thought it went our way tonight. We didnt get the foul call and they kicked it out for threes so that was the scary part. It was tough. Its hard to just give a guy a basket, it goes against your natural instinct, but when he has the ball down there we want to make it tough on him.

On the pace of the game:
They average a lot of points, especially since the trade took place, but I thought the more we scored and were able to set our defense, we didnt even have to get into zone tonight, and I thought we were going to have to, and they were a little frustrated. Lets be honest, some of their guys were 2-for-10, 3-for-13, 2-for-11, 1-for-9, and its some of their main guys, so that helped us and we were able to give them one shot. We only gave up 12 offensive rebounds against a team that shot 39-percent, thats pretty good.

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
On the game:
It definitely was a grind out there. They played great, it was very physical, the refs did a great job. In a hard fought game like this it was great to come out with a win. It feels great, we needed this one. Its good to break a streak."

On his matchup against Dwight Howard:
It was a total team effort. Dwight is a heck of a player. He is going to get buckets just because. It was definitely a team effort. David (West) came in a did some great things."

On the play of Marcus Thornton:
Marcus came in and played phenomenal. Marcus came in off the bench and does what he does best, which is score."

Hornets Guard Marcus Thornton
On defeating the Magic:
It felt good, you know, we battled with that team for four quarters and overtime. It feels good to beat a team like that that was one a run, winning nine games straight.

On filling in for Marco Belinelli:
Marco is a big part of our offense, so just to step up and try to fill the void. My teammates were very supportive when I got in there, but I did what I do best, go out there and play hard."

On getting out of his slump:
The last few weeks its been kind of rough, but Ive been in the gym every morning before everybody, getting a couple shots up. Id like to give a shout out to Fred Vinson because he told me this would be one of my breakout games and it was. He worked with me the last couple days. Its good to have coaches like that.

Magic Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Stan Van Gundy
On the loss:
It was tough. I thought we did a good job fighting back. We played pretty poorly most of the night. Ryan (Anderson) made some shots. Jason Richardson and Dwight (Howard) carried us and kept us close enough. We played well down the stretch and made some big shots. (We) got it into overtime and got a quick lead. We just kept fighting and we couldnt make the plays in the end. It was tough from that regard. We didnt play well enough or hard enough for long enough tonight.

On not playing with urgency lately:
Theres not a real sense of urgency. Theyre kind of just putting it on cruise control and playing. Its not good enough. The pace of the game was extremely slow. It was extremely slow most of the game. We knew that thats how they wanted to play the game. We wanted to play the game a lot faster. Our pace has seemed to gotten a little bit slower every game. Were a little bit lethargic and were not putting enough into the game.

Magic Forward Brandon Bass
On the loss:
We just came out sluggish. We need to play with more energy. I was pressing out there. (I was) trying to play well. I was trying to give us something tonight, and I couldnt do it. Weve got a game tomorrow. Weve got to get better from tonight.

On the reasons for the loss:
We just had missed shots. I had some wide open shots that I missed. They made shots and we didnt.

Magic Guard Chris Duhon
On the difference with the team since the trade:
Weve got more guys that can score for us. Jason Richardson (is a great addition). (Hedo) Turkoglu is a playmaker who does a great job of scoring and passing. Gilbert (Arenas) is a guy that can score. I think we just got better offensively.

Magic Guard J.J. Redick
On the loss:
The great thing about the NBA is that if you lose a game, most of the time you have a game the next day. It will be a quick turnaround, but well be ready.

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