Sunday, January 1, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 80, Sacramento 96

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

Our guard play was less than average tonight. They were able to score a lot of buckets off of our turnovers, which means we compounded an error with another error. I felt like we competed individually, but certain guys allowed the offense to dictate the defense. Their guards had over 50 points, and ours had 12 points, so obviously our guard play needs to improve. The numbers tell one story, but the mental things are more of a concern to me. We turn the ball over and they go back down and score buckets, and that cant happen. I dont expect this to be a long term problem because our guys have pride. One thing can lead to another, and we need more leadership out there. At some point, someone on the team needs to step up and be more vocal. We need to go play the way we practice. We practice very well, but need to translate that over to the game.

On shooting 0-15 from behind the arc:
One thing I was bothered by is a lot of people say we dont score a lot of points, but we have open shots and we dont knock them down. Its something we can fix, but its not something you can fix in your head. You have to be able to do those things in practice, and follow it through in the game. You cant have any hangovers because we play Utah tomorrow. As a coach, Ill be thinking about this for a while but when we land in Utah, we have to change our focus. We play a game every other day until February, so we have to get over it quickly.

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

On tonights game:
We werent playing our type of basketball and thats kind of how the game went after halftime.

On the lack of offense effecting defense:
Thats one of the things that we have to correct sooner than later. We cannot have that lapse of offense effect us on the defensive end. We really strive to have our defense be our strong point but it has to be corrected and it has to be correct soon.

On staying tough mentally for tomorrows game:
Just to have a short term memory its definitely a tough place to play in Utah. Its just one of those things where you have to have a short memory about this game look to the next game and continue to play hard and keep your head up.

Hornets Forward Carl Landry

On tonights game:
Too much penetration, Tyreke (Evans) got into the lane a lot tonight. Marcus Thornton got into the lane a lot. John Salmons just penetrated kicks for the jump shot. The Kings did a good job. I take my hat off to them. They did a good job of really attacking the hoop and getting to the post and thats why they got the win tonight."

On tomorrow night's game:
Utah, they are a defensive minded team just like us. They get out there. Theyre tough. Theyre the grind it out type of team. We definitely have to have it together tomorrow because getting a win in Utah wont be easy.

Kings Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Paul Westphal

What a difference a day makes, huh? The feeling in here last night and the feeling here today, in the building, is why they play the games. Never know whats going to happen. That was a very energetic and outstanding effort by our team, even though we couldnt make a basket. Its unbelievable, some of the shots we were getting, they werent dropping and we just kept plugging away. Finally, we got the lid off. I thought that everybody that played was outstanding. Particularly, Francisco (Garcia) coming off the bench after not playing for four games and missing a couple shots, but he came right back. The guys had confidence in him to take those shots and it really gave us some nice breathing space. I thought Travis Outlaw felt more comfortable playing the four spot and it really gave us some energetic minutes. Then with Jason (Thompson) and J.J. (Hickson) and Chuck Hayes, they were battling all night. They were killing us on the offensive boards, but we kept fighting and taking care of business there. All of those guys were really instrumental in the win. Obviously Tyreke (Evans) and Marcus (Thornton) blended really well together. John Salmons had an excellent game. Jimmer (Fredette) came in and passed the ball. It was a good game for us.

On Thornton and Evans game:
They just looked like they were free and having fun. Theyre both outstanding players. I thought that we spaced the floor better, that we became a little more comfortable with where were supposed to be and why. I thought we just played as a team. Even when we were missing shots, we were playing good basketball. We were hustling like crazy and getting good shots. We just kept it up and finally they started dropping.

On Francisco (Garcia) getting worked back into the playing rotation:
Well the way the rotation goes, we have Travis playing ahead of him at that spot. We needed Travis to fill that big spot, he backed up John, and that worked really well. Sometimes, like the other night, we use Donte (Greene) to back up John because of the (Carmello) Anthony match up. They have many different things that they bring to the game, but Ive never thought we wouldnt play Francisco (Garcia), we have had a lot of players in line. Sometimes its like that.

On how he thinks the attitude and energy of the team would be affected in tonights game because of DeMarcus Cousins:
I believed we would pull together and play with energy, and really play hard and play together. Thats exactly what happened. You can never tell if youre going to win or lose, but I think we gave a big effort.

On whether or not DeMarcus Cousins will be going with the team on the next trip:
Thatll pretty much be up to him. He said he wanted to be traded. If he doesnt want to be here then we have a lot of guys that will be going the same direction.

On whether or not the low shooting percentages were a result of the lockout:
"You know, basketball is like that sometimes. Weve played seven games now, thats a normal preseason. A lot of times the shooting is down in preseason. Id like to think that they only shot 40 percent because of our good defense, so we cant really say we only shot 41 percent because of training camp or whatever it is. Basketball is like that sometimes, it is a hard-played game. We ran some of our best offense tonight and missed layups and wide open threes. Then we ran some of our worst offense and Tyreke (Evans) makes a 35-footer at the buzzer, fading away. Somebody figure that out for me, and put it in a book.

On if Tyreke Evans takes criticism to heart:
"Im not that deep where I can get inside his head that much. I know Tyreke really wants to be good and hes working hard on his game. Thats really all I can say."

Kings Guard Tyreke Evans

On if this felt better than last night:
Definitely. We just went out there and played. Coach just told us to go out there and play, be aggressive and we did that. I think me and Marcus (Thornton) started off just being aggressive, attacking the basket and taking open shots.

On if he was concerned about how the team would come out tonight despite everything going on:
Not really. He and I had a long talk in the locker room yesterday, we just said it starts with us and weve got to find a way (to win). Weve got tough road games coming up so weve just got to go out there and play hard.

On if he had a chance to talk to DeMarcus Cousins:
No, I didnt talk to him yet but I may shoot him a text tonight and just tell him to keep his head up. Hes a good player and we need him. Youve just got to go out there and play wake up, get paid to play basketball, the game we love youve got to take care of your job and stay focused. Hopefully he can get it together and be a part of this team.

Kings Guard Marcus Thornton

Chuck (Hayes) said it last night after that bad loss we had, one win can change everything, and were going to take this mentality on the road.

On the win tonight:
It was great. Everybody out there was sharing the ball, playing with one another. Its always great to get a team win.

On how it feels when he and Tyreke Evans are playing well together:
Its fun - its exciting out there. I think we can be the best duo in the league as far as getting out on the transition break and finishing. We both can finish, were both big and strong so it feels good when you have your counterpart out there playing hard.

On playing against his former team:
It was great. Nothing personal but Im on Sacramento now, so every team we play, Im trying to beat them. It feels good to get it against New Orleans too.

Kings Center Chuck Hayes

On DeMarcus Cousins:
I believe hell come around. Hes a competitor, he wants to play, he loves his game. Im sure its eating him up that hes at home and he has to sit there and watch instead of competing with his teammates. But thats a decision that the office and the coaching staff, they all have to come up with. And us as pros, were going to have to just go out there and perform.

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