Honeybees Spotlight: Iman
By: Hornets.com | August 23, 2011

Hometown: New Orleans.
Year as a Honeybee: First.

Previous dance experience:

I began dancing when I was just a baby. I started intense training at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) once I began middle school. I trained at NOCCA until my senior year, upon graduating from NOCCA, I received Presidential Honors for Dance. I was a dance team member of Thurgood Marshall Middle, as well as Edna Karr High School. I am currently a fourth-year student in the pursuit of a BFA in Dance at Tulane University. I have been a member of the Tulane University's Newcomb Dance Company for two years. I’ve studied all forms of dance, or have at least tried to experience and expose myself to all types of dance. I have assisted many local dance team groups with improving their technique and performance abilities for their upcoming seasons, in addition to teaching young girls at my church fundamentals of Ballet, and Modern dance.

What I love about being a Honeybee:

I love the hard work that we put into becoming beautiful, talented, fit, smart and motivating young women. Of course no one knows what goes on behind the scenes, but we do it all from practice and working out to the many hours we spend volunteering with the community. One of my favorite things about being a Honeybee is seeing little girls literally look up at us and smile. Just with that smile, I've felt as though that little girls’ wish was granted. A motto that I live by is, "work hard to play harder.” We work so hard prepping for our fans, that when we perform, it's our time to PLAY HARDER!

What I love about dancing:

I love that everything and anything is and can be considered as DANCE. Human gestures, political topics, and emotions can all be expressed in some form of dance. It's as if we have a secret code, and we converse through movement. Besides all of the serious stuff, it takes me into my own world where nothing else matters, but the choreography. I honestly feel dance is what I “have” to do, and I have been born to do it. I have been all my life, and will continue to as long as I can, passing the torch onto another dancer.

What I love about New Orleans:

First and foremost it's my home and all of my family and friends are here. I love the culture, everywhere you look there is music, paintings, dancing and people. This city never sleeps, there is always something to look forward to here. The food is awesome, but seafood is my favorite. The festivals are so fun to participate in; Jazz Fest I mostly enjoy. I am more than sure other cities have their own cultural aesthetic, but there's no place like home. THE BIG EASY!

What I love to do when I’m not performing with the Honeybees:

When I am not in Honeybee mode, I am studying (dancers are NOT dumb, we're actually smart). I'm not sure where the food goes but I love to eat, taste new foods and restaurants. I am a huge family person, so family gatherings are definitely where I spend some of my time. I also try my hardest to stick to any other commitments with high school dance teams and dance studios while juggling my own duties as a Honeybee. Lastly, I get as much REST as I can. With everything I do it's a must to stay well rested. And if I'm not doing any of those things, or dancing, I'm tweeting, lol. I love Twitter!

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