Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 103, Golden State 110

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On turnovers and missing free throws hurting the team tonight:
Theres a number of things that happened tonight. We have to get consistent production out of our bench. Its not me calling these guys out, but too many times our starters are giving us leads and were not sustaining. Thats unfair to the starting lineup. We turned the ball over, 12 of those turnovers came from the starting group. We have to be able to have balance and trying to change the rotation on a night-ion, night-out basis just to cover up some of the mistakes were making puts us in a tough spot. That team (the Warriors) did what they have to do to win tonight. They hit shots, they played their style of basketball. All this talk about our defense, to me its a sometime defense. When you allow teams to drive down the paint time after time off of one dribble, youre not a good defensive team. We have to reassess that and I have to make some changes in my rotation.

On the potential of the bench to produce to his expectations in the future:
I have to address it with minutes and thats what Im going to do. Guys have to know that when they come into the game, we cant give up leads. Im into going to put all of this on the bench, we made some mistakes tonight. We missed a ton of free throws, had a ton of turnovers. You combine that with a lack of urgency to put that game away - were up ten points going into the fourth quarter - cant do that. You cant call yourself a good team when you cant put teams like that away when you have a lead.

On the defense not playing consistent tonight:
Weve seen the same theme in bad losses: Detroit, the Clippers, Minnesota and now tonight. Teams, especially athletic guards, are blowing by us and getting to the basket. It puts a lot of pressure on our bigs. A lot of times, Emeka (Okafor) is fouling out or getting fouls because hes trying to cover up for the penetration. Chris (Paul) and Trevor (Ariza) are aggressive for the most part - and Willie (Green) thats about it. We have to have other guys step up and match that intensity. It cant just be those three guys every night. We have to look at some film and make sure were assessing this the right way, but we have to get consistent play out of our bench so that our starters can rest.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the fourth quarter:
They (Golden State) got it going on us. Monta Ellis scored eight quick points and they had the momentum from there. We made a run, but we put ourselves in a hole, and we just have to close out teams like that. I think that was a bad loss for us.

On the road trip versus the Lakers and the Nuggets:
We have to worry about the Lakers on Friday. Tomorrow we have to worry about us at practice figuring out what we have to do to put this together for 48 minutes. Tomorrows practice is probably going to be pretty intense. We got to get after it. We have to find a way to translate what we do in practice to the court, and we have to do it consistently. We cant have let downs like we did tonight.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On the fourth quarter:
Its just disappointing. Im not saying that were supposed to beat that team, but this definitely a game we should have won. We had a letdown defensively. Collectively as a team we have to do a better job. This is one of those games we have to learn from. Its just disappointing knowing we have two tough games coming out west. Its a tough loss.

Warriors Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Keith Smart
On the game:
Our team played the way we had envisioned them playing. All of our guys are back and healthy and our bench came in and gave us the needed energy to help us get back in the game. This is what we thought we could have once our guys got healthy. Im proud of the way our guys preformed tonight. We talked about limiting our turnovers and I thought tonight we did an excellent job in that area. Weve been playing good basketball but sometimes that doesnt show up in wins. Our guys have a great deal of mental toughness to keep working when things dont go our way, eventually things will begin to go our way.

On stealing a key win on the road:
I think its because weve been playing good basketball. Sometimes you dont get the real outcome when youre playing good basketball because you may not end up with the win. Our team has come out with a great deal of mental toughness and believed that sooner or later that things will start falling into place. I think having the tough games weve had paid off tonight, and all we can do is keep working and use this to get better.

On trying to dictate their tempo during the game:
They wanted to pace it down, and we needed to pace it up with what we needed. We wanted to get the pace up in the area of the floor where were most effective. Our guys did a great job of getting to the spots where we can run our offense the right way. Teams think that all we want to do is run up and down the floor, but in the end we know where our guys have to be in order to score, and we had to work hard to keep them off balance defensively.

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry
On the road victory:
It was huge for us. I dont know how many we were down going into that fourth quarter, but we really took advantage of that first three minutes and got a ten point lead. For us to kind of squander it and still find a way to get stops and get the win was huge for our morale and our confidence. Theyre a slow team and they value each possession. They run the clock and run their offense. If theyre scoring on it, then the game goes at a slow pace. If we can get stops and push in transition and kind of speed them up, its to our liking.

Warriors Forward David Lee
On the game:
We didnt play a great game, but everybody filled in for everyone else. We did the jobs and finished it out. It was a good team win. The best opportunity were going to have is with numbers, now we can wear teams down and can be up tempo and play the way we want to play, knowing that when you get tired, somebody can come in for you.

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