01/07/11 Post Game Quotes - Hornets vs. Lakers

Friday, January 7, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 97, Los Angeles 101

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On if tonight was a moral victory:
“We can’t be this kind of team just because we’re playing the Lakers in Los Angeles. We have to be this team every night. We don’t take moral victories. I think that’s for people who do Hallmark cards and all that nonsense. We like the way that we played tonight, but we came up short.”

On the shooting struggles with the Hornets bench players:
“They gave them a cushion and our starters had to find a way to chip away at it and get it close again. I’m not going to put this on the bench. That happens against the world champs on this floor.”

On the effectiveness of the Lakers rebounding:
“I know when we go zone, it’s going to open up offensive rebounds. That’s something that you’re going to give up. We have to find a way to rebound out of the zone because the zone can be a weapon for us.”

On the close loss:
“It was a tough loss but if we compete like that, we’re going to win more games.”

On if his team got the shots he wanted at the end of the game:
“Yeah, we set up Marco [Bellinelli] for a three-pointer. David [West] had an up and under. He normally knocks that down. I’m going to ride [David West] and Chris [Paul]. If they make or miss, I’ll take it because I know those guys are trying to get us wins.”

On what adjustments need to be made going forward:
“We have to get consistent play. We didn’t play this way the other night against Golden State. For us to be the team we want to be, we have to play like this every night. To have a chance to beat the world champs on their floor says a lot about our team, but consistency is something that we’re looking for.”

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On tonight’s loss:
“You want to win, all losses hurt. It never feels good to lose. We played our hearts out tonight. We’ve got another tough game ahead of us. We just need to go out and play harder next time.”

On Kobe Bryant passing Oscar Robertson:
“He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever been around. I think it means a lot, but more than anything he wants to win championships. So I think the team goals are more important to him than his individual goals.”

On Kobe Bryant’s performance tonight:
“Pissed me off, really, I ain’t gonna lie. He played really good. But, that’s who he is, he’s the best player in the world, and he’s tough to guard.”

On how Kobe Bryant’s playing style has changed:
“He is a little older, so his fundamentals are unbelievable. He shot one shot left handed tonight, and if he had it in his right I would have been able to get to it, but in his left I couldn’t get to it. So, his fundamentals are unbelievable…he’s letting his fundamentals play instead of his athleticism.”

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On tonight’s loss:
“I guess the effort. There aren’t no more victories around here. I wish we could’ve figured out a way to get the win. You know, we need it desperately. We lost a bad one at home two days ago, so, you know, we really needed this win.”

On tonight’s game:
“In the stretch we didn’t execute well. You know, we let Kobe get into the lane and make plays.”

On Kobe Bryant’s performance tonight:
“It was just one of those games. He was 10/19 from the field. You know, he made a lot of tough shots from the lane with hands over him. You know, that’s why he passed Oscar Robertson tonight.”

On getting the shots they wanted in the final minutes of the game:
“A few times. But, you know, they played pretty good defense down the stretch. I’m gonna have to look at the tape cause it’s all such a blur right now. I’m kind of frustrated cause I sort of pride myself in the last three, four minutes trying to figure out how to get a win, but we were just taking the ball out of the net. We couldn’t get a stop towards the end and that’s what ultimately hurt us.”

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On the win tonight:
“Well both teams played hard and it was a good game. We were fortunate enough to hang on to that game and win it. I was concerned about it actually from the tip-ball on. This is a team [the Hornets] that has the capacity to come back and play a good game after we played them 10 nights ago.”

On Lamar Odom’s performance being an indication of his shoulder being not too bad:
“I think his shoulder is not that bad, but it’s difficult still. But it doesn’t affect his shot it’s his right hand, he’s left handed. He can get his arm up above his shoulder is still a little bit of an issue with his right hand.”

On Kobe Bryant passing Oscar Robertson on the scoring list:
“Oscar was a big personality, one of the great players of the game, arguably one of the top guards to ever play the game. Kobe obviously fits in that category now, and he’s persistently gone on through his career and had the longevity to do this. He really recognizes this as a great mile mark.”

On the importance of getting Pau Gasol in rhythm offensively:
“We need him as a scorer. He’s a scoring big man and we need him to carry a load of points for us. It changes how the defense plays us. They can’t focus on Kobe as much if they’re worried about defending big guys back in the lane, and the big guys aren’t so interested in coming to help out on Kobe or anybody else.”

Lakers Center Andrew Bynum
On the Hornets making a good run at the Lakers in the end:
“I think just the size, it was too much. Everybody was effective down low…”

On the Lakers getting a lot better:
“I think defensively we need to get a lot better. We need to play more as a unit. Offensively, I think we’re starting to work it out, starting to trust the offense, moving the ball. If we continue to do both those things we’ll be alright.”

On the Lakers offense tonight:
“We did a little better job tonight and I think we’ll continue to progress. Defensively we just need to work on our rotations…”

Lakers Forward Ron Artest
On Matt Barnes injury tonight:
“Matt will be okay…He’ll be fine, he’ll be playing next game.”

On how the team has performed since Andrew Bynum’s return:
“We always got to have our team; our old team. Even if we win, and guys are out, we would rather have everybody. That’s what make us who we are…”

Lakers Forward Matt Barnes
On the status of his right knee:
“I’m going to have an MRI then we’ll set up a timetable. Anytime you can walk it’s a good sign…so just stay hopeful.”

Lakers Forward Lamar Odom
On New Orleans increased competition in tonight’s meeting:
“They played tough tonight. They got it going from the beginning and got some good looks.”

Lakers Center Pau Gasol
On the team effort:
“We continued to play. We found ways to control the game and be ahead. I like the way we contributed. We used our inside game with Drew and Lamar had a really good game so I’m very pleased with that.”

On the team’s mentality moving forward:
“We’re satisfied when we win obviously but I think that we understand that we can’t relax, we can’t be too confident and we can’t overlook anybody.”

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant
On passing Oscar Robertson for 9th all-time in scoring:
“Oh yeah, I mean, this is cool man. I don’t really have much to say. It’s a great honor. Obviously Oscar, I paired so much of my game from his, Jerry [West], and Michael [Jordan], in particular – you know those big guards so it means a lot.”

On New Orleans increased competition in tonight’s meeting:
“I just think they played a little better. They executed pretty well…but the game still felt like it was under our control.”

On the teams focus:
“We know what work needs to be done. It’s pretty easy to identify the mistakes that we’re making. Defensively we have a system and it’s pretty easy to hold guys accountable on rotations.”

On his knee:
“Do I look worried? Did we win last year? My knee last year was the size of a balloon and we still won so I’m not that concerned about it. We’ve just got to be smart and pace things out. It’s just listening to your body and I do a pretty good job of that."


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