Friday, January 6, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 88, Denver 96

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the first quarter being opposite than the 4th quarter:
Well, yeah there are so many things that happen within the scheme of things between quarters that go unnoticed that just cost you blown assignments. We had an eight turnover quarter in the second. I thought we lost our rhythm. We have guys that are in position to make a name for themselves when they have these minutes. Unfortunately, its a bit much for them right now. We have to keep fighting. Thats the thing that I keep going back to. What I dont like is when I see guys get so frustrated that you lose your poise when theres still time to get back into the game. Those are things that have to become personal. You have to personally keep yourself in the game and not get so frustrated that you lose your poise and your awareness because in the NBA things can change in a moment.

Hornets Forward Carl Landry

On fourth quarter play:
Same thing happened like last game, we held t hem to eight points in the third quarter and then the last couple of possessions they went on a run and in the fourth quarter we gave them 34 points, that is something you cant have. Coach teaches defense, thats what we do. We try to build around defense and giving up 34 points in the fourth quarter again is not going to get it done.

On coming off the bench:
Thats just the way coach decided to go. I am a team player and coming off the bench, starting, however many minutes he wants to play me is no big deal. Im a part of this team and so is everybody else. We are all about winning."

Hornets Guard Greivis Vasquez

On the his performance:
First of all I think that does not mean anything if you dont win the game. I dont really care if I got a career high, the most important thing is we win the game. I think we need to keep fighting and keep getting better. We got to close games, we always play well for three quarters and fall down. That is reality and that is on us. I think coach is doing a great job, its on us."

Nuggets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach George Karl

On the game tonight:
Defensively we started to control the game about midway through the second quarter. Things began breaking our way and we started clicking offensively. They did a good job of frustrating us on offense early on. That was about as good a job as anyone has done on us all year, but thankfully we were able to get things going.

On the difference in the second half:
Rudy and Kosta did a good job helping us to get going; I believe they made a huge difference. Kosta had 4 big blocks for us. That was unexpected for us. Several of those blocks came at crucial times in the game. It was a tough game that we actually won pretty easily."

Nuggets Guard Rudy Fernandez

On closing out the game:
In the fourth quarter, we stayed aggressive on defense. This is where we can run and play freely. We were able to score more easily than in the first half.

On the bench play:
We changed the tempo a little bit in the game. My intensity made a difference. Kosta is a great defender. We have to do our best, because everyone is important in this system.

Nuggets Forward Danilo Gallinari

On the game tonight:
I thought everybody was feeling good, especially the guys from the bench because they changed the rhythm a little bit and brought a lot of energy. They were able to do a little stretch by ten points in the fourth quarter. Everybody did a good job, especially the bench.

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