Anthony Bennett

Draft Profile

Anthony Bennett

At his position, Bennett is one of the best scorers in the 2013 NBA Draft. For a 20-year-old freshman, his game is versatile and polished. In college, the Ontario product showed the ability to overpower smaller defenders and use impressive quickness and ability to finish around more traditional post players. With his size, agility and shooting touch, Bennett has the ability to contribute as a pick-and-pop guy and as a floor spacer, in addition to being able to score in the paint.

Things the Draft Experts Like:

  • NBADraft.Net: “Two words that bode well for Bennett's future are productivity and efficiency. He has the innate ability to create spacing which helps him to score whether it's freezing a defender with a jab step or flaring off of a screen to catch-and-shoot or flat out blowing by a defender for a power dunk.”

  • “Top 5 pick, long, super athletic forward with an NBA body. Bennett is an explosive leaper that can score inside and out with jump shot range out to the 3-point line.”

  • “Bennett stepped onto a deep and experienced UNLV team that won 26 games last year and immediately established himself as their go-to guy and most aggressive player, which he's proven he's worthy of as he ranks as one of the most productive players in the country.”

Draft Expert Concerns:

  • “The place where Bennett has the most room to improve at the moment seems to be on the defensive end. He often looks like he's only going half speed here, jogging the floor lackadaisically, relaxing in his stance whenever he can, and losing his focus easily. He regularly gives up deep post position to opposing big men without putting up much of a fight, and loses track of his matchup relatively frequently off the ball.”

  • NBADraft.Net: “Somewhat of a tweener as he is slightly undersized for a full time PF (though that's likely his future position) and slow defensively to play the SF position.”