Saturday, January 7, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 81, Dallas 96

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

Just in general, what struck you about this ball game?
Well, I saw a number of things. But, I just didnt think some of our guys competed tonight, and they didnt play. And, were not going to stand for that. The guys who played the majority of the minutes in the second half competed. And, as a coach, when youre going through a tough time youre looking at character, youre looking at guys who are willing to stick in there, not give in, and those are the guys that are going to play. I thought Dallas did a good job tonight of putting us in certain situations, but we competed the second half. We held them to 44 points in the second half, so there are some things that we can be excited about that we can build on.

What did you think of your younger guys tonight?
I think Aminu is improving day-by-day. I really do. I think hes understanding how to play under control. Hell make some mistakes. Hes getting used to me jumping his butt a little bit. Squeaky [C. Johnson] goes out there and has an impact, but he does it defensively. He guards the ball full court, doesnt make many mistakes on offense, and I [also] thought Trey [Johnson] gave us an edge tonight when he went in there.

What can you take from this game going forward?
You look at the film first. Its easy to make a lot of rash judgments about the game without looking at the film, but obviously look at the film. And, well rest tomorrow. The guys are a little beat up. When you lose 6 in a row its going to have an affect on you, so I think we need to get away from the game for a day.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On being shorthanded:
Its difficult. Not having a voice and trying to play is difficult. But its part of it, its part of the season and part of the grind. Guys have injuries, personal problems and ways of dealing with it. We just came in here with a crew that wanted to battle, and just came up short.

Was the flagrant foul out of frustration?
No, I didnt think it was a flagrant foul. He didnt look like he was to hurt after the foul. Its just part of it. Hopefully the league will look at it and resend me my money.

Whats it going to take to get back on track?
Definitely us getting healthy back is part of it. Getting Eric and Trevor and Jason and those guys back. Theyre a big part of our nucleus, so hopefully if we can get them back soon we can get things back on track.

How does it feel filling in for Chris Paul?
It didnt really bother me. I didnt come in here to try and fill his shoes. I just try to play my game and be me, just trying to lead this team in the right direction.

Mavericks Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Rick Carlisle

The defining characteristic of the season is that depth is huge, depth is king. Energy triumphs everything. We have to find it, we have to keep it on the floor and when it is not there we have to shuffle the deck. That is the way that it has to be. For the most part I thought we were pretty energetic. We had some guys that got tired and we got them out. A lot of times you come up with a plan for a rotation on a given night, but that has rarely gone as planned this year and that seems like it is going to be the norm.

On the bench outscoring the starters:
They (the bench) have been outscoring them...that is not surprising. I think the starters got us off to a solid beginning and that was important, but finishing the game is key. You got to get the win. We were able to do thatit is not always pretty, but theres gradual mild progress and we just got to keep working.

On Ian Mahinmi:
Ian is a great example of what is important this year. He is energetic and involved in every play. He is extremely valuable for us. That is the kind of stuff we need from Beaubois, we need Jones to be ready to give us that. Brandan Wright came in the game and made an impact and those guys need to be ready.

He is involved in plays and we have other players that draw attention and then he is the recipient. You dont get those unless you are a good screener and a very decisive roller to the basket.his minutes have been important to us all year long and know he is about ready to jump off a cliff because of his free-throw shooting but he is a good free throw shooter and they are going to go in.

Mavericks Guard Vince Carter

What was working for you tonight?
Just playing within the flow of the offense. Being aggressive and making a couple shots. Trying to get to the basket. Just being aggressive and making plays.

On coming together as a team:
Were a veteran team and its something thats going to take time. Were a very unselfish team. We move the ball, share and theres a lot of shooters.

On taking care of bodies in shortened season:
We know the importance of taking care of our bodies. It makes for a long season. You have to be smart and take care of yourself and eat right.

What do you like about playing for this team?
The pace of this team. Everybodys unselfish. Its not about how many points you score; its about execution. I think for this team thats the most important thing; its about execution. We have to out-smart some teams. Theres going to be some younger teams that are maybe more athletic, faster than us. But we have to pride ourselves on execution and being smarter than everybody. And I think us moving the ball and finally getting stops makes us a successful team.

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