Monday, January 9, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 94, Denver 81

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

Our guys stepped up and were competitive for four quarters. We got a bit tired at the end. We had some guys who knocked down some shots. We held them to 81 points and thats the way we want to play. Jarrett Jack showed unbelievable leadership tonight. I know he will play through pain but I thought he would be out tonight. We would not have won tonight without him. Our 15 turnovers is still too high. Our defense was better than it has been, guys can always play with effort. Chris Kaman was big on the offensive end. Hes still trying to figure out our defense but he knocked down some shots tonight.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On gutting it out with foot injury:
"This morning at shoot around I couldnt even walk on it. At shoot around they made me sit down but I was at least going through warm ups and trying to do something. Coaches just exed me all together so I just went back to the hotel and tried to ice it down. I got up and it seemed like I could tolerate the pain. Our training staff did a great job of patching me up and making sure whatever pain I had I was able to play with."

On convincing Williams to let him play:
"I went out there to warm up and obviously he had someone to keep a close eye on me. I didnt do it to be like Willis Reed or whatever. The one thing people always told me is the best ability is your availability. I just tried to be there for my guys who work so hard for coach and myself. They do everything demanded of them everyday in practice and I feel like I would have let them down if I didnt come out there and try and give it a go."

On the play of the bench:
"Our bench support was unbelievable tonight. Everyone was positive even if you made a mistake. People were still hi-fiving and the contributions we got on the court were tremendous. Carl Landry, Chris Kaman, Squeaky [Carldell] Johnson came in and took a big charge. They hit some big shots for us down the stretch. DaJuan Summers hadnt even played all season; this is like his first time playing in the NBA came in and made some big defensive plays down the stretch.

Hornets Forward Carl Landry

On his dunk play on Nene:
"Definitely got hit in the face and I actually didnt even see the ball go in. I didnt know what happened. I just know I hit the ground pretty hard on my side. It is still numb and Im really sore right now but Ill try and get some treatment tonight."

Frustration foul by Nene?
"I dont know. In a way it was just a tough hit. In a way I felt that it was more than an average foul. If you get hit like that six times a game and if a person gets six fouls you dont get hit like that. I took it, got up and it is what it is."

On the losing streak ending:
"It feels good to get the monkey off your back. Losing six in a row is never easy. I dont care what sport it is. We fought tonight and we did a good job. Getting a win on the road is really big in this league. We continue to fight for 48 minutes and we fought in the past couple of games for 30 minutes, 35 minutes but never put together 48 minutes and we did tonight and the outcome is a win.

Nuggets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach George Karl

On his teams performance:
"Im disappointed but I just dont think we played with the attitude and aggressiveness that we need to play with to be successful. I think New Orleans did a great job. I thought they were the first team to slow us down and took us away from the paint. We could never find the three-ball or the penetration that we normally get in a game. They got some guys going in the first quarter. [Marco] Belinelli was good and Landry was good the whole game. Kaman came in the third quarter and [Jarrett] Jack was good enough to leave them with good leadership most of the night. We never got a high level game and some of the guys that have been playing great for us didnt play great tonight. We didnt get any juice in the building. It seemed like everybody was watching the football game or something. It is a tough home loss. You dont like losing them but I think you are seeing a lot of these games in a lockout type of year that one team kind of comes in and does all the right things and the other team is searching. We didnt find many answers tonight.

Nuggets Guard Ty Lawson

On his ankle injury:
"Its alright. Its a little tough. Its a little sore but it should be better in a couple of days. I plan on playing on Wednesday. Well see how it reacts tonight and see if it tightens up and well see tomorrow."

On being a bad night:
"It is just one of those nights. We couldnt get anything going. They knocked down shots and we couldnt get into a rhythm. Of course you are going to have 3-5 of these a year."

On New Orleans defensive play:
"They just packed the defense by packing the paint. Thats what they did and I felt that we had no way to drive. Probably our spacing too helped them to defend us.

Nuggets Forward Al Harrington

On the offensive struggles in the paint:
"It just seemed like we had dead legs. We just werent ourselves and as a result we werent getting up the court like we usually do. On defense we werent getting any stops. We have been playing a lot better defense than it showed tonight. We just have to lick our wounds, come out and have a practice tomorrow and beat Jersey on Wednesday."

On New Orleans being tired of losing:
"We definitely noticed their confidence was higher this evening. Obviously they starting making shots and everyone started making jumpers. Thats how it goes sometimes, sometimes you get that momentum and theres nothing you can do."

On coming out with better energy:
"A lot of times Ive been on have struggled in the first quarter so the biggest thing I guess we can do is just go out there and give it everything you have and if you get tired just asked for a sub.

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