Otto Porter

Draft Profile

Otto Porter

In a draft many experts claim lacks an elite-level talent to separate himself from the rest of the prospects, Georgetown product Otto Porter might offer teams the best chance to land a productive starter for the next decade. The versatile swingman can do a little bit of everything and has the ideal size NBA scouts are looking for in a small forward prospect. Considered the top small forward in this year’s draft, Porter is likely to land somewhere in the top five picks come June 27.

Things the Draft Experts Like:

  • “He may be the most complete basketball player in the country… He can shoot, handle the ball, pass it and post up on offense… He has the ability to defend multiple positions and he’s a humble guy who puts winning ahead of his own stats… he can carry the team when he needs to, but doesn’t need to touch the ball to be effective.”

  • “Multi-skilled forward possessing tremendous length and veteran basketball savvy… In constant motion away from the ball, utilizing that same motor to get out in the open court and runs exceedingly well end to end… Plays to his strengths and works hard to cover areas of weaknesses… Highly efficient in the mid-range… Unorthodox style and arm length frequently result in contact… Prudent decision maker with ball in hand… In sync with teammates and uses dribble to create better passing angles… Feel for the game and nose for the ball are highlighted on the boards… His length/motor/instincts allow him to chase down misses outside of his area… Contests every jump shot, hedges screens aggressively and disrupts hands-offs… Stable performer, never see him flustered.”

  • “Has excellent size for the small forward position… Excels in doing the little things inside the arc… Moves off the ball extremely well, finding spaces to catch the ball and finish around the basket or with a mid-range jumper… Prolific offensive rebounder, utilizing excellent length, savvy and aggressiveness to come up with plenty of loose balls… An extremely unselfish player who facilitates ball movement… An intelligent and aggressive defender… Intelligent individual with a good work ethic.”

Draft Expert Concerns:

  • “He doesn’t excel in one particular area… His game doesn’t have any flash to it… He’s probably not a lead guy at the next level… Can occasionally be passive on the offensive end… Needs to add strength.”

  • “Missing the trademark explosion of a lottery talent… Has not added substantial bulk in two years… Lacks the tools to impose his will on the game… Has difficulty creating clean looks for himself… Off the dribble creativity is elementary… Dependent on another playmaker or garbage buckets in the half court… Jump shot mechanics are awkward with elbows out and funky sidespin rotation… Clear shortcomings in the lateral quickness department.”

  • “Lacks elite athleticism… Mechanics on his shot are very deliberate and his release is inconsistent… Must continue to develop his ball-handling skills… primarily a straight-line dribbler, struggling when forced to change directions… Has not shown the ability to create his own shot on a consistent basis… Lacks the strength to guard post players and lateral quickness to guard small forwards.”