Sunday, January 9, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 96, Denver 87

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
It was one of those games where it wasnt strategy, it wasnt Xs and Os; it was about guys making plays down the stretch. We got up by 18-19; they jumped it up a bit with some zone and small line up. I thought guys made plays. Jarret Jack came in and stepped up for us. Chris got in to foul trouble and normally we lose that game when he has to go out. David [West] did a great job a guarding Carmelo. I had to hold Emeka [Okafor] out because they were small. Sometimes you have to play your style and deal with it. Sometimes you have to have guys who can make plays. They had guys who made plays; Anthony Carter came in and hit two threes and we didnt expect that. We can argue about the referees calls, but the bottom line is when David hit that shot I had a feeling we were going to win. He has been in situations like that before where he puts us on his shoulders.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
We did a great job at weathering the storm. I went out with five fouls; even before I went out they started making a run. Guys made big shots and big plays and, most of all, our defense is what won the game."

On keeping a lead on Denver:
"I have been up here plenty of times and they made one of those fourth quarter runs. Chauncey hit a three, JR hit the three and Anthony Carter came in and hit two threes. I dont know if you all noticed this, but towards the end of the game Dave West was on Melo and I think he did an outstanding job. It is a good win."

On the play of Jarrett Jack:
"Jack was outstanding. He made some big shots for us tonight and he kept the ship steady. I tell you all the time, he is a starter playing back up on our team."

Surprised by Melos struggles?
"I was, but it goes to show that we played really good defense. Melo is one of those guys that is going to get doubled every night, especially playing a team like us. I know him so well and I know what he is capable of. We tried to just go double him, double him and we tried to force other guys to make plays.

Hornets Forward David West
On the team play:
"We rebounded from a tough loss in LA. I thought we came out focused and intent. We didnt let the atmosphere or the altitude, things like that get to us."

On his personal performance:
"I wanted to continue to stay aggressive. That is what we have to do; we have to be aggressive and maintain a certain level of intensity on the defensive end in order to give ourselves a chance to win.

Nuggets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach George Karl
The team fought really hard; didnt have a lot of confidence in the game, missed a lot of easy shots, but we still fought hard. We got back into the game. Had a tough call go against us, it seemed fairly obvious to me that it was an offensive foul on West. That was a big play and of course they got a three after that and played from three to nine on two possessions. There are a lot of good things, but we have got to shoot the ball better from the perimeter, we have got to make our lay-ups when we get them, we have got to finish our easy baskets and we have got to make our free-throws."

On the effort of Carmelo Anthony tonight:
"He passed the ball great, moved the ball really well. Early in the game it was exciting to see our team move the ball the way they did, but we didnt get a lot of reward to it. We missed a lot of threes we would normally make. The second quarter took our confidence away. We battled in the third and the fourth came our way a little bit. I thought Anthony Carter was sensational. He got up and played as hard as he could and created some game for us. Al Harrington gave us a good game. JR made some great defensive plays.

Nuggets Forward Carmelo Anthony
There is a little bit of funk in this team tonight. I take responsibility for this loss. I think I was a little too unselfish and a little too selfish for the simple fact that over the last couple of days we talked about passing the ball and I think I was a little too selfish by not being as aggressive as I normally would be on the offensive end. Just passing the ball a little too much, passing up shots that I should have took. I dont like to look at the stat sheets, but for me to only take 11 shots that is out of the norm for me. Nobody should hang their heads. Everyone played together on the defensive end. We just couldnt make shots on the offensive end. Like I said, me personally I was a little too selfish and unselfish."

On their fourth quarter effort:
"We cut it to three points. Defensively we buckled down on the defensive end. I think we just as a team, and me, tried being aggressive too late. We tried to make a come back, but we dug too big of a hole for ourselves."

On their effort after bad road trip:
"When you lose a couple games, you try to find a way to win a game and I think that is the toughest thing to do after dropping two games in a row like we did. That was emotionally draining losses, two of them and then tonight on our home court. Hopefully, we can get back to playing the basketball that we know how to play starting here Tuesday."

Nuggets Forward Gary Forbes
On their fourth quarter spark:
"It was just the competitive nature and we were down a big margin tonight. We had a couple stretches were we came back."

On the rebounding and pace:
"I think when we were going through that run we were getting a lot of stuff in transition then they slowed the game down and that took plays away and we just didnt come out on top."

On the troubles defending the pick-and-roll:
"I dont really think it was them, I think it was just us not communicating enough. Guys not helping each other enough and never stepping in the way. We will watch film tomorrow and adjust."

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