Monday, January 3, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 84, Philadelphia 77

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On going on a run to end every quarter of the game:
Coach Mike Malone is always harping on finishing out the quarter. Earlier in the year, we were in the negative as far as finishing quarters and it cost us a couple of games. It puts so much pressure on your starters to come back in and finish well for you. Thats a really good team over there (Philadelphia). Im glad were done with that squad. They do some things that expose some of our weak points in our defense. We really have to not be soft with success. Weve talked about that numerous times after wins. We made enough plays in this game you alluded to the runs those are the things we have to do to win games.

On the impact of defense on the outcome of the game
The last three games, were 81, 81, 77 in terms of holding opponents under 85 points. To do that in the NBA says a lot about your defense and it boils down to guys not just making plays on offense, but defensively also, getting rebounds. That was one thing that I was disappointed with tonight, we gave up 18 offensive rebounds. To be a good defensive team, you cant give any team extra possessions.

On the things he liked and disliked from the game:
The offensive rebounds is something I didnt like, but were winning games anyway and thats something we can hang our hats on. Weve had three tough games that weve won. I knew David West was a tough guy, but he basically played sick tonight playing on a sore ankle, strained ligament in his finger, and playing with an upper respiratory - basically the flu. They get into all these medical terms, and hes sick. To be able to play like that while youre sick, that builds character and it also shows some of these young guys what you have to do to be a respected player in this league.

On winning three consecutive games facing deficits going into Wednesdays matchup with Golden State:
Its the way we have to play. We dont have a consistent third scorer, so we do it by committee every night. Tonight I thought Willie (Green) gave us big numbers off the bench. The defense was stellar. Marco (Belinelli) hit shots, especially in that third quarter. Jarrett Jack came in and played solid and Quincy (Pondexter) was big for us tonight. His defense was big, but he hit two big shots that really stopped the bleeding or let us have a pressure release so to speak. We did it by committee tonight as far as that third scorer is concerned, but our defense again won us a game.

Hornets Forward David West
On the win:
We needed to get this one. We have a tough stretch of games coming up. Its about continuing what weve been doing and trying to puts some wins together.

On the win at home, coming off of a winning streak on the road:
Those wins would mean nothing if we would have come out here and laid an egg tonight. We just tried to be aggressive. I thought we did a good job in the second half defensively.

On the physical play of the Sixers:
We knew they were going to fight because theyre an NBA team. We kept our poise, though. CP made some plays down the stretch and we were able to seal it with good defense.

Hornets Forward Quincy Pondexter
On the last three games:
We came together collectively as a team, and we really came to realize what we need to do to win games and that starts on the defensive end and finding each other on the offensive end and really playing as a cohesive unit. Thats what weve been doing the last couple of games.

On the importance of Willie Green returning:
It helps tremendously. Hes another one of those offensive weapons that we have and hes a veteran leader on both ends of the floor. To have him on the floor, really helps me out, helps the rest of the team out, because he such a great person on and off of the floor.

Sixers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Doug Collins
On the game:
We couldnt make a shot. First quarter, we were 11-of-22 with seven assists. We got in a little foul trouble and took Jrue (Holiday) out. We went to our bench, and what I thought was going to be a big key for us tonight, our bench was 8-for-40, I think. We shoot 19-for-66 after the first quarter. We held them under forty-five percent shooting, which was our goal. Theyre 11-2 when they shoot over forty-five percent at home. They had three steals and we had eight turnovers. So, we did all the things that we would like to have done, except we couldnt make a shot. We just couldnt make a shot. Our guys fought in this game. Our guys fought back. We made it close in the end, but we just couldnt get over the hump.

On the play of Chris Paul:
With Chris Paul, he basically can get you a good shot anytime down the floor because of his ability to play pick-and-roll and do the things he does. Hes such a great player.

Sixers Forward Elton Brand
On the game:
It was a tough shooting night but we fought hard. The end of that second quarter really hurt us, because we had the game under control. Its a disappointing loss. Theyre playing well and theyre a good team, but still it was a disappointing loss because we had the game under control.

On the Hornets defense:
They are so quick and Chris Paul led the league in steals in three different years. Hes leading nowhes an excellent defender off the ball. Emeka Okafor is a great shot blocker. They played great team defense.

Sixers Guard/Forward Evan Turner
On pro basketball vs college basketball:
Its cool. We have to worry about basketball and its a great career, a great opportunity. Ive been getting acclimated as of lately and just trying to have fun. I just have to take it day by day.

On their long road trip:
Its super long. Weve been gone since (December) 18, for the most part. Its also that we have to stay focused mentally and switching from town to town and just going to different arenas and the different atmospheres and things like that.

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